Benefits of Bicycle Riding – Pedaling to your Best Health

Bicycle ridingI have always enjoyed a good bike ride, not realizing all the best benefits of bicycle riding. These benefits are for both my body and my mental health. So now I will try to explain what I mean by this, and how it may help you and many other people too.

Cardiovascular Health

Bicycling may reduce your chances of stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack by stimulating and improving your lungs and heart, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sleeping Better

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Riding a bicycle just 20-30 minutes every other day exposes you to daylight and puts your body’s circadian rhythm back in sync which reduces your body cortisol: the stress hormone that can prevent deep sleep. In more simple terms, riding your bike can help you get a better night’s sleep!

Cancer Reduction

Research has found that exercise and eating a good diet (grains, lean meat and green leafy vegetables) can lower lung, bowel, colon and breast cancer and bicycling is definitely excellent exercise!

Sharper memory

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Riding a bike helps build new brain cells in the hippo campus area in the brain, which is responsible for a person’s memory. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to hold on to my memory as long as possible!

More Creative

All types of musicians and artist find that bike riding relaxes them and helps to sharpen their problem solving skills, so go bicycling to refresh your mind and increase your creativity.

Stress Reduction

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Getting out and bicycling helps reduce stress so you feel better. It also reduces anxiety as well. Life can be so challenging and demanding on us that we need a way to relieve our stress. Why not do something that is so good for us in so many ways and that can be very enjoyable?

Lose fat

With regular bicycle riding, you burn lots of calories. Plus pedaling raises your metabolic rate and builds muscles too. A good diet increases these benefits even more.

Better Bones

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Activities that require resistance such as bicycling pull on the muscles and then the muscles pull on the bone which gives us greater bone density. This can help prevent osteoarthritis in our later years and reduce the risk of needing knee and hip replacements.

Be Sick Less

Moderate exercise makes your body’s immune system more ready to fight off infections when they happen which gives you more time to enjoy doing the things you like to do. For me, that would be more bicycling!

Look Younger

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Bicycling regularly improves your circulation through exercise, as more oxygen and nutrients get to the skin cells more effectively and get rid of harmful toxins. This means that collagen production will be better, which helps reduce wrinkles and speeds up the healing process. Fewer wrinkles equals a younger looking you!

Recover Faster

A recent study showed that elderly patients reported that when a few minutes of cycling per day was added to their routine, they were able to recover faster from the debilitating knee pain of osteoarthritis.

Live A Longer Life

Another study shows that people who switch from driving a car all the time to bicycling 60 minutes a week reduce the risk of early death by up to 23 percent! The bicyclers also have a lower risk of type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, as well as all types of cancers and obesity.

Bicycling for better Mental Health

Conditions like anxiety, stress and depression can be reduced by regular bicycling. The enjoyment alone can bring relief. It can really help take your mind off the problems we all have on a daily basis. We all need to give our minds a break from everyday stresses.

Improve the Environment

If you’re someone who is concerned about how much cars pollute the air, try riding your bicycle more. Some people even bicycle to work every day if the distance allows. Another bonus is that bicycles take up a lot less space in the parking lot! Maybe you can think of other short trips that you may just automatically head for your car to go to and could take your bike instead.

Helping other People

A lot of bicyclists take to the road to help others who are less fortunate, such as in fundraisers or disaster relief programs. The Multiple Sclerosis Society hosts “Bike to the Bay” in this area. These types of rides in large groups can be a great time and it’s so good to know you are doing it to help raise money for those in need.

To sum it up

The best benefits of bicycle riding include helping both mind and body, and it can help others too. For these reasons, and because I just enjoy it so much, I do not foresee giving up bike riding anytime soon. I hope that it can give you as much joy and satisfaction as it does me. Have a great ride!

The benefits of drinking tea everyday-Tea, the Best super drink

Tea bagsWell, I have been drinking tea since I was a little boy, not knowing all the best benefits of drinking tea every day and how good it is for your body and mind. Tea has been around for thousands of years and people have been drinking it for all occasions from special ceremonies to any old reason. Next, I will break down all the different types of benefits teas have and the things they help you with.

General Health Benefits

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Tea is chock-full of antioxidants that help your cells to regenerate and repair themselves and slow down aging. Who would not want to look younger? Drinking tea will keep you hydrated and it has been found that it does so even better than water because of the antioxidants. Most of us have probably been told that because of the caffeine, tea will dehydrate us but because of the low levels of caffeine, you would have drink a lot for that to happen! Caffeine, if consumed in low amounts, is helpful for you, but if you drink too much, it can be hard on your organs, including the heart. Coffee is high in caffeine and can give you “the jitters” or a headache. Tea will not have this effect on most people.

Disease and Sickness

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Tea has many benefits in your overall health. It helps fight infections because of a chemical called alkylamine antigens. It boosts your body’s immune response. Another quality is that it protects you against cancers like breast, lung and prostate cancer. So have a cup of tea! Drinking tea even helps prevents you from getting the common cold so easily, because it boosts your immune system. Not only that, but tea can also help prevent getting rheumatoid arthritis. More studies are needed to confirm this. Other diseases and sicknesses tea may help prevent are: flu, nausea, decongestion, low blood sugar, food poisoning, Parkinson Disease, diabetes and green tea even helps prevent HIV.

Good for mental health

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Tea can also help your short term memory. The caffeine in the tea gives your memory a jump-start for a short time. Try drinking some red tea the next time you have any of the following: insomnia, headaches, or nervous tension. It has been shown to help with all of these conditions. Tea has the ability to help you relax and concentrate on tasks better because of the amino acid L-theanine found in the plant. And let’s not forget green tea. Drinking two cups of green tea daily lowers cognitive impairment by half. Black tea has been shown to lower stress in our fast pace stressful lives, so drink some black tea when your feeling stressed out. No matter the color, tea has plenty of benefits!

Organs in the body

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Tea is even great for your bones! Studies have shown that people who drink tea on a regular basis tend to have stronger bones than those who do not. Tea has also been shown to help prevent blood clots, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Black tea is the best tea for this. Drinking black and green tea may help prevent heart disease. More research needs to be done on this. Red tea can reduce stomach cramps. It has an anti-spasmodic agent in it. The tannis in tea can help in digestion after a meal. It has been used for this purpose in China for thousands of years. Green and oolong tea help reduce blood pressure if consumed regularly. In case you are wondering, oolong tea is a tea made from the leaves, buds and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make black tea and green tea. Tea, along with a low fat diet, can also help reduce your cholesterol, for those of you who tend to have high cholesterol. The polyphenols in green tea help inhibit intestinal inflammation, allowing people more comfort from a natural remedy.

Look great and feel fit

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Green tea can help increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn a few more calories and help with acne-free skin too. Finally, tea can help with bad breath, as the polyphenols in it works on bacteria that causes bad breath. So, as you can see, there are many, many positive effects of drinking tea on a daily basis.

Final thought

The benefits of drinking tea everyday go on and on as more research is done on it, so, as for me, I will keep on drinking tea just like people did thousands of years ago. Here’s to your best health!

Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods – It’s a blueprint to the best you

Fruits and vegetablesWe have all been told, since we were children, the benefits of eating healthy foods. Most of us chose to ignore what we were told and started eating the foods we were told not to eat. I am guilty of that too. But more and more research keeps coming in that shows the importance of eating a healthy diet. If we don’t start following the advice that comes from this research, it will come back years later with a vengeance, so I will give many reasons why we should do this.

Keeping a healthy weight to stay your best

Eating healthy foods definitely helps us keep a healthier weight. Along with regular exercise, which can be as simple as taking a walk, eating a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining our weight. One of the first things you can do is to begin to stay away from processed foods. If not, you are just defeating your cause and will not see the best results. Try to replace processed foods with more fruits and vegetables, which are lower in calories than processed foods and have a lot of other benefits too.

Staying energized

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We all tend to over do it at times and eat a lot of unhealthy food, which leads us to crash to the couch for a while. Fruits and vegetables will actually give you more energy instead of less. Some other foods that will also help you stay energized are:

  • lean meats, such as poultry and fish
  • whole grains
  • low-fat dairy products

Cancer reduction risk

Developing research says diets rich with vegetables and fruit may help protect against cancer. Liver and colorectal cancers are reduced because of the fiber in fruits and vegetables. Fruits tend to help in the reduction of cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Obesity tends to lead to an increased chance of cancer.

Age slower

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Consuming vegetables and fruits will help improve and protect your skin because of the high antioxidants in them. Who does not want to look younger?

Good for diabetes

Having a healthy diet is a big plus for diabetes because it manages blood glucose levels, delays complications of or prevents diabetes, manages weight loss and keeps cholesterol and blood pressure in a good range. Folks with diabetes should limit intake of salts and sugar. Stay away from fried foods that are high in trans and saturated fats.

Teeth and bone strength

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Having a diet high in calcium and magnesium is necessary for strong teeth and bones. Some foods that have a high content of calcium and magnesium are:

  • legumes
  • canned fish with bone
  • tofu
  • cabbage
  • low-fat dairy products
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli

Great way to prevent heart disease and stroke

In the U.S., figures show 92 million people have at least one type of cardiovascular disease, which involve blood vessels or the heart. Foods that have E vitamin like green vegetables, peanuts, hazelnuts, sun flower seeds, and almonds may prevent blood clots.

Enhance your memory

Foods that are rich in vitamins D,C,E, omege-3 fatty acid, flavonoids and polyphenols are good for your memory. This is good if you have a family history of cognitive decline or dementia, as it may reduce the chances of you being diagnosed with these conditions.

Better gut health

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Your colon has good and bad bacteria. Foods like kefir, yogurt, and miso are rich in good bacteria which aids in digestion and metabolism. These foods are called probiotics. Fiber also aids in digestion. You can find a lot of fiber in grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. These foods are called prebiotics.

Be happy

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Eating foods like dark chocolate and bananas can enhance your mood. Just do not over do it. Yogurt, turkey and fish are good too because they have tryptophan, which your body converts into serotonin. This chemical compound is what makes you feel happy.

Sleep good

If you can reduce caffeine and alcohol use and go to bed at a set time every day and rise at the same time in the morning, this is very good for your health too.

Money saved

Eating healthy helps save you money because staying healthy reduces trips to the doctor for office visits and prescriptions and so on.

To sum it up

The benefits of eating healthy foods will never go out of style, as more research goes by every year. So do not ignore it and you and your family will live a more productive life and feel your best.


Benefits of eating oatmeal- Oatmeal a grain with a healthy punch that’s best for you

bowl of oatmealDespite its humble origin, which was 3,000 years ago in Europe, the benefit of eating oatmeal has come along way. The Romans and Greek considered oats a weird type of wheat and thought it was only good for horse feed, but the Scots and barbarians loved it. Today people are finding out that oatmeal is really best for them – throughout their body- and they are realizing the many benefits they can get from it.

What’s great about oats

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One of the benefits of oats is that it is more water-soluble than any other grain. It slows the absorption of glucose so you don’t have sugar highs and lows. Another benefit is, it may lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps with people who have high blood pressure, diabetes and digestion problems, reduces the chances of stomach cancer, gallstones and colon cancer. If you apply oats to the skin, it appears to reduce swelling. Oats also have antioxidants in them that have anti-inflammatory properties and curb inflammation.

Let’s break down what all is in oats

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Starting with daily percents, oats have: iron 11%, Vitamin E 6%, thiamine 29%, folic acid 7%, calories 156, protein 6.5 g, fat 2.6 g, carbohydrates 27 g, saturated fat 0.4 g, sodium 2 mg, fiber 4.1 g, polyunsaturated fat 1 g, and monounsaturated fat 0.8 g. This is approximate values for a 1/2 cup serving of rolled oats.

Different forms of oat use

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  • Instant oats: Chopping groats into real tiny pieces, precooking and drying them, then smashing them with a large roller.
  • Quick oats: They are cut into several pieces, steamed and rolled into thin flakes which requires 3-5 minutes cook time.
  • Steel-cuts oats : Chopped into small pieces of groats they have a firmer texture.
  • Whole oat or oat groats : Have minimal processing only, removing outer hull. They require being cooked or soaked a long time so they don’t hurt your teeth.
  • Bran : High in soluble fiber and can be used in baking and to make raw shakes

Oatmeal is not just for breakfast anymore

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Just as the title says, there are many uses and recipes that call for oatmeal. One is to add toasted oats to yogurt, frozen yogurt and fresh fruits. Another would be soups and stews for thicker texture. Steel-cut oats would be good for this. Or you can take a recipe that calls for wheat flour and replace some of it with oat flour, such as in breads, muffins, cakes, and pancakes. Cookie recipes taste really great with oatmeal and the texture is yummy too.

By the way, there’s a brand of oatmeal called Bob’s Red Mill that’s completely organic.  To check it out, click on my link above.

To sum it up

Oatmeal has been around for 3,000 years and I hope it will be around for another 3,000 years. The benefits of eating oatmeal keep going on and on with more research on this mighty and best grain that the Romans and Greeks thought was only good for horse feed.

Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts – It’s a Super Nut that’s the best

PistachiosI have enjoyed eating pistachio nuts for years, not knowing all the great things packed into them. Well, what are the health benefits of pistachio nuts? Lets just say more than I every thought there was. People have been eating these tasty little nuts since 6760 B.C. not knowing how great they are and all the benefits they have. They originated in Central Asia, but now days grown all over the world. Well I need to just tell you all the great or best thing they have in them.

Packed with nutrients

The United States of Agriculture (USDA) says these nut unroasted one have the following nutrients in them approximately 49 kernels they are :Thiamine, Vitamin B-6, Phosphorus, Potassium, 159 calories, Magnesium, Protein, Sugars. Fats, ,Fiber, and Carbohydrates.

Rich with antioxidants

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Antioxidants is the substances that help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases by stopping damage to the body’s cells enhancing our health. The antioxidants that pistachios have in higher levels are : xanthophyll caroenoids ,y-tocopherol and phytosterols also have anti-inflammatory effects .

Good for your gut health

Most nuts are have a lot of fiber which is good for a healthy digestive system which helps food to move through the gut and preventing constipation. Probiotics a type of fiber helps give your gut a good bacteria and forces out bad bacteria in your gut. Researcher have found that pistachios have increase potentially good bacteria that almonds.

Lower in calories

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Eating pistachio you will enjoy eating a nut that is one of the lowest calorie nuts as long as you stay within daily calorie limits. For example one ounce pecans have 196 calories, macadamia nuts have 204 calories and pistachios only have 159 calories this is per ounce of nuts.

Great for your eyes

Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants that are essential for good eyesight and pistachios are great source for them. According to the American Optometric Association help reduce the chances of getting cataracts and macular degeneration another reason to have these nuts in your diet. Eating pistachios in the shell helps you see how much you’re eating research suggests that seeing how much you eat may help you from over eating.

Heart health

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Eating pistachios may protect against high blood pressure and harmful cholesterol level.Pistachios nuts has the strongest effect in reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In women eating nuts may improve protection from cardiovascular disease.

High in protein

Pistachios contain 6 grams of protein per 1 ounce and have higher ratio of essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. This is great for vegetarians,vegans and any other person who wishes to reduce meat in their diet.

Blood sugar

They have a low glycemic index so they do not increase rise in blood sugar after you eat something. In diabetes is a great way to maintain good sugar levels.

Weight or maintain

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Eating nuts helps to shrink the risk of gaining weight thanks to their low caloric values,fiber and protein content.

Uses of pistachios

Pistachios can be eaten as a snack made into pesto sauce,serve with fruit, used in baking breads, added to main dishes or in yummy desserts.


The health benefits of pistachios nuts are so numerous as more is known about this nut as research goes on this is truly the best nut. As for me I will keep on eating them just as to people did in 6760 B.C.

The Health Benefits of Whole Grain Bread/Wow-Super Best Food!

 wheat bread loavesWhat do I mean by the health benefits of whole grain bread? Well, to start, people have been eating whole grain breads for hundreds, if not thousands of years, all the way up to present time. Now days, we eat bread that has lost most of its nutritional value which has been replaced best looks and taste. So, in the rest of this article, I will explain what I mean and you can be the judge to see if what I say makes sense to you.

What is meant by whole grain bread?

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Well, whole grain bread consists of the bran which is the outer shell that contains fiber, minerals, and antioxidants, the endosperm – the middle layer that contains carbs, and finally, the germ – the inner most layer that contains protein, minerals and vitamins. These are the health benefits of eating whole grain breads.

What are the different types of whole grain breads?

There are a lot of different grains in which to make delicious healthy breads out of. They are: oats, rice,rye, corn, buckwheat, barley, and spelt, which is good for people that have wheat allergies, as it has less gluten in it.

What are the benefits of whole grain breads?

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Where to start? For one, the fiber in whole grain bread promotes healthy digestion, better cardiovascular health, and weight management. Another benefit is that fiber lowers Type II Diabetes. This is due to magnesium, that helps the body metabolize carbs. Also, it can lower inflammation, which is the root of many chronic diseases. And how about this one: it can reduce your chances of getting cancer because it contains phytic acid, phenolic acids and saponins.

Where do you buy whole grain breads and what are the costs?

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There are a number of bakery companies out there that try to supply the health-minded consumer with their delicious breads. They are companies like Pepperidge Farm, Brownberry, Nature’s Own, and even Walmart. I’m sure if you do some research of your own, you can find even more of these baking companies. The price range can vary from three to twenty dollars and that is because of all the good nutrients that go into each and every loaf of bread.


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Well, to sum it up, the health benefits of whole grain breads have been around for thousands of years. Today, we need to make a decision as to whether we are going to treat our bodies to the best health or not. I know a lot of people may not believe that facts and just brush this off, but others would say the nutritional value leading to their best health is worth the extra cost.