Bowflex Review – The Best Gym In Your Home

I do not know about you, but I try to keep in shape and not turn into a couch potato or something else that is stationary. There is a company that wants to help you to keep in shape (and not turn into a couch potato) called Bowflex. Bowflex brings the best gym into the comfort of your home with a wide range of exercise equipment so you can stay in shape today, tomorrow and in the future. So let us go down exercise lane and see what they have to offer in exercise equipment.

Max Trainer

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If you’re looking for an exercise machine and whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been at it for years, this might be the machine for you. It gives you a full body workout and you can personalizes your workout experience. The features it comes with are dynamic coaching, trainer-led videos, fitness tracking, rewards, and more. Also, it comes in four different models for you to choose from.

Home Gyms

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I like the description of this exercise equipment. It is based on resistance technology that doesn’t rely on gravity, unlike using weights which is gravity-based. The benefits of Home Gyms are: they help reduce your blood pressure, help increase your metabolism, reduce back pain, increase your energy level, reduce body fat, and basically leave you with stronger muscles and a leaner body, less joint pain, improved HDL (that is the good cholesterol), better bone density, and faster speed of digestion (WOW!)

Tread Climber

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For those of you who like doing your exercising and walking indoors (like my wife and sister,) Bowflex has the tread climber for you. You ask me why a tread climber? Here is why: it will help you burn up to two and a half times the calories of a treadmill at the same speed, it offers an intense cardio walking workout that’s effortless on your joints, and is adaptable for every fitness level and customizable workout program.


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If tread climber is not your style, how about a treadmill. It is basically just walking or running. Bowflex has two models to choose from: the BXT116 or BXT216. Both have their unique features for you to choose from.

Lateral X

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Here is an exercise machine that mimics the everyday movement of your body. The Lateral X is a full body workout and it does the following: it glides from side to side as you push, pull, stand and squat, activating muscle and burning calories in every workout. It is great for beginners, as well as people who are advanced in physical fitness and is a low-impact cardio machine.


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For those who like to pump iron, there are Selecttech dumbbells that are adjustable and in a compact design. You have three types to choose from. They are: Selecttech 1090, 552 and 560 (maybe I should replace my 30 year-old dumbbells.)


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Here is a workout exercise machine that works the entire body in twenty minutes, making you feel great. It comes in two different models. One is HVT and the other is HVT+. Both have their unique features that strengthen muscles and cardio in a fast and effective workout.


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Ellipticals are another great type of exercise machines to work out the cardio and burn lots of calories. It comes in two different models; the BXE116 and BXE 216. Both have weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts. Also, both have 25 resistance levels, along with there unique features, such as free entertainment screens and connectivity options, that make them great.


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Now we have to have our accessories to go with our exercise workout machines for that added touch in our lives. Bowflex has a great line up for you. There are seventy-seven in all. I will give you a description of some of them. The first is Bowflex Ankle Weights, which are great for walking, jogging or running and help burn more calories and build stronger muscles too.

Then there is Bowflex Mechanical Analog Scale. You’re doing a weekly weigh-in can be a great motivation for staying on track to reaching your fitness goals. The scale is accurate up to 300 lbs and is easy to read.

Got to have one of these: Nautilus Club Workout Mat that carries your body and reduces pressure points. Also, it is anti-microbial, latex-free, water resistant, trouble-free to clean, and has non-slip ribbing on both sides.

How about a Jump Rope to finish out your workout? Or just before you start? It is a sturdy, balanced-speed rope that adjusts in length to fit your height and exercise routine.

To make push-ups easier, try Bowflex Push Up Handles, which give you support for the most intense exercises. It has cushion grips which help relieve hand and wrist strain while you workout.

If you’re someone who likes to keep a tap on your heart rate, try this Bowflex Heart Rate Armband. It continuously monitors real-time heart rate data as you workout.

What about this one – Nautilus Complete Yoga and Pilates Workout. An instructor shows you how to tone and toughen your body and expand your flexibility. This program includes two DVDs with 5 workouts, a yoga mat and block, two Pilates weight balls, a flat band, and an anti-burst ball and foot pump.

After that workout, you may need something for those neck muscles to help relax them or if an injury occurs. Then try this Elasto-gel hot-cold Neck Wrap before your injury gets worst.

Here is an oldie but a goodie – a Nautilus 10 lb. Medicine Ball for toning. It’s fabulous for upper body and abdominal workouts. These have been around for thousands of years and they must be good to still be used today.

Well that’s a peek at what Bowflex has to offer in the accessories section for you. Check it out for yourself if you want more information.


The End

Bowflex really wants you to exercise and stay fit as long as you can with all their great exercise machines and accessories, so you do not turn into a lump on a couch or a couch potato. Please head out and pick up one of these best exercise machines for yourself.

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