NYR Organic Review: Best Organic Bath Products

Are you like me – looking for the best organic natural products that you’d use in your bathroom? Instead, you have those stinking shampoos and soaps that dry out your skin and your scalp? Another thing that bothers me besides the dry skin and dry scalp is the long-term effect these bathroom products have on us. Find the best organic bath product reviews right here on my website.

In my research for best products to use, I came across NYR Organic (Natural Organic Bath Body Products) which have a whole passel-load of organic and natural products for just about every need a person may have.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best organic bath products to add to your bath and shower products list.

5 Best Organic Bath Products

1. Best Organic Bath Product for Face

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In this category there are 9 different types of products for the face, which I will give an overview on some of them. Cleansers is one that is broken down in products for different types of uses on the face. There are 9 different cleansers to choose from.

One is Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash which carefully cleanses, leaving skin fresh and shining. Along with rejuvenating frankincense it also contains nourishing oils of apricot and jojoba to gently cleanse without drying your skin out. Another added benefit is that it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

This one is Organic Facial Wipes that brush away impurities and make-up. With soothing aloe vera and lavender, they’re gentle enough to use every day.

For the ladies, there is Organic Eye Make Up Remover that delicately removes even water-proof make-up. It has nurturing damask rose, antioxidant white tea, soothing aloe vera and a smoothing tri-peptide that’s great for your skin.

The eyes have it in the EYE category with 6 products to check out and I will give an overview on some of them .

The first product is Frankincense Intense Lift Eye Cream which selects skin that’s starting to show a lack of firmness, elasticity and definition, including deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which shows signs of aging. It has green tea caffeine, turmeric and organic green coffee seed oil to restore the eye area.

Here is something for the lips and eyes called Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum. It is an everyday treatment to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, with renewing frankincense moisturizing, elasticity-boosting baobab oil; firming nutrient-rich marine algae and smoothing tripeptides.

Face Mask is another section broken down more into specialized face mask products and there are 4 of them. To start there is Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask that it is for normal and dehydrated skin. Other things it does is deep cleansing and revitalizing and helps firm and tone your skin.

Another one is Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask. This one is great for unblocking pores and reducing blemishes and is deep cleansing the skin while oil balancing.

2. Best Organic Bath Product for Body

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Let’s not forget the body with all its needs. There are 5 different products to choose from. In the Body Powder area, there are 2 different types: Lavender & Tea Tree Body Powder and Baby Powder.

Hands & Feet is next with 18 products to choose from. With Bee Lovely Hand Wash made with organic honey from Mexico with organic orange and mandarin essential oils, it is sure to leave your hands clean and fresh.

Got dry hands? Try this Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Lotion. It is an organic lotion with the good, green scent of freshly picked garden mint and zesty Sicilian bergamot, improved with nourishing shea nut butter, jojoba and evening primrose oils.

3. Best Organic Bath Product for Bath and Shower

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Looking for something healthy and organic to use when you take a shower or bath? Well there are 6 products that may fit your needs when it comes to keeping yourself clean. Under the shower category, there are 9 different scents of soaps to clean your body.

The first is English Lavender Bath & Shower Gel, which leaves you cleaned and relaxed. It is superb for sensitive skin due to the extracts of lavender, chamomile and oat.

If Baths are more to your liking, try one of these 10 bath scents in your next bath. One is called Rose & Pomegranate Foam Bath for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath after a hard day of work or for whatever occasion.

How about Aromatic Bath Salts for a calming mix of organic marjoram, lavender and geranium essential oils – and mineral-rich, purifying sea salt. It will melt away all your cares of the day and get you ready for a good night sleep.

4. Best Organic Bath Product for Hair Care

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In this category we have shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Let’s see what they have for you.

In the shampoo selection, there are 4 different scents of shampoo for you to choose from. Nurturing Rose Shampoo

has mild cleanser combined with vitamin-rich rosehip, seabuckthorn and passion flower oils to nurture dry, damaged or colored hair.

Another is Revitalizing Orange Flower Shampoo (I like the smell of orange scent.) It is for people with normal hair and its purpose is to restore shine in your hair. It is nutrient-rich with a blend of moringa, camelia and passion flower to enrich hair, combined with revitalizing orange flower.

With conditioners there are 4 to pick from. One is Invigorating Seaweed Conditioner. It is for all hair types and is nourishing, detangling and smoothing to your hair.

This conditioner is called Nourishing Lavender and what does it do for you? It is especially for fine hair to enrich it and give it volume, and enhance the shine. It also helps smooth flyaway and curly hair.

The last area is Treatments. There are 2 of them. The first one is Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment. It is a deep conditioner that stimulates the scalp and revitalizes lacklustre hair. The other is Organic Argan Oil. This one intensely soothes and nourishes hair, skin and nails.

5. Best Organic After-Bath Hydrating Cream

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If you’re looking for organic products for you and your family, NYR Organic (Natural 0rganic Bath Body Products) is the place to go and find such things. Unless you do not mine those products that are not good for you in the long run or you do not mind dried out skin or scalp. So purchase some of the best organic products and see if you find them great for you and your family. What do you have to lose but bad products!