Sleep Apnea-The Best hope for those who suffer with their sleep

Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that an estimated 22 million Americans suffer from, with 80% of the cases of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea going undiagnosed. My wife has had sleep apnea for most of her adult life, so I have firsthand experience with it. My older brother has it as well. This article will attempt to explain what causes it, how to diagnose it, what populations tend to get it, whether it is inherited, what are the best treatments and equipment are available to help, and the reasons for non-compliance to treatments. I hope this article will help you and me to better understand this disorder and how to deal with in your family.

What causes Sleep Apnea

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There are many causes to sleep apnea. One is uncontrolled weight or obesity, which can negatively effect soft tissues of the mouth and throat. While sleeping, when throat and tongue muscles are more relaxed, this soft tissue can cause the airway to become blocked. During the night, while sleeping, breathing may stop for 10 or more seconds which decreases the oxygen and can awaken the sleeper many times during the night, although the sleeper may not even remember waking up. For children, the causes can be adenoids, or tonsils or overbite. For adults, loud snoring may be an indication of someone having sleep apnea, as well as being sleepy during the day after sleeping all night. (Again, they may actually be waking up several times a night, but don’t realize it.)

How to diagnose Sleep Apnea

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The method most doctors use is called Nocturnal polysomnography. This monitors your lungs, brain activity, heart, leg and arm movements, breathing patterns and your blood oxygen levels as you sleep. Another option for some people is to do a Home sleep test, which your doctor would provide. This is a simple test that tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen level, airflow and breathing patterns. Your doctor may prescribe therapy without any more testing or refer you to specialists like ears, eyes, or throat doctors, as well as a neurologist or cardiologist.

Who gets Sleep Apnea

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In the male and female population, men are twice as likely to get sleep apnea and are eight more times likely to be diagnosed with it. Women are less often diagnosed because their symptoms are different from men’s, for example, their snoring is generally lighter and breathing is more normal. As far as race, black males seem to be effected more than their white male counterparts. Hispanic and Native Americans tend to be affected too, but to a lesser degree than blacks. Information about Asian groups seem more sparse than the information available for other races.

Is Sleep Apnea inherited

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At this time it is unclear whether sleep apnea is directly inherited, but the risk of getting it is about 50 percent greater if you have a parent or siblings with sleep apnea compared to the general public. Also, inherited physical traits like body fat, features of your upper airway muscles, skull shape and face could lead to sleep apnea. More work needs to be done in this area.

Treatments and Equipment for Sleep Apnea

Machines that gently blow air into the airway to keep it open are called Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machines. These machines are used with a variety of breathing masks, and are the most widely used treatment for moderate and severe sleep apnea.

The mask, which is worn over the nose, or sometimes over the mouth and nose during sleep, supplies continuous or intermittent pressurized air that flows into the sleeper’s throat. This increased air pressure prevents the sleeper’s airway from collapsing during the night.

The pressurized air is supplied through a flexible tube from one of several types of machines: CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure), VPAP (variable positive airway pressure), and so on. Studies of the effect of PAP therapy show that people with sleep apnea who consistently use their machines feel better and, as a result have a reduction of apneas (periods where the sleeper stops breathing) and encounter fewer complications of the disease. These PAP devices have been shown to eliminate snoring in addition to treating sleep apnea.

Sometimes treatments for sleep apnea involves life changes such as weight loss

Another treatment for sleep apnea is the use of oral appliances. Oral appliances are increasing in popularity as people become more and more aware that they are an effective first line treatment for sleep apnea. Over 100 different oral appliances are FDA approved for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. These appliances are worn in the mouth, just like a mouth guard in sports, while you sleep. Oral appliances keep the lower jaw forward just enough to keep the airway open and prevent the tongue (and muscles in the upper airway) from collapsing and blocking the airway.

Surgery is another option for sleep apnea. Removing the extra tissue in your throat that collapses and blocks your airway during sleep is one way to combat apneas. The level of invasiveness differs with patients. It may be slightly invasive for some and more invasive for others. The areas that surgery are commonly preformed are: the upper and lower jaw, the tongue and the tonsils and adenoids.

Reasons for non-compliance to treatments

People who don’t understand the health problems that sleep apnea can cause tend to be less compliant with treatments. Some people complain of feeling claustrophobic when wearing the mask that is used with the CPAP machine. Some will not wear the mask due to being self-conscious and not wanting their spouse to see them in it.

Other reasons for non-compliance with CPAP machines are because of the side affects, such as a dry, crusty nose, pressure sores on the bridge of the nose, difficulty exhaling, allergic reactions to the materials, and even the noise that is made by the machine. Many of these are avoidable if the patient is properly educated, and fitted for the most comfortable mask. Health care professionals need to follow-up with patients and try to trouble-shoot and make appropriate corrections early on so that patient’s do not become discouraged and non-compliant.

In Conclusion

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Sleep Apnea affects millions of Americans and more people are being diagnosed with it every year. There are better treatments being developed for it. As for me, my wife and brother seem to be doing well with the best treatments that their doctors have described for them. After writing and researching this I hope you will have a greater understanding of Sleep Apnea. I know I do!


Green Giant Healthy Food Products Review – The Best way Eat Healthy For Life

I have always loved my vegetables (veggies) either fresh, frozen or canned, since I was a boy. I have to admit there were some I had to develop a liking to, like green peppers. I am still trying new vegetables to this day, which brings me to the Green Giant Healthy Food Products. To me, the Green Giant is the king of the best vegetable products, and man, do they have a selection of the best products for you! Let’s see what they have to pick from.

 Veggie Spirals

For people that like their food in spirals, the Green Giant Healthy Food Products have four choices of Veggie Spirals. These products are a new take on noodles! Try them as a change from your ordinary pastas. The four styles are Veggie Spirals Beets, spiralized directly from fresh beets, Veggie Spiral Carrots, Butter Nut Squash, and Veggie Spiral Zucchini. Each of these dishes are directly from the vegetable with no sauce or seasoning added. The Zucchini is high on potassium and not bad on calcium either. All of these dishes are ready for sautéing, steaming, or baking. Try them all three ways and make dinner more interesting.

Veggie Spirals are also a good source of minerals and vitamins. Try some spaghetti sauce on them. You might like it. May I suggest some melted cheddar cheese on your zucchini? It sounds pretty good to me!

Harvest Protein Bowls

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Hey, you vegetarians or anybody else for that matter, Green Giant has four delicious meals for you with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Their Harvest Protein Bowls are all made with different mixtures of vegetables and whole grains. First we have the Asian Style. This style has a delicious mix of vegetables, including grilled red bell peppers, carrots, cooked white quinoa, baby corn and sweet peas. Here’s one for ya called California Style. Some of the ingredients found in this dish are kale, lentils, sunflower seeds, soybeans, corn and carrots.

Let’s spice this one up. It is called Southwest Style, and contains spelt, black beans, corn, kidney beans, along with red, yellow, and green bell peppers. It offers a lot of fiber and whole grains, and sounds very tasty to me (now that I’ve learned to like peppers!) The last Harvest Protein Bowl is the Italian Style. This one is made with egg plant, broccoli, wheat berries, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and of course garlic and Parmesan cheese, along with a few more ingredients. All of these make for a quick nutritious meal at home, at work, or even on a camping trip or vacation. It’s hard to go wrong with Green Giant’s Harvest Protein Bowls.

Riced Veggies

There are eleven different varieties of these riced veggies blends. I will quickly run them off for you: Broccoli, Beets, Cauliflower, Cauliflower Medley, Cauliflower & Broccoli, Cauliflower & Sweet Potato, Cauliflower with Lemon & Garlic, Cauliflower Risotto Medley, Kohlrabi, Butternut Squash and Stuffing that is chuck full of veggies and spices. These go great with any dishes. Try one of these for dinner it will add some zip to your meal.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Tired of the same old pizza crust? Well Green Giant has a new twist for pizza crust. They have two flavors of Cauliflower Crust: Original and Tuscan. Both are made with cauliflower and rice flour. These crusts have 50% fewer calories than regular pizza crust and are made with 80% cauliflower. So go out and buy some today. Your waistline will thank you.

Roasted Veggies

There are five flavors of roasted veggies made by Green Giant. I will give you an overview of them and you can see which one makes your mouth water. The first is Roasted Cauliflower: just pure cauliflower with no seasoning, sauce, artificial flavor or preservatives. Next, is Brussel Sprouts: just pure goodness here too. Then there is Roasted Broccoli that is pure and nutritious for you with none of the junk that some companies add – just one ingredient – broccoli. Here is my favorite: Roasted Corn. Just the real thing here too – corn. Lastly, is Roasted Carrots (this one is Bugs Bunny’s favorite.) Just like the others, there’s no sauce, no seasoning, no extra stuff to preserve it, and no fake flavors, just pure carrots.

Veggie Tots

There are five types of veggie tots for you to munch on. The first is Sweet Potato & Cauliflower. This is a nice change from french fries and they have a lot of good fiber in them. Then there is Veggie Tot Corn with all corns goodness. They are like corn fritters. Look at this one: Broccoli & Cheese. Mmm…. cannot wait to try this one out. This one is broccoli only. Just as tasty as the others and good for you too. Finally, Cauliflower tots, which also provide good nutrition. (I wonder if melted cheddar cheese would go good with it?)


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Wow, Green Giant has a whole passel of these steamers. Eighty-three in all. I will give you a brief listing of a few. There are Baby Sweet Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Niblets Corn, Cut Green Beans, Mixed Vegetables and many more. They are picked at the at just the perfect time and frozen fast to preserve the simple goodness nature intended. So you can enjoy the farm fresh taste and deliciousness.

Mashed Cauliflower

Tired of mashed potatoes for dinner? Try some mashed cauliflower! There are four varieties, starting with Mashed Cauliflower Broccoli & Cheese. This dish has 40% fewer calories than mashed potatoes and with pure goodness – no preservatives or fake flavors. Then there is Cheddar & Bacon Mashed Cauliflower. This one is low in calories too and no artificial stuff in them either. Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower with 45% fewer calories than regular mashed potatoes. Pour some melted cheese on them (will wreck you on the calories, but I just think melted cheese goes with almost anything!) The last one is Olive Oil & Sea Salt. Once again, low calories with the greatness of sea salt.


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Green Giant has a nice selection of canned vegetables from green beans to sweet peas to corn all waiting for you to open them up and enjoy.

To Sum it up

If you love vegetables in any shape and form, Green Giant Healthy Food Products is waiting for you with the best. Now that I know all that they have, I will be eating more vegetables and less of other junk and fake foods to live a healthier lifestyle. How about you?

Dr Scholl Shoes for Men Review- Put Your Best Foot into it

How many times do men want a pair of shoes that are comfortable, tough and stylish but cannot find them because the selection of mens shoes is so limited. I would guess that this happens a lot. Well, Dr Scholl Shoes for men comes to the rescue with lots of best shoes to look through and select. So put your best foot forward and read all about the shoes they have, which I am going to explain to you. So, here we go.


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The doctor has twenty-two types of sneakers to select from. I will give you an overview of some of them, starting with Mvstermind Sustainable. These shoes are made with engineered knit fabric & linings made from recycled bottles (that is interesting, don’t you think? I’m glad to know my recyclables are going to good use!) Anyway, these sneakers have soft & cushy plant-based foam insoles which reduce plastic manufacturing & waste. (Boy, this is a very environmentally friendly shoe!) The price for this style is $100. Next is the Intrepid Slip Resistant Sneaker. Here is a description of the shoe: it has oil-resistant, slip-resistant, memory foam with a cool fit and anti-compression insole, It also has a lightweight SEBS midsole. The Slip Resistant Sneakers sell for $44.99 a pair. Another sneaker made by Dr Scholl is called Sparkes Chelsea By The Lab. Some of the features of this shoe are: anti-microbial sock, four-way stretch knit and suede upper with hot melt embossed overlays and many more features. This style sells for $88.00/pair. Check out the rest for yourself and see what sneaker fits your foot delight.

Casual Shoes

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For those men who just want a pair of casual shoes, Dr Scholl has forty style of these shoes. Here is one called Willing Chukka Boot for $1000.00/pair. Details are: perforated leather upper, lace-up front, round toe and two more features I did not mention. Check this one out called Justin Slipper. It has tough traction sole, soft fleece lining and microfiber or wool upper. The cost is $29.95/pair. (I need to get me a pair of these. They sound nice.) The last one I will tell you about is Work Rivet Wide Work Slip-on. This sounds like a good work shoe. Here is a description: it has a slip on fit, padded tongue & collar, tough and lightweight outsole, and leather upper, just to name a few features. This pair sells for $44.99.


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Hey guys – Dr Scholl is sure to have the boots for you with ten boot styles available. Try this one on – it’s called Calvary Lace Up Boot. It is made of superior materials and a stand-out design give this snug, trend-right bootie all-day wearability and versatility and comes in black for $100. Let’s see what this boot has -it is called Airborne Cap Toe Lace Up Boot, an outstanding style gets the latest twist in this ultra-cool and comfortable boot with flexible long-lasting sole, leather upper, round toe and a few more nice features for $90.00. Then there is the Mateo Moc Toe Lace Up Boot for $69.95. It is the hardworking vital everyday boot that will become your must-have item. Contrast fabric and exposed stitching give a stylish update to this ideal style. I like the memory foam cool fit insole, especially if you’re on your feet all day.


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Here is a shoe I enjoy very much in warm to hot weather and I wear them a lot because they look and feel cool. Dr Scholl offers eight nifty styles of sandals. Starting with one called the Riff Sandal. Enjoy the great outdoors in sport sandals that keep you comfortable all day, every day no matter where you roam. Some features are open toe, strong traction outsole, padded heel collar and a few more traits for $44.95. How about this one – a Fin Footbed Sandal. Versatile straps provide a custom fit. Other features are cowsuede leather upper, cork midsole and a few more cool features for $39.95. Then there is the Hayden Sandal for $49.95. Get the custom fit you want. This rugged sandal adjusts to fit your foot and keeps up with your energetic day. You check out the rest and find the sandal that fits you.

Men’s Socks

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Now you have to have a pair of socks to go with those fine shoe don’t you? Well, guess what. Dr Scholl has socks for sale too! Here are some socks they offer. There are six styles with interesting designs on them. This one is called Gift Box Crew Socks. These three nice looking pairs of socks fill the box, all with built-in arch support and zone cushioning to keep you feeling good no matter what the season brings. They sell for $30.00. Slip these socks on: they are called Outdoor Rugby Stripe Crew Socks – snappy comfort for winter. The rugby crew will be pleasant both indoors and out. They also have built-in arch support and zone cushioning to keep you looking and feeling fine no matter what the weather. Your cost is $12.00. What about these socks, called Casual Retro Crew Socks? These socks are noted for the nice stripe they contain. They are casual comfort socks with a nostalgic feel that is small key, yet sophisticated. They also have built-in arch support and zone cushioning to keep you looking and feeling fine in any kind of weather. These also sell for $12.00. All these socks do make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. They also make great birthday gifts, graduation gifts, or gifts for any occasion! Who doesn’t need a pair of nice comfy socks?

This is the Shoe End

Dr. Scholl Shoes for Men offers a best selection for us guys to choose from. From handsome to tough to plain out cool-looking. So walk on over and give the doctor’s shoes a look before you make your next purchase of mens shoes. Give me some feed back on your shoe adventure in the comment box below.


Swanson Review – The Best Wellness People

I came across Swanson one day while looking for supplements for my daily diet, in an effort to keep healthy for as long as I can and wow, did I hit the jackpot on best supplements! They have everything from vitamins to women’s health and everything in between so I thought I would share it with you and see what you think of this company. So here we go with this overview of the wonderful products that Swanson has to offer.

Weight Loss

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So if you’re like me and tend to indulge on the goodies too much, Swanson has a nice line of supplements to help shed some pounds. There are twelve products available. I will describe a few for you, starting with Appetite Control and within this section there are forty-eight products ranging from supplements to muffin mix to drinks. That’s a lot of choices. The next section is Metabolism/ Thermogensis. There are ninety-eight products in this section from supplements to powder drink mixes, but no food this time. Lastly is Lean Muscle (I may get this one myself to get that jelly off my belly.) Seventeen products are listed this time. They are all supplements that you take in pill form.

Sports Nutrition

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This section is for those athletes out there. There are nine sections to look at, starting with Protein (Yikes! My head going to spin off looking at all these products!) there are one hundred forty-eight products from powders to waffle mix and everything in between! How about this one: Electrolytes. There are forty-two of them. From liquid concentrates to powder mix drinks to flavored waters to supplement tablet pills. How about that for variety?. One more, for you overachievers, there’s No Muscle Cramps which comes in a liquid only to help when you over do it out on the field!


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For people who have a hard time getting to sleep at night (like me sometimes) there are three hundred ninety-seven items that Swanson offers to help. I will list a few for ya. Here’s one: Triple Strength Melatonin, which encourages healthy sleep patterns and helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. Another is Sleep Essentials, which is a helpful sleep support formula with 3 mg of melatonin. Let’s look at this one: Valerian Root. It aids a feeling of calmness and relaxation and encourages restful, restorative sleep. It may also help with nervous tension. Lastly, Rhodiola Rosea Root fights the physical and mental effects of stress because we all know life can be stressful some days.

Vision Health

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A whopping two hundred forty items are listed for vision health. Let’s see (pardon the pun) what they have starting with Vision Defense. This product shields against overexposure to blue light from computers, TV screens and smartphones and supplies 20 mg of luteins per serving. Next on the list is Lutein and Bilberry. This is a blend of two of nature’s most effective eye-specific antioxidants and it supports a healthy and hardy retina and macula. It supplies 20 mg of standardized bilberry extract and 6 mg of lutein. Keep an eye on this one – it is called EyesAlive Vision Health. It’s ingredients are bilberry, lutein and multiple carotenoids for ocular health and has advanced nourishment for the eyes with 20 mg of lutein—double what you’ll find in other leading brands. I will let you see the rest on you’re own and you can eye them up. (wink,wink)

Heart Health

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Let us have a heart-to-heart talk on this section. With that being said, Swanson has thirteen items to choose from. One is CoQ10. Within this section there are two hundred and fourteen items to look through. What does CoQ10 do? Well, it is an essential nutrient that can be found within the mitochondria of every cell inside the human body. How about this heart supplement? It is Resveratrol. There are fifty-nine supplements within this section. Resveratrol helps the heart in that it improves antioxidant protection and promotes cellular longevity. If you still want to learn more about heart health products, check out Swanson’s website for yourself. I will throw one more out in this section. This one is called D-Ribose. There are twenty-one items to look at. Find the ones that will benefit you. What D-Ribose does is offer critical support for cellular energy repair, as well as help with endurance and recovery.

Joint Health

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I am always trying to keep my joints happy and healthy. In this section there are twelve items. Here is one: Hyalurinic Acid. It helps by encouraging tissue support and improves joint health, movement and physical function. Look at this one called Glucosamine. It supports joint integrity, movement and flexibility plus helps protect cartilage. There are thirty-three different supplements to choose from. Here’s one for vegetarians called Vegetarian Glucosamine – Shellfish Free. For those with shellfish allergies, you can finally get the same joint health benefits of glucosamine as everyone else. Find the one that works for you and keep on moving because there are lots to choose from.

Food and Beverage

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Swanson has not forgotten those people who are not so fond of supplements and powders but prefer drinking or eating there nutrients instead. They have nine sections from teas to snack bars. Let’s see what’s in these sections, starting with Tea. There are five hundred and fourteen different flavors of tea (that’s a lot of tea to drink!) Then there is the Juices section. Let’s see what they have in them – one hundred twenty choices, from concentrates to powders with a rainbow of different flavors. Wow! They have nuts and seeds (for me I never met a nut I do not like) their selections are: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, poppy seed and on they go! There are eighty-four in all to pick from. There are more products in this food and beverage section, but it is making me hungry, so I’m going to stop here.

Homeopathic Products

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For those people that prefer the natural way of treating yourself, this may be the section for you. Let’s see what they have. Twelve products, starting with Leg Cramps items. There are ten items to choose from. One is Restful Legs. Another is Ear Health – thirteen items in this section. An example is Sinus and Ear. Another one is Heartburn and Indigestion. There are nine products available for these problems. Here is one: Reflux Away. Another is Upset Stomach. There are more homeopathic products too. Look them over to see which ones fit your needs.

Sum it up

For me, Swanson is hitting the lottery in supplements. They have so many things to pick from, I could spend the rest of my life looking at their products! So if you feel you are missing something to maintain your good health, I betcha Swanson will have it, and most likely they will have plenty of best products to choose from. Give me your comments below and tell me what you think about Swanson.

Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals- The Best way of Building a Healthier You Inside and Out

If your mom was like mine when I was a little boy, she always made sure to tell you the benefits of vitamins and minerals, whether you wanted to hear it or not! Then, one time I got these chewable vitamins that tasted so yummy to me. I decided then that maybe they weren’t so bad. This article will give you an overview of all the best benefits that vitamins and minerals have to keep us healthy and happy, so let’s get started.

Vitamin A

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Here is a vitamin you better keep an eye on, because one of its benefits is that it helps your eyes from aging and decline and it also helps prevent night blindness. Vitamin A may lower your chances of developing cancer – for example, bladder cancer. It helps support a healthy immune system and helps to maintain your body’s natural defenses like mucous barriers in your eyes. If you’re a teenager, you might find this interesting: it helps in acne control. So far, it is unclear just how it works. Vitamin A supports bone health as well. It helps proper bone growth and development. Finally, it supports healthy growth and reproduction in women and it supports the growth of the baby and helps men’s development of sperm.

Vitamin C

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We all know vitamin C is good for fighting colds, but did you know that it has other benefits too? Like reducing the risk of chronic diseases, since it has strong antioxidants that can strengthen your body’s natural defenses . Here’s some good information for people that have high blood pressure: Vitamin C supplements may help reduced systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. It helps relax the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart, which help reduce blood pressure levels. People with high blood pressure should not rely on vitamin C alone for treatment. There are many more things vitamin C does, but I will list one more for you. This one is that it may reduce blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout. Uric acid is a waste product produced by the body. In inflated levels, it may crystallize and deposit in the joints which cause pain in joints with swelling. Vitamin C can help to prevent this.


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This mineral is fast becoming a good friend for me in fighting the common cold. It helps reduce the severity and length of the cold. Boy, it works too! Other benefits from zinc are to regulate immune function by activating T cells. Zinc may also help reduce diarrhea. Here is one I find interesting: it plays a role in wound healing and skin irritations. It is also good for diaper rash. There are a few more things zinc helps with, but I will let you look them up for yourself.

Vitamin D

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Here is another reason why you should take vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D does the following for you: it maintains teeth and bones by the regulation of calcium and the maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood. Its very important to keep them healthy. Vitamin D reduces the risk of type two diabetes. It regulates insulin levels and aids diabetes management. It can prevent cancer by regulating cell growth and helping with for cell-to-cell communication. There are a passel of functions that vitamin D does for us and it is quite an impressive list so check it out if you’re interested.

Vitamin B12

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Wow, this vitamin seems to be one that helps the body out in many ways. I will list a few for you. The first is, it supports healthy nails, skin and hair. If you are low on vitamin B12, you may experience dermatologic symptoms, including hyper pigmentation, nail discoloration, hair changes, vitiligo (the loss of skin color in patches) and angular stomatitis (inflamed and cracked mouth corners.) Another benefit of maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin B12 is that it may help prevent the risk of age-related macular degeneration. The last one for ya: maintaining adequate vitamin B12 levels may support your bone health. Low levels of B12 give women an increased chance of getting osteoporosis. So, ladies: you may want to talk to your doctor about whether B12 supplements would be beneficial for you.

Vitamin K

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This vitamin also plays a role in keeping us healthy. It’s function is to help with blood clotting (so we don’t bleed to death,) and to regulate blood calcium levels and bone metabolism. With older people, increased blood levels of vitamin K have been linked with improved episodic memory. One more function of Vitamin K is that it may help keep blood pressure lower by averting mineralization (a build up of minerals in the arteries.) This allows the heart to pump blood deliberately through the body. I will never look at vitamin K and take it for granted anymore!


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Here is a mineral that’s in hot debate these days but that aside, the benefits it offers are great for us. I will list some of them. Starting with the benefit of regulating fluid levels: sodium is a doorway and channels water into the cell and regulates the amount of extracellular fluid in the body. It helps prevent sunstroke by replacing the loss of essential electrolytes (so drink your sports drink when you’re doing a lot of activity.) This benefit is intriguing: sodium eliminates carbon dioxide by removing any excess that has accumulated in the body. There are more benefits, but I do not want to overwhelm you with them at this time, so I will move on.


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Your body needs this mineral. Without it, you will feel fatigue and have muscle weakness to name a couple of things. Now I will list the benefits it has. One important one is that potassium stabilizes blood sugar. If your blood sugar decreases too much, you will sweat, have headaches, weakness, nervousness and trembling. Strengthening muscles is potassium’s role in ensuring the proper growth of muscle tissues and the utilization of energy released during metabolism, which adds significantly to muscular strength. There are more benefits that you can look into if you are interested in knowing more.

Trace Minerals

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Trace minerals are what your body needs in small amounts. They include iron, zinc, selenium, fluoride, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, and molybdenum. These trace minerals are vital to your health because each mineral provides a unique benefit for your body.

To Sum it up

The benefits of vitamins and minerals are great, so if you are a child or teenager, listen to your mother. She knows best. And if you’re an adult, you have no excuse for not knowing the benefits of vitamins and minerals, unless you did not listen to your mother! For me, I will keep on taking my daily vitamins and minerals because a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you have some interesting facts about vitamins and minerals, you can leave them in the comment box.


Dr. Scholl Products Review- Make Your Feet Feel their Best

Have you ever had your feet bark at you because you wore awful shoes day in and day out? I know I have. Sometimes I have a blistering reminder of how I abused my feet, if you know what I mean. Here comes Dr. Scholl products to the rescue with their fabulous shoe inserts and the many ways to make your feet happy again. So I’ll tell you what they have and let you decide which of their best products will benefit your foot conditions.

Comfort & Energy

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The doctor has nine products to choose from in his “Comfort & Energy” section. Here is a description of two of them. The first one is Massaging Gel which gives all-day comfort to you. They help to lessen muscle tiredness in legs and feet and allow you to stay energized while on your feet. They are designed for sneakers, casual shoes and work shoes/ boots. Next, is Work Insoles for those people that walk on hard surfaces all day. The extra cushioning provided in these insoles reduces muscle fatigue in feet and legs. Work Insoles are great for casual shoes and work shoes.

Athletic Series

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For those people who are athletic in nature, Dr. Scholl has four styles of insoles for you. The first style is Running Insoles. This style assists in relieving and preventing the pain from 3 common running injuries. They are: shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis. Running Insoles will lessen wear and tear on your legs and feet. They are best used in sneakers and running shoes. Next is Sport Insoles. These insoles cushion your feet and absorb shock. They are especially great for running shoes, court shoes, cross trainers, and sneakers. Now here is something I can use since I like hiking a lot. They are Fitness Walking Insoles. These guys decrease stress and strain on your lower body while you walk. Here are some of the benefits of Fitness Walking Insoles. They have arch & heel support and a flexible toe bed to protect each part of your foot through the full range of your stride. I am sold on these! Give me a pair and I’m off on a hiking trip. The last type of insole is Teen Athletic. These are conceived to help athletes perform at their best because the insoles lessen recovery time, safeguard from the pressure of cleats and help keep you playing. There are many more benefit too. Take a look for yourself!

Pain Relief

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There are nine insoles in this category. I will describe a few and list the rest. The first insole in the Pain Relief category is Orthotics for Lower Back Pain. These are great for casual shoes, sneakers, and work boots/shoes. They provide all day relief for those who have a tender back (as Dr. Smith from Lost In Space would say: “The pain. Oh the pain.”) Here is another style. It is Orthotics for Heel Pain. Just as the name implies, this style is for those of you who suffer with heel pain when you spend a lot of time on your feet. These insoles are great for casual shoes, sneakers, work boots/shoes, so get a pair today and get relief for your poor heels. Check out this one: it is Orthotics for Arch Pain. I could have used this a good many years ago when I sprained my arch. Here is what it does: it yields immediate and all-day arch pain relief and treats arch pain at the source. Sounds good to me!

Stylish Step

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Hey ladies: this section might be talking to you. There are six products to choose from in this insole. Decide what will help you. Starting with High Heel Relief Insoles: this is great for two inch heels and higher. The ultra-soft gel arch transfers pressure off the ball of your foot (boy what a relief!) How about this one: Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heels. These prevent toe scrunch and also keep feet from sliding forward for a more comfortable day. Lastly is Extended Comfort Insoles For Flats. These insoles provide comfort and support for a full 16 hours, plus they offer great shock absorption and cushioning. They are made for all flats, work shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. Get a pair today and go out have some fun in comfort.

Wart Removers

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I do not know about you, but warts were a pain to get rid of for me, until I discovered Dr. Scholl wart products. They have two. One is called Freeze Away and does just that to those little beggars. It is safe for children 4 years and up. The other one is Dual Action Freeze Away. This contains salicylic acid to help get rid of your common warts as well as those painful plantar warts. Finally, the doctor has three medicated disc stick-on products. They are: Plantar Wart Remover, Wart Remover, and One Step Clear Strips Wart Remover for people who want to gradually remove warts.


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Here are some painful subjects to talk about! Once again, Dr. Scholl comes to the rescue with their products to help us out. There are sixteen of them. I will describe a few of them, starting with Corn Removers with Duragel. These have medicated discs (Salicylic acid) that are workable and nearly invisible. Next, is Callus Remover Extra Thick Discs. They offer a great way to effectively and safely remove calluses with medicated discs to stay on all day. This one sounds fun: it is Corn/Callus remover Liquid for those do-it-yourself people. It also contains salicylic acid and comes with three cushions. Lastly, Dr Scholl makes Blister treatment. It helps heal and prevent blisters and it is a sweat-resistant adhesive which helps cushions stay in place.

To Finish

Dr. Scholl best products could have saved me (and probably you) a lot of sore, tired and painful feet from those awful shoes we wore a long time ago if only we had stopped “putting it off.” So waste no more time. Head on down and get yourself a pair of Dr Scholl insoles or pay the price with unhappy feet.Give me your comments below on your feet.  🙁

Edens Garden Review-It’s Smell and Uses are the Best

I have been hearing all the talk about essential oils and how good they are for you. Here are some of the health benefits that I found – let me give you the run down on them. I will start with peppermint. This oil seems to help with giving you an energy boost as well as helping with digestion. Then there is lavender oil. You may be familiar with this one. Lavender is known for being calming. It helps in relieving stress. Boy, I could probably benefit from some of that oil driving a school bus every day! That can be extremely overwhelming!

Sandalwood oil is also good to calm your nerves, plus it helps you stay focused. Another good one for school bus driving! Bergamot is good for reducing stress also. It helps improve skin conditions as well, for example, eczema. Now this leads me to a company called Edens Garden, and wow, do they have a lot of the best uses for essential oils. I will list them for you.

Natural Deodorants

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Now for those people that feel a little uncomfortable when “the heat is on” – either psychologically or physically, Edens Garden is here to the rescue with their line up of deodorants which are made out of pure essential oil. They have twelve different deodorants. I will list just a couple. Cedar Spruce is one fragrance that sells for $11.95. Another is French Lavender Sage, also for $11.95. There are ten additional fragrances and the rest of them are the same price. Find the one that fits your need and taste.

Single Oils

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In this section there are 140 different scents to choose from, all made from plants, flowers and towering trees. They all are 100% pure essential oils with no additives, bases, fillers or synthetics. The type of scent could be from Patchouli to Lavender and prices range from $5 to $199.95, but most are five to ten dollars. Choose the scent that will put a smile on your face. 🙂

Synergy Blends

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This one is sure to get your attention. The blends are balanced down to the very last drop. The uses are from relaxation to promoting soft skin. There are seventy-seven scents from Age Defy to Yuzu Cannabliss. The prices are from $6.95 to $29.95. Once again, the average price is on the lower end; seven to ten dollars. So check out the scents and you decide what is nice for you.

Carrier Oils

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What are Carrier Oils? (They are also called base oils.) What these oils do are to dilute and enhance the essential oils so you can obtain the extra ideal benefits and receive positive results. There are twenty-five scents to choose from and the prices are $8.95 to $39.95 so try some out and see what you like.

Roll- Ons

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If you’re a person on the go, you might want to try Edens Gardens roll-ons. They are great for purses, suitcases, pockets and backpacks. Roll-ons come in seventy-six scents for $7.95 to $30.95. Edens Gardens also offer gift sets, so roll it on and keep going with these roll-ons.

Natural Perfumes

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Lets sweeten things up a bit with Edens Garden perfumes. There are six of them to choose from. These are, as the name implies, scents that come from nature. The perfumes last up to twelve hours and are made of up to 20% concentration of pure essential oils. The names of the perfumes are: XOXO Natural Perfume, Vanilla Sandalwood, Allure Natural Perfume, Shine Natural Perfume, Rose Beragot Natural Perfume, and Lavender Magnolia Natural Perfume with a cost of $49.95 each.

OK For Kids

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Edens Garden has not forgotten the younger crowd. With their eighteen blends they are sure to have an aroma your children will love. And I think you will love them too! Also, scents are 100% pure so come and find out for yourself – and by the way – the prices are $6.95 to $13.95. And before I forget, I want to tell you that they have Kids Sets too for $24.95 to $149.95 so what is stopping you?

Room Sprays

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Let’s get the stale smell air out of the rooms of our homes, and in our cars and offices. These room sprays may become a regular for everybody once you use them. Spray them throughout your office, home, and car to enjoy the awe of aromatherapy all day and night. There are six sprays to choose from. Some examples of the scents available are Cedarwood Spruce, Tangerine Jasmine and Frankincense Lime. All of these are just $13.95. Why not try one today.

Home & Diffusers

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Edens Garden has a whole passel of diffusers for your home to your car. They take the form of candles to car diffusers and just about everything in between. The prices range from seven dollars to sixty dollars. You choose the item that suits you or someone else. These diffusers can be a great gift for any occasion.

Body Oil

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There are eleven body oils to pick from. They are composed of therapeutic essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, moisturize and maintain your skin. You can get a 4 ounce bottle for $29.95 or get a set of Edens Garden’s five top essential oils (1 oz each) for 34.95. If you prefer to create your own set, you can do that too for $39.95 a set.

Gift Sets

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There are five different options for gift sets. They are: Create Your Own, Essential Oil Sets, Body Sets, Diffuser Sets and Home Sets. The prices range from $13.95 to $194.95, so get creative already and this will make a nice gift for any occasion.

Essentially The End

I never realized how good essential oil was until I started researching it out and found out, for example, that peppermint boosts your energy and helps in digesting your food. And here I only thought it was good in candy! So there it is – these oils do more than just smell good. They are great for your health too. Edens Garden has quite a large selection of essential oil products for you and your family to look through so head on over and find out yourself. What do you think of these best essential oils leave me a comment below.

Girls Nike Shoes Review- The Best Girl’s shoes

When my daughter was little, my biggest challenge was keeping her shoes on. When she was bigger, the challenge was picking out shoes and knowing what is the latest style or fashion. This leads me to Girls Nike Shoes. By golly, do they have a warehouse of the best shoes to look through! It will make you see cross-eyed. Well anyway, here is what they have.

Big Kids

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For the girl that likes lots of colors, try this one on: Nike Air Max 270 for $120. This is the hybrid of the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. It features Nike’s large heel Air unit for a very-soft ride that feels as good as it looks. The best part is that it comes in sixteen colors (that will overwhelm her) . Another big color select is Nike Air Max 720 brag, the gigantic Max Air unit yet for a super springy ride. Though it feels like you’re walking on air, colors inspired by geology will bring you back down to Earth and away again. The price is $160 and it comes in eleven colors. One more you say? How about this one: Nike Air Max 97 for $150 in nine colors – a running shoe from the 1990s with a detail space-inspired design, a full-length foam midsole and a Max Air unit for cushioning.

Little Kids

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There are ninety-nine styles for little girls. Here’s one that sounds interesting: Nike Huarache E.D.G.E TXT for $65. It cuddles your foot with stretchy material for a cozy fit. The slip-on design has rubber pods that create structure, firmness and style. These come in three colors. Nike Downshifter 9 (sounds like your shifting a car) comes in five colors. It has soft, lightweight cushioning and breathable fabric for comfort that lasts all day. Elastic laces and a strap make it easy to put the shoe on and off for $52. I will describe one more for ya – how about this one: Nike ACMI is comfortable with lightweight, breathable fabric and soft foam cushioning. It comes in two colors and sells for $55.


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For the girl that wants to play basketball, Nike has thirty-seven styles. Slip on this pair of Kyrie 5 for $110. It is made with a soft midsole for responsive cushioning and a curved outsole for multi-directional traction. There are eight colors of them. This one has a cool name: it is Nike Future Flight in three colors. It keeps you light and fast on the court, at school or wherever the game takes you. Its cushioning is responsive but thin enough for a great court feel. Soft, deluxe padding surrounding the ankle is comfortable for all-day wear. The cost is $90. Next is the PG3 in one color for $90. The PG 3 unify sensational traction with soft cushioning to help you maneuver between offense and defense.


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For the future track star, Nike has thirty-three running shoes to pick from, starting with Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 for $125. Cuddle your foot with breathable support. Nike React technology provides a soft, responsive ride that’s long-lasting and lightweight in five colors. How about this shoe: Nike Flex Runner in six colors for only $50. It’s built to be light and pliable to help you feel swift on your feet. The adaptable slip-on design has leather on the sides to create framework and support while you run. A flexible foam sole provides featherweight cushioning. Nike Legend React has breathable mesh with synthetic overlays for structure and long-lasting wear. Nike React technology has an even feel and rubbery sensation while you run. It comes in three colors and the cost is $90.


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Another fine line of shoes is Lifestyle. They have one hundred seventy-nine options. Wow! That’s a lot of shoes styles! Look at this one: Nike Air Max 270 which has sixteen colors (looks like a rainbow.) This style has a galactic configuration with fabric in the upper for breathability. A Max Air unit in the heel provides flexible cushioning with every step for all-day relief for $130. Nike Air Max 95 Woven has the same matching wave design as the first. A Max Air unit gives you feathery cushioning for all-day comfort with two colors for $160. One more for you shoe junkies to read about – this one is Nike Air Max Tailwind 1V for $140. These give a fresh look to the ’90s best. Max Air units give you relief and style that lasts. They comes in one color.

All Shoes

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This section of shoes has a whopping two hundred and eighty-five styles to pick through. To begin with is Nike Air Max 97. This shoe transmits great support and ’90s running form, features a space-inspired design, with a full-length foam midsole and a Max Air unit for cushioning for $150 and is available in nine colors. Wow – look at this one: Kyrie 5 responsive and supportive, is made with a soft midsole for responsive cushioning and a curved outsole for multi-directional grip. It has eight colors and is $110. Since there so many, I will give details on one more and let check out the rest if you like. Next is Nike Shox R4 (interesting name for a shoe like a name for a missile.) This one cost $115 and offers detail durable synthetic leather that has perforations for ventilation. It’s cushioning feels super-bouncy for all-day comfort. It comes in three colors.

Baby & Toddler

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For those little girl babes and tots, Nike is thinking of you too, with seventy-four styles of shoes. Look at this one: Nike Free RN 5.0 for $48. These are strong shoes, but are easy to take on and off. Nike Free technology in the sole is super-flexible and adapts to your every step for all-day comfort in four colors. Now this one looks good to me: Nike Huarache E.D.G.E. TXT in three colors for $50. These contain soft foam for all day comfortable feet. Lastly, is Nike Air Max Oketo which has airy cushioning for little feet and a classic, minimal design inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The cost is $50 with two colors to pick from.

To Close

I am glad I had one daughter. If I had more, I would be tripping over shoes every day and trying to keep them on their feet too. Well anyways, shopping at Girls Nike Shoes is a best way to buy good quality shoes for a price that will not break the bank. Although with Nike’s enormous selection of girls’ shoes, it might drive you insane looking through them all and trying to make a choice!

Boys Nike Shoes Review- OH Boy Do you got the Best?!

I have fond memories of when I was a boy, climbing trees and sometimes falling out of them, but when I got a new pair of sneakers, I thought I would automatically be able to run super fast (boy was I dumb.) This brings me to Boys Nike Shoes. ( if I was a boy today these Boys Nike Shoes would make me think I could run even faster!) These shoes come in a rainbow of different colors and lots of styles to choose from and then get the best pair for you. Let’s see what they have!

Big Kids Boys

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To start, they have 180 colors and styles to pick from! Here are some of them, starting with Nike Air Max 95 for $115. They offer fabulous support and terrific style for growing feet. The Nike Air Max 95 features a cool dinosaur design with a full-length foam midsole and Air-Sole unit for cushioning. Try this one on: Nike Air Max 270 is fired up by two icons of Air: the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. It features Nike’s huge heel Air unit, yet for a super-soft ride that feels as demanding as it looks. There are 14 colors available and the cost is $120. How about this one: Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3. The price is $180. This style brings springiness to your step with Max Air cushioning that extends from heel to toe. Flyknit construction hugs your foot for a comfortable fit and style that stands out. These come in four colors .

Little Kids Boys

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For little boys, Nike has a nice line of shoes and they have one hundred seventeen styles!! The first is Nike Air Max 720 with a king-sized Max Air unit and a supersoft ride. Though it feels like you’re trudging on air, colors inspired by geology will bring you back down to Earth. The price is $160. They come in nine colors. Here is another for ya: Jordan “Why Not” Zer0.2. They sell for $65 and come in two colors. They have a breathable design and are lightweight too. The Nike Air Max 90 Leather has a leather upper and a visible Max Air unit in the heel for toughness and outstanding cushioning. It goes for $70 and comes in four colors. The next one comes in a rainbow of colors for $70 and is called Nike Presto Extreme. It has great flexibility and an interesting style. There are many more, but I think you can look through it yourself and decide what would be best for your little guy.


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For the boys who are energizer bunnies and cannot stop running, Nike has twenty-nine styles of running shoes. The first is Nike Epic React Flyknit 2, which embraces your foot with breathable support and provides a soft, responsive ride that’s durable and lightweight for $125 and six available colors. The second style of running shoes is Nike Free RN 5.0 for $80. It comes in five colors and is lightweight with breathable material that extends around your foot for a snug fit. Nike Free technology in the sole is super-springy and adapts to your every step when you’re on your feet. Here’s one for your little guy: Nike Flex Runner – the flexible slip-on design has leather on the sides to create structure and support while you run. A rubbery foam sole provides weightless cushioning. The price is $50 and there are six colors. Hey parents, I will let you look at the rest and decide which your boy will find most great to wear.


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For those up-coming Michael Jordans out there, Nike has a nice line up of fifty-two basketball shoes. Here is one: Kyrie 5 for $110, created with a soft midsole for sensitive cushioning and a curved outsole for multi-directional traction. It comes in eight colors. Jump into this pair of shoes: the LeBron 16. For those LeBron wannabes, this one has a combination of cushioning and is built for explosive players with five colors to pick from for $160. I will describe one more and let you look through the rest. This one is called Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.2 and comes in five colors for $85. I think these looks like a nice pair of shoes. See what you think.


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For this category of shoes there are one hundred ninety-one styles. (I thought my head was going to fall off looking at all these shoes!) Look at this one: Nike Air Max 270. It is infused by two icons of Air: the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. It features Nike’s giant heel Air unit for a super-soft ride that feels as impossible as it looks for $120 in fourteen colors. The Nike Trainer Huarache has two colors styles and is $105. It has a strap across the foot and a piece around the ankle that’s cut out. This version came out in 1992. Since there are so many I will end this section with this type of shoe called Nike Air VaporMax 2019 for $170 engulfed in a clear layer that shows you the inner layers of the shoe. VaporMax Air cushioning is also clear to let you see the air you’re standing on. This shoe is featherweight and flexible with a super rubbery sensation comes in seven colors.

Baby & Toddler

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For those little guys just starting out in life, Nike has not forgotten you! They have seventy-six styles of shoes starting with Kyrie 5 for $55 with a sturdy rubber sole and a design that’s easy to get on and off, small ones are ready for all-day play in four colors. Here is another for those tiny tykes called Nike Little Posite Pro. It comes in six shoe sizes for $75 in one color. How about this one: Nike Air Max 90 Leather, which has nine sizes and comes in four colors for just $52. Well, let’s just end this section by saying there is no shortage of little guys shoes to look through!

The Sole End

I wish I had all these Boys Nike Shoes when I was a boy! Maybe I would not have fallen out of trees so much because my shoe would have gripped the tree better. So parents, you have a very best selection of shoes to pick from for your boys from babies to preteens with quality and fair prices from Nike Shoes.