NoBull Review -Best Exercise Clothes For Women

When I am out walking in the park, going down a trail and enjoying the nature which God has created for us, I notice women jogging by with music playing and they are wearing a rainbow of designs of exercise clothes and I wonder where they purchased them. Just recently I came across a company called NOBULL that sells the best exercise  clothes for women, which gives them even more choices. So let us see what NOBULL has to offer women in exercise clothes and shoes.


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There are 80 different styles of pants, tops, sports bras and shorts to choose from. I will give an overview of some of them and you decide what would be great for your workout agenda. To start with, there is HIGH-RISE CROP (PLUSH HEATHER) which is made of 86% Nylon, 14% Lycra and has a high stretch performance blend.

Its features include being fitted and having a high-rise with extra wide waist band. Plus, there is an interior waistband pocket to fit the essentials. HIGH-RISE CROP is designed for function and performance.

Hey ladies, if tank tops make your workout more enjoyable, try this shirt called WOMEN’S HIGH-NECK TANK which comes in 5 different colors. This tank is made of 79% Polyester, 14% Tencel, and 7% Spandex. It is great on absorption with the fibers that make it up.

If you are out there taking a jog on a cool day, you’ll need a jacket, right? NOBULL has a jacket called WOMEN’S 4-WAY STRETCH WOVEN JACKET. It comes in 2 colors, has a slim fit, and is 360 degree reflectivity for visibility when you need it most, say, like early morning or just as it is getting dark. Plus, this jacket has a hidden sleeve zip pocket and mesh side panel for breathability.


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No matter what type of training you are doing, NOBULL has the shoe to train in. They have a whole passel of styles and colors of shoes. If you’re into doing exercises like climbing, running, grinding, slide boarding or weight lifting a pair of BLACK LIGHTNING TRAINER  should do the trick. These shoes are lightweight, breathable and offer flexible protection that moves the way you do.

How about a pair of these shoes called HIGH-TOP DARK GREY BLACK TRAINER  They are great for all types of training. With a high-cut collar that provides padding and a secure fit for movement in any direction, this shoe is great for zombies (a type of exercise,) rope climbing, and excuses.

Here’s a couple more examples of trainers shoes before moving on. One is HIGH-TOP DENIM TRAINER . Great for tough workouts – say weight lifting or throwing a medicine ball. The upper part of the shoe is made of extremely durable, breathable and abrasion resistant material.

If that was not enough, how about this one called HIGH-TOP BLUE GLASS TRAINER  with uppers made up of extremely durable, breathable and abrasion resistant material. The outsole was designed for multi-environment usage, allowing for an easy transition going from inside to outside, with the correct mix of flexibility, traction and support.


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If you’re into running, NOBULL has some great shoes for you with 18 styles to choose from for the most dedicated runner.

Here is one that might make a runner even run more called RUBBER DUCKY RIPSTOP RUNNER . This is a lightweight, breathable, perforated polyester ripstop material.

Plus, the outsole lug pattern was designed for multi-environment usage, like indoors or outdoors and has a good flexibility, traction and support.

Another running shoe offered by NOBULL is DARK GREY KNIT RUNNER  which is a lightweight, breathable, stretch knit upper that moves with you. Once again, it is designed for multi-environment usage. The midsole is created of high rebound Phylon, providing cushioning and durability.

Next is LEMON DROP KNIT RUNNER . This one has an airy, breathable, stretch knit upper that goes where you go. This style has a feathery midsole constructed of high rebound Phylon, providing cushioning and is long-lasting.


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Need a little lift in your steps when doing heavyweight lifting? There are 8 styles of these unique type of shoes. Choose the pair that fits your needs.

How about this pair of shoes called PURPLE CAMO LIFTER . These shoes are made of top quality leather that is strong and durable. They have a molded, removable sockliner.

Want a little style in your shoes? Try a pair of DARK FLORAL GUM LIFTERS  with the same top quality of Purple Camo lifter shoes above, but with floral designs.


After a trying workout, you need a pair of shoes with a lightweight contoured foam footbed for supportive, cushioned comfort for those tired feet. There are 4 styles which are called : BLACK IVY SLIDE, BLACK WHITE SLIDE, ARCTIC GREY SLIDE and BLACK IVY SLIDE.

Bags & Accessories

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Finally, there are accessories for all your personal needs, whatever they may be. There are 19 accessories and bags for what you need.


to store all your belongings with ease with a large zipper entrance that opens vertically, for easier access to your goodies.

Headbands, anybody? NOBULL has them in 7 colors. They are made with big stretch performance blend and elastic back for extra comfort and hold. They also have a reflective branding for visibility when you need it most.

Need a scarf for style or to keep warm and cozy? Try this – a TWO-TONE INFINITY SCARF. It comes in 5 colors.

A FITTED BEANIE is next to keep that head warm. This BEANIE is made with 100% Merino wool which breathes and manages moisture better than most fibers. It comes in 4 different colors to choose from.

Hats off to you, or is that caps off? Check out NOBULL’s HORNS CLASSIC HAT. There are 3 colors of these.

To Conclude

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NOBULL exercise clothes for women is a great place to shop for those health conscious women in your life. With all the styles of exercise clothing for you ladies to choose from, I am sure there is a style you will like. Also, don’t forget the terrific shoe styles by NOBULL to fit your exercise routine needs. One last thing. Check out the bags and accessories too for before and after the workout. So ladies, head on over to NOBULL and purchase the products you need and workout knowing you have some of the best exercise clothes available.