Aveeno Review -The Best Way to Keeping Your Body Happy

Have you been looking for a product for your skin that’s all natural with no nasty chemicals that may come back to haunt you years later? If yes, I would like to recommend a company for you called AVEENO, that wants to keep your body happy and you might find it is great for the rest of the family too. With that said, let us see what Aveeno has to offer for you in their best products they carry.


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Aveeno has six different body products to choose from. Let’s start with Lotions & Creams. There are 33 products in this category. An example of one is CRACKED SKIN RELIEF CICA BALM. This is a moisture-rich Triple Oat Complex. This moisturizing balm can help protect your skin from old man winter’s drying effects.

Another product is DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION. It has Colloidal Oatmeal and rich emollients and it helps prevent and protect dry skin for a full 24 hours. Plus, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking and is mild enough to be used every day.

Have itching problems at night? Try SKIN RELIEFOVERNIGHT CREAM. It is made with Triple Oat Complex and Natural Shea butter. This nighttime body cream alleviates itchy, extra-dry skin. Also, it has dimethicone skin protectant that helps protect your skin from dry conditions like winter.

Body Wash is next under the Body category and there are 13 products to choose from. An example is Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, with Vanilla Scent and Oats that has nutrient-rich yogurt, soothing oat and the sweet scent of vanilla. This body wash gently cleanses and revitalizes dry skin, leaving it cottony soft and healthy looking.

How about this one – called STRESS RELIEF BODY WASH. It cleans you all the while relaxing you from a day of stressful events. For those people that have dry skin, there is Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, with Apricot Scent and Honey. Its sweet scent of apricot and honey merges nutrient-rich yogurt and soothing oat to revitalize & relieve dry skin.

Still in the body section, but specifically for your hands is a product called HAND MASK. HAND MASK revitalizes your hands and there are three products offered. One is REPAIRING CICA HAND MASK for extra-dry skin so your hands look smoother and feel softer.

Then there is RADIANCE BOOSTING HAND MASK, another one for dry skin. Its moisturizing skin tone targets on dullness, texture, brown spots and blotchiness to make your hand’s naturally radiant.

Moving on to feet, Foot Mask has 1 product called REPAIRING CICA FOOT MASK, which targets dry tired feet with shea butter and prebiotic oat that are impregnated into foot mask slippers.

Last in the Body category is SHAVE with 2 products available. One is called POSITIVELY SMOOTH Shave Gel for sensitive skin with vitamin E and Aloe. The other is Therapeutic Shave Gel. This one helps moisturize skin giving a close, smooth shave without cuts and nicks.


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In this category, there are 6 different categories of product types to treat your face. The first category is MOISTURIZERS with 4 products to choose from. Here is an example of one of them called ABSOLUTELY AGELESS RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM that is wealthy with antioxidant from blackberry. It also has vitamin C and E to improve elasticity and firmness to your face.

Do you need TREATMENT? How about this category: there are 5 products here. An example of one is ABSOLUTELY AGELESS LEAVE-ON DAY MASK LOTION SPF 30 helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and is made from green tea and blackberry complex .

This one is called POSITIVELY RADIANT TARGETED TONE CORRECTOR helps with reducing the look of stubborn dark spots, discolorations, and uneven tone to improve skin’s luster.

NIGHT CREAM is for those people that have parts of their face that are dry and just need some moisturizer to help out. AVEENO has 3 products that might help you with your dry face. One example is POSITIVELY RADIANT INTENSIVE NIGHT CREAM WITH VITAMIN B3 that evens skin tone and texture with vitamin B3 and 100% pure Total Soy Complex.

The next section is CLEANSER with 3 great products to help cleanse your face. Here is one that might help you. It is called ABSOLUTELY AGELESS NOURISHING CLEANSER with antioxidant-rich formula that removes 99% of skin-aging impurities like dirt, oil and makeup.

SCRUB is next with two products. One is POSITIVELY RADIANT SKIN BRIGHTENING DAILY SCRUB. It gently exfoliates, cleanses and clarifies your skin.

MAKEUP REMOVERS offers 4 products. One is called ULTRA-CALMING MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES. Its mild wipes remove oil, dirt and makeup leaving skin feeling balanced and soothed.

HAIR has 4 products making up this category. The first is SHAMPOO with 11 different types. For people that want a shampoo that is two in one you might try FRESH GREENS BLEND 2-IN-1 SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER that combines rosemary, cucumber and peppermint for thickness and body.

For sensitive scalps, there is ROSE WATER AND CHAMOMILE BLEND with its soothing and softening properties. It is great for daily use and perfect for fragile or fine hair.

Next, is CONDITIONER with 9 different types available from Aveeno. For daily moisture, try this one called OAT MILK BLEND CONDITIONER with almond milk for gently nourished, soft strands.

Then there is BLACKBERRY QUINOA PROTEIN BLEND that protects hair color against heat styling and the protein helps maintain hair color .

Aveeno has a product called a HAIR MASK. It is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to heal damaged hair. With 2 products to pick from, and they are OAT MILK BLENDOVERNIGHT OATS HAIR MASK and ALMOND OIL BLENDHAIR MASK.

TREATMENT: 3 products here for you to choose from. For instance APPLE CIDER VINEGARIN-SHOWER HAIR RINSE. It tenderly cleanses your scalp by removing excess oil and build-up while supporting shine.

The last category of Aveeno products is STYLER with 5 product styles for your choosing. One is OAT MILK BLEND LEAVE-IN MILK HAIR TREATMENT. It is used as a leave-in hair treatment that gives lightweight nourishment while relieving your hair for daily rebalance and hydration. It is great for all hair types.


To Conclude

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Aveeno – keeping your body happy. With so many of their best products to choose from, they are really a wonderful company that aims to give you great all-natural product for you to use, and your family too. So next time you need something for your body or face, please give Aveeno a try, and if you like it, spread the word to other people you know.

























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