Beech-Nut Review-Baby’s First Year make it’s Best

When I first became a parent I did not know much about how to feed a baby: what type of food, how much food, etc. The list of things I did not know left me scratching my head. Then along came Beech-Nut the best baby food. I can’t recall if I just stumbled upon it or if someone told me about them. I found that they have a nice selection of products to feed your baby during the first year. The food selections are broken down into months of age to help you know the proper foods to give baby at the proper time. They are prepackaged in the right amounts forĀ  too.


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Beech-Nut has the 4+ month items divided into three categories. The first is Cereals, which come in three flavors: oatmeal, rice, and organic oatmeal. The second category for 4 month old babies is the traditional Baby Food Jars. There are thirteen of them from classic apple & banana jar to classic turkey & turkey broth jar just to name a couple. Organic is the last category. The organic foods come in seven flavors. An example of some of them are Organic just apple jar and Organic just pumpkin jar.


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For our 6+ month old babies, Beech-Nut offers four categories of yummy foods for your child. The first is Cereal with five tasty flavors such as oatmeal, rice, and multigrain. The 6+ month child also gets a choice from the Jars selection, which is broken down even more with Naturals (twenty-four flavors of them,) Classics, (fifteen flavors) and Organic (seventeen flavors.) I like this section. There is so much to pick from!

Another item that Beech-Nut has available is Pouches. You and your child will have a squeezing-good time with these cuties. They come in eighteen flavors such as organic apple, black bean & raspberry or organic banana, blueberry & avocado and the ad shows that it is a good nutritious snack, full of the goodness your child needs. Finally, once again, there is the Organic products. This section has twenty-four flavors to choose from! Some of them are: organic just apples or organics apple, pumpkin & granola. Beech-Nut says your child will fall for this sweet treat and it will also bring a smile to you, knowing it is good for them with all the goodness mother nature brings.


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At eight months of age, the menu for your child grows, just like your child does. There are five categories of delicious food for this age group. Starting with Cereal, Beech-Nut has multigrain cereal and organic multigrain cereals. They are made from a blend of wholesome grains of rice, oat and whole wheat flours and are creamy and easy to digest. In Jars, there are thirty-one choices. Beech-Nut tells us that each one has all natural ingredients (on the label they are called Naturals – and mother- approved no doubt.) Here are some examples: one is Naturals apple & pumpkin jar, Naturals just apple & blackberry jar and many more to choose from.

Pouches offer a lot of flavors to choose from as well. One is squash, peas & pear veggies on-the-go another is pear, banana & raspberry fruities on-the-go and once again, there’s sure to be at least one choice that your child will like. The Snacks for 8+ children have four flavor varieties. They are sweet potato, mango & yogurt melties, strawberry, apple & yogurt melties, apple & pumpkin fruit & veggie melties and banana, blueberry & green beans fruit & veggie melties( I love melts. Maybe I some get some for myself!) Lastly, there are the Organics group. This group has seventeen flavors available and, as stated earlier, they have all-natural ingredients. Here are some flavors they have: organics apple, cinnamon & granola, organics just sweet potato & barley and organics just butternut squash & sweet corn.


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At twelve months of age, junior starts to learn how to be picky about his foods, so he is offered only three categories. The first category is Organic. Organic has seven flavors to choose from some. Some of the flavor choices are: organics yogurt, carrot, mango & oat, organics apple, sweet potato, pineapple & oat and organics corn, kale & quinoa. Then there is the Snacks category with six flavors available. One is strawberry fruity oat bars (yummy!) Another is strawberry, apple & yogurt melties and banana fruity oat bars. To finish, there is the Pouches category, with twenty-three flavors to pick from (to a small child at this age pouches means a mess ready to happen, as I found out with my daughter.) Some of the flavors include:yogurt, banana & strawberry blend breakfast on-the-go, squash, apple & strawberry veggies on-the-go and apple, peach & strawberry fruities on-the-go. The rest of them also sound like very delicious flavors as I look at them and they sound very healthy for junior as well.


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For those of you who are more do-it- yourselfers, like me, Beech-Nut is here to help you fulfill your dreams with seventy-six very delicious recipes that will have junior begging for more and have parents falling over from exhaustion after making them all! Well, here I go (ready or not!) with a list off some recipe titles for you: froyo fruit bark, speedy spaghetti sauce (this one sounds like a mess waiting to happen,) tutti fruity pancakes, very berry oatmeal crisp, (Mmmm!) mango mint slushy, (yum) strawberry banana smoothie, and the recipes go on and on. I sure wish I would have had these recipes available when my daughter was little. It would have made my life a lot easier! These recipes sound so good, I feel like making them for me and the wife! (She already thinks I’m crazy anyway!)

Coming to a Yummy End

Beech-Nut sure does know how to feed your child from a few months old and up, with all the wonderful food for parents like me who did not know where to start. So hurry down and buy some of the best today. You won’t regret it.









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