Buddha Tea – Drink to Your Best Health

Hey folks, if you’re a tea drinker like I am, that’s great because tea has great health benefits to it. Like it can help reduce heart attacks and strokes. It may also help with weight loss and even help with your bones. There are a few more benefits to drinking tea, but I just want to peak your interest right now. With that being said, I discovered a great tea company awhile back, called BUDDHA TEA, that has got about every type of tea – all organic – that you can think of to drink, so I will share the many types of the best organic tea with you and you decide what teas you would like to try.

Loose Leaf Teas

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Some people – or even some parts of the world – like their tea loose leaf style for various reasons. Buddha Tea has fifteen types of loose leaf teas. Let me give you a description of some of them. Assam Loose Leaf is a black tea from India. It is known for its rich brisk, malty flavor.

Another loose leaf tea is Cherry Blossom & Japanese Black Tea Loose Leaf, a black tea accented with the sweet floral notes of cherry blossoms for an elegant tea taste.

This one sound good, called Earl Grey Loose Leaf. It consists of black tea leaves infused with oil of bergamot for a stimulating citrus zest in every sip you drink.

This is the last loose leaf tea I will describe. It is called White Tea Loose Leaf, known for its sweet fragrance and fresh, light taste. This is the least processed of all the teas .

Herbal Teas

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Now if you are into herbal teas like I am, especially in the winter time, there is a rainbow of herbal teas (96 flavors) that Buddha Tea offers. I will go over some for you. Acai Berry & Green Tea provides a nutrient dense, fruity element to the smooth tasting green tea. Acai Berry is native to the Amazon region.

Then there is Anise Seed Tea. This is a fine, wonderful brew with a slightly sweet, yet distinctive flavor and has been around since the time of ancient Egypt.

This one is different, called Alfalfa Leaf Tea. It has a nutritional value to it and has a soothing, benign flavor to it.

This next one I have had before and it has a great taste to it. It is called Blackberry Leaf Tea. Try a cup and you will see what I mean.

Cat’s Claw Tea is next. In spite of its name, it is known to assist with numerous ailments way back during the Inca civilization and has a unique flavor.

This one I like too called Cranberry & Green Tea. Both cranberry and green tea are known to offer a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is great hot or cold, so try a cup or glass today. There are a lot more of these wonderful herbal teas and I could write more about them, but I think you get the idea on them.

Premium Tea Blends

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Now if you’re looking for the best blend, Buddha Tea has worked hard to give you the best tea possible to drink for your enjoyment. There are ten blends to pick from so let us explore what they have. The first is Golden Milk. It has ginger root and black pepper to aid digestion; ashwagandha to tonify, energize, and calm; and cardamom, nutmeg, and vanilla bean, all meant to encourage rejuvenation and peace. With a touch of sweetened coconut sugar, all you need to do is mix with your favorite milk.

Sleepy Temple a relaxing floral flavor medley that makes for a perfect diversion at the end of the day. It is made up with chamomile, jasmine, lavender, spearmint, and an intriguing hint of licorice.

Sip on this one – called Skinny Buddha Blend. It is intended to help you feel good inside your body. It contains oleanolic acid, flavonols and vitamin C.

Green Tea

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We all know that green tea is really good for us and that we should drink it. It has been consumed as both a beverage and a medicine in many parts of Asia and has been in use for 4,000 years. There are sixteen flavors of green tea. One is Matcha Green Tea. It has a fresh aroma, intense flavor and is energizing and revitalizing.

Then there is Dragon Well Green Tea, a refreshing and sweet green tea from China. It provides alkaloids, amino acids, flavonoids, catechins and other antioxidant-rich constituents.

Chakra Teas

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Another fine tea to drink is Chakra Teas and there are seven flavors to choose from. To start there is Crown Chakra Tea. It is a floral blend to inspire spiritual awakening.

Then there is Root Chakra Tea, a blend that inspires security and stability


Black Teas

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This is the type of tea that I drink year around, either hot or cold, and have enjoyed for many years. Buddha Tea offers twelve different flavors of black tea. One is Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea, an elegant blend of cherry blossom flowers, leaves, and black tea.

How about this one – Chai Tea. I drink this one a lot in the winter for its unique flavor. It is made of black tea and Indian spices that gives it its unique flavor that I just mentioned.

If you like strawberry and ginger this might be the tea for you – called Sweet Strawberry Ginger. The benefits are antioxidant-rich supports, a healthy gastrointestinal system and it also fortifies the immune system.

Specialty Teas

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If you are looking for some special teas, you may find them here. Let us see what they have. Chaga Tea is one. It brags of a smooth, rich flavor that herbal tea aficionados will appreciate. This tea is made from a mushroom that grows on birch bark. Is that not interesting?

Dark Roast Yerba Maté is another unique tea that has only a small amount of caffeine. Yerba maté can be a perfect substitute for your morning coffee! It is made from a herb and it originates from Brazil, where it is frequently enjoyed as a stimulating natural beverage. The roasted leaves add something special to the brew as well, adding a smoky richness to aroma and taste.

There are many more of these specialty teas. This is just a small sample of them for you to think about. I hope you found them interesting.

To End

Buddha Tea has such a large variety of teas to choose from, I think it would take a very long time to sample them all. So if you found this article intriguing, go ahead and purchase some Buddha Tea for yourself and see what you think. You may get hooked on these teas. The best part is, no matter which type you choose, you are sure to get a lot of health benefits along with the great flavors.


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