An Introduction to Polygon Bikes

Who Are Polygon Bikes?

For almost 25 years, Polygon Bikes have been designing state-of-the-art bicycles. Their products have received praise from customers all around the world for their engineering and build. They’ve been continuously associated with creative thinkers, industrial engineers and professional riders on continents like Europe, North America and Asia.

They’ve been keen on producing designs that customers can easily relate to, and they are one of the few bicycle companies that have manufacturing facilities all around the world. Polygon Bikes produce up to 1 million bicycles each year, which can make their product cost-efficient at times, unlike other brands.

Because of this reason, Polygon Bikes are able to provide high-quality bicycles to customers within a competitive price range. Their designers have also worked for other top quality brands like Trek, Specialised and Marin. Their bikes are trusted around the world by professional cycling athletes for their comfort and performance. They offer various categories which aspirational cyclists can choose from. In this article, we take a deeper dive to understand what Polygon Bikes offer their customers.

The Polygon Experience

Polygon Bikes offer a riding experience that remains unmatched and unparalleled. Owing to this, world champion cyclists like Kurt Soge, who won the 2015 and 2017 Red Bull Rampage, prefer using a Polygon Bike. This is also because of the wide range of bicycles that Polygon Bikes have to offer. They offer different bicycles for cylists with varying preferences.

They offer road bikes for:

  • Tourists
  • Women
  • Urban customers
  • Mountain Bikers

All of these bikes are meant for different biking trails, and all of them have various applications for customers.

Why Should You Choose Polygon Bikes?

For customers around the world, Polygon Bikes are perfect for low-cost and memorable riding experiences. The geometry of a Polygon Bike is in line with the current standards and requirements of the market. Gone are the days when customer wanted a heavy and sturdy design. Nowadays, the 21st century customer wants a bike that is light and has a strong build. Polygon Bikes provide that exact quality to every customer. Polygon Bikes understand that customers use their products for regular maintenance of health and exercise, which is why their products are durable.

The head angle, bottom bracket, wheelbase and reach provide you a flawless riding experience, which makes the whole experience very smooth. The bike also has a unique suspension design that works simultaneously with the lightweight structure of the cycle. The experience that Polygon Bikes provide through their bicycles is often unmatched for various reasons.

Not only are their bikes technologically advanced, but with all the little elements that combine to form the Polygon experience, they’re still affordable. The best part is, even if you’re a budding cyclist who is just starting to find their way around the paddles, Polygon will be perfect for you. The controls of the bike are easy to understand, and the bike is easy to carry. Polygon’s lightweight is also one of the most prominent reasons why so many females consider buying a Polygon bicycle. The bike can also travel at high speeds, which makes fresh air even more enjoyable. This can also be good for your health.

Another attractive aspect of Polygon bikes is their ability to do well on every terrain. That would mean that if you have to take a small detour from your usual cycling path on to a new path your friend wants to take you on, your cycle will handle that detour quite marvelously. For many cyclists, bikes that only do well on hard surfaces but not too well on rocky surfaces is often a problem they struggle with.

The suspension of the bike is powerful enough to make sure that riders get the extra speed that they require, while also enjoying the long-range the bikes can offer. Even if you reach a point where it might be hard for you to cycle, you can pick up your bike and carry it with you, since Polygon bikes have a manageable weight. This can decrease fatigue and improve your confidence.

Should You Buy a Polygon Bike?


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a person who is just starting their cycling journey – a riding experience with Polygon Bikes will be truly memorable. You can buy a Polygon bike online, and since it’s a trusted brand by world-class athletes, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product for all of your exercise-related needs.

Polygon Bikes are renowned for investing heavily in research and are always keen on staying ahead of their competitors when it’s about having the latest technology. The components that combine to form a Polygon bicycle are often taken from popular brands like Shimano, Ritchey and Fox. It is also worth noting that their frames are UCI approved.

Our Recommendation: Polygon Siskui D5

Out of the many probable options form the Polygon range, our favorite is the Polygon Sikui D5. The bike has a modern design that gives it a clear edge over other bikes in the market and will cost you around USD 899. It has a super lightweight hydroformed suspension and a low top tube. The seat is extended, and it gives the rider better standover clearance while also performing magnificently on the trail, which makes your exercise routine even more enjoyable.

A raised seat also places your weight forward, which makes the bike’s weight distribution perfect if you’re trying to climb a steep surface with your bike. The bike also has better control when you’re descending on a terrain even at high speed. This means this bike does a good job of both climbing and descending on rough services. I can guarantee that riding this bike will be a fun experience.

This bike also has a stiff rear end that provides better cornering when you’re riding the bike and also predictable handling. For many riders, handling is a big problem when riding on rough terrain. On a rocky surface, it can be hard to control the handle of your bicycle, so it is absolutely essential that the handle you have is sturdy and gives you strong control.

The bike also has tough-compound tires that can roll fast and cover a lot of miles in a very short amount of time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite Polygon bike and start riding today!

If you have something interesting to share from your experience of riding a Polygon bike, leave your comments below! I’d love to hear what you think!

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