Best Mini Food Processors – They Make the Best Organic Dishes

Are you scouring through mini food processor reviews, looking for the best mini food processors on the market today? I’ve researched some of the top-rated mini food processors and found the best mini food processors for 2020. I’ll list the pros and cons of each food processor and rank them in order. I will also describe the strengths of each food processor, as well as what customers didn’t like. Food Processors can be a big help nowadays since we are spending more time cooking at home. Mini food processors make the process of cooking, cutting, chopping, etc. so much easier. So if you are someone that likes the convenience of a mini food processor (and loves to spend a lot of time cooking,) here are the best mini food processors to buy.

1. Oster FPSTMC3321 3-Cup Mini Chopper with Whisk, Black

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Want to make food prepping real fast? Try this mini food processor and see how easy it is. It comes with a 150-watt motor. It includes a 3-cup-volume work bowl with a sharp S-shaped stainless-steel blade that purees, chops and provides other extra features. Two over sized buttons make it simple to switch between low and high rate settings, depending upon the thickness desired. Utilize the mini food processor for anything from chopping fruit to making a homemade fruit salad to pureeing pinto beans for toppings on tacos.

This mini chopper’s lid includes a little opening that allows for safely pouring water, olive oil, or other liquid while at the same time processing for great results, with no need to take off the lid. The unit also supplies a useful whisk accessory for the best whipping results, and a spatula that works well for scraping food off the sides of the work bowl. The mini food processor comes in black with chromed features. The cord tucks neatly away for easy storage, and the dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up a breeze.

The purchase price for the Oster FPSTMC3321 3-Cup Mini Chopper with whisk, black is from $42.95.

What are the PROS for the Oster FPSTMC3321 3-Cup Mini Chopper? They are as follows:


1. Stainless Steel S- blade

2. Convenient Cord Storage

3. 2 Speeds – Hi and Low

4. Drizzle hole on the lid for adding oil, water etc. during chopping without having to remove the lid.

5. 3-Cup capacity


1. “The lid is hard to twist and move into place.”

2. “You may have to chop up your vegetables a little before placing them into the unit..”

2. Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper, 350 Watts, for Dicing, Mincing, and Puree, Black (72850)

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Hamilton Beach claims to make the world’s best food processors because they are easy to use and clean up. Hamilton Beach food processors have other interesting details too. Here are some good reasons to consider purchasing one for your home today. One reason is that the large mouth models make it feasible to slice the whole fruit or vegetable.

Another reason is the well-thought-out design that makes the processor efficient during cleaning. Plus, the in-bowl blade storage and the dishwasher safe parts help warrant your safety by preventing diseases. Further benefits are: it includes the reversible slicing ability, the shredding discs and the continuous feed chutes.

How much will it cost you for this model (72850) of a food processor? On Amazon it is $19.99.

Here are the Pros and Cons for the Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper.


1. Easy to assembly and use

2. No hard twisting or locking

3. Oil dispenser

4. Dishwasher safe bowl, lid and blade

5. Press lid for chopping action

6. Powerful 350 watt motor

7. Stainless steel chopping/mixing blades


1. “It can be rather loud..”

2. “It can turn chopped food into liquid if you over chop with it..”

3. “You need to clean out the bottom of the container completely to avoid having bits of food stuck under the blade between uses..”

3. KitchenAid KFC3516WH 3.5 Cup Food Chopper, White

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KitchenAid has the best product for everyday meal prep, and food chopping and takes up less space on your counter top so it’s accessible whenever you need it. It swiftly mixes, purees and chop the ingredients that you use day to day – from making bread crumbs to chopping nuts. While the stainless steel blades do the chopping and pureeing, a drizzle basin lets you put in liquids while processing and dual speeds, plus the pulse control lets you do a lot more.

Also, the work bowl is safe for the dishwasher and is easy clean up. With this KitchenAid food chopper, save prep and clean up time. It comes in bright color options which add an eloquence to your kitchen counter top. The cost to purchase this food chopper is $34.99 on Amazon.

What are the Pros and Cons for this KitchenAid KFC3516WH 3.5 Cup Food Chopper?


1. Easy to clean


2. Quickly chop, mix and puree

3. Small, compact and lightweight

4. Two speeds and Pulse Control

5. Drizzle basin

6. 3.5 cup work bowl with pour spout, handle and locking blade

7. Easy, one-touch operation

8. Dishwasher-safe work bowl, lid and blade


1. “The lid on the processor can be hard to get on and off. The cover has a safety feature that I basically had to fight with it to get it off..” This same person said it took about 10 to 15 minutes to get it to work.

4. Cuisinart DLC-2ARDSLT Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Red

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The Cuisinart has many of the best features you want in a small food processor, whether you’re chopping herbs or bread crumbs or finely grinding hard cheeses. The Cuisinart Processor has an Auto Reversing Smart Blade, which makes it simple to process both hard and soft foods. Being a small food processor, it is more powerful than other choppers. It can prepare small quantities of food quicker and more efficiently than ever before. It was designed in Italy, where some of the most delicious food in the world is found. The purchase price is $39.95.

Pros and Cons for the Cuisinart DLC-2ARDSLT Mini-Prep Plus Processor.


1. 250-watt food processor with 3-cup plastic work bowl

2. Chops and grinds with patented reversible stainless-steel blade

3. Simple push-button control panel; durable, yet lightweight plastic body

4. Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup; spatula included

5. Measures approximately 8 by 5 by 9 inches; 18-month limited warranty


1.  “This machine does a fine job due to the same drip through top for the oil, however, it is much less convenient because the activator is a deadman switch, thus tying up one (often a little greasy) hand holding down the “on” switch while the other pours the oil. If there is any oil on the counter the machine will gradually move away from you, too. Wish I’d bought the older smaller model.”


5. Proctor Silex Durable Mini 1.5 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Dicing, Mincing & Puree, White (72500RY)

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Proctor Silex has just the food processor for those quick little meals or snacks for people who want to eat NOW! Here is what it has to offer you and your family.

This Proctor Silex mini food processor can lessen preparing time in the kitchen with its convenient 1-1/2-cup-size food chopper. The little, but strong food processor works best for chopping or mincing vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and a lot more. The food processor pulse works by setting the blade spinning and offers remarkable control over consistency. Its stainless-steel processing blade can be removed for in-depth cleaning.

Additional features include a transparent work bowl, a stable base, and an up-to-date look that beautifully accompanies any kitchen decoration. It is best for a one- to two-person household. The size of this unit is approximately 8 by 5 by 4 inches. The cost of this mini food processor is $14.85 on Amazon.

Pros and Cons for the Proctor Silex Durable Mini 1.5 Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Dicing, Mincing & Puree:

1. Powerful 300 watt motor

2. Easy to clean with dishwasher safe bowl, lid and blade

3.1.5 cup capacity

4. Performance-tested for durability and reliability

5. Pulse speed provides stop/start control for chopping, mincing and pureeing


1. “It has a cheap plastic cup that cracks and chips off..”

2. “The quality of the unit is not so good..”

6.POSAME Meat Grinders Electric Food Processor, Mini Kitchen Food Chopper Vegetable Fruit Cutter Onion Slicer Dicer, Blender and Mincer, with 4-Cup Glass Bowl

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This mini size and simple operating food processor may become your best friend, at least in your kitchen! It allows you to blend baby food together for easy-to-eat nutrition for little mouths within a short amount of time. Do you like home made peanut butter? Make this high protein, high potassium snack with healthy fats anytime you crave it. This food processor greatly assists you in chopping onion, fruits, vegetables and other foods that you need in just a flash!

The glass bowl is simple to clean and keeps you healthy. It cleans with just hot water and dish soap to remove oil and meat scraps after meat grinding. Before use, make sure the working bowl safety motor is locked with the work bowl so the processor stays in place. The food processor is now ready to use. Also, make sure you position and lock the lid exactly before using it. The price for this POSAME mini food processor is $39.99

Pros and Cons for the POSAME Meat Grinders Electric Food Processor, Mini


1. Powerful but low noise, perfect compact size for small kitchen.

2. Multipurpose Food Processor can be used to grind fruit, vegetables, meat, watermelon, spinach, pumpkin, peanuts, carrots, garlic, peppers, nuts and baby food supplements, etc.


1. Generates smoke from the engine when in use.

7.Homgeek Meat Grinder, Food Chopper Processor with 5 Cups & 300-watt, for Mincing, Chopping, Grinding, Blending and Meal Prep

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If you want a food processor that does it all, check out what this one has to offer. It mixes, blends, chops, and purees. Along with that, it is BPA free (a harmful chemical used in household plastics and food packages) and has sharp stainless steel blades that cut superbly. Along with being a wonderful-looking unit, there is a pulse button that makes the processing job get done in seconds, making your job almost effortless. The cleaning up is easy with this machine’s removable parts. It is light and takes only a small amount of space. The cost for this unit is $28.99 on Amazon.

Here are the Pros and Cons for Homgeek Meat Grinder, Food Chopper Processor.


1. 300W powered unique sharp stainless steel 4 Bi-Lever blades

2. 2-speed selection

3. Transparent 1.2L glass bowl allows you to see the grinding

4. Anti-slip rubber mat

5. Plum interface to lock the blade in right place before use.

6. Easy to assemble

7. The food processor is compact and lightweight


1. “It may have an overwhelming toxic smell when coming out of the box..”

8. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending, Chopping and Food Prep with 48-Ounce Pitcher and 16-Ounce Chopper Bowl (QB900B)

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Do you want something that puts power into one hand and is multi-talented? Try this food processor out for size. It crushes ice into little bits in a flash, makes creamy fruit smoothies before your eyes, and chops up raw ingredients perfectly! It can also dice, mince, chop, puree and blend for even results. The Ninja comes with a 16 oz (2 cup) chopper bowl and a 48 oz (6 cup) pitcher for blending frozen ingredients.

But that’s not all! It has a 400-watt power pod that swiftly switches between the 16-oz chopper bowl or 48-ounce pitcher for adaptability in the kitchen. The pod attributes a big one-touch pulsing button for best control and even results. Lastly, it has a splash guard on the pitcher, Wide, no-slip bases and the chopper keep everything clean and steady. As an extra convenience, there are storage lids added to keep your food fresh and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

The price tag for this food processor is $39.99 on Amazon.

What are the Pros and Cons for the Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor.


1. Anti spill splash guard, easy flip pour spout, and no slip base

2. Dishwasher Safe

3. 400-watt interchangeable power capacity

4. Two conveniently sized jars

5. Easy to use : Ergonomic operation with one touch pulsing creates an easy to use and safe product


1. “The warranty is expensive and if you get a faulty product they charge you to replace it..”

9. IMUSA USA GAU-80319B 1.5-Cup Mini Chopper, One Size

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Want a mini food chopper in your kitchen? Try IMUSA 1.5 mini food chopper. It is compact and convenient for everyday use in your kitchen. What can it do for you to make preparing food for your family and friends easier and faster? For starters, it has one-touch operation. It can correctly puree or chop fruits, nuts, or vegetables fast and effortlessly!

The dishes you can make with this are, appetizing pico de gallo, salsas and creamy smooth hummus. The price for this unit is $19.40 from Amazon.

Here are the Pros and Cons for this mini chopper.

1. Removable Cup for easy cleanup

2. Easy to Use Pulse Control Button

3. Dishwasher Safe Bowl

4 Durable Stainless Steel Blades

5. Compact Size

6. The lid locks safely into place during operation

7. 1.5 cup Mini Chopper


1. “When the machine was plugged in, it went bang and was kaput..”

2. “I am in need of a chopper and this is what I got: an item that does not work. I tried many times but….it did not pulse..”

10. Ninja Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo with Auto-iQ Boost (NN102)

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Do you want to make the best, most delicious, tastiest smoothies or the tastiest food? Well look no further than the Ninja Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo Auto IQ Blender. Let’s see what else it can do. It has the features of both a blender and a food processor from one strong 1200 watt motor base. This Ninja has the ability of an Auto IQ for brilliant blending strategy, Then there are the Pro Extractor blades for very quick vitamin and nutrient removal, and lastly, there is the Nutri Bowl for food processing.

For the best texture and uniformity with the Auto IQ Boost, use the 2 Nutri Ninja cups that come with the product to make your smoothies.The Ninja Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo Auto IQ Blender makes the world’s best milkshake and more. Expect to pay $143.99 for this dual multi tasking unit.

Now for the Pros and Cons on the Ninja Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo with Auto-iQ Boost

1. Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction attachment

2. 1200-watt Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost

3. Nutri Bowl ( that brings fresh, wholesome ingredients together)

4. Auto-iQ Technology features intelligent programs that combine specific timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns

5. Auto-iQ Boost gives you the power to control the texture and consistency of everything from juices to smoothies


1. “Can be loud when in use..”

2. “The digital display started wigging out and then the machine stopped working altogether but even when it was functioning normally the advertised super turbo power was no better than a regular blender..”

11. Gourmia GMS9280 Mini Slicer Pull String Manual Food Processor With Bowl & Removable Blade

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Have you gotten tired of cutting yourself with your knife or crying over cutting up onions? Well how about pulling a string instead! Gourmia has the mini slicer that reaches the most outstanding of minces and sharpest of dices. This flexible kitchen gadget takes the work out of food prep by chopping and pureeing every ingredient so you have more time to do other things in your kitchen.

Regardless if you’re preparing a delicious salad, making your own coleslaw, or crushing onions for a recipe, this all-in-one food processor keeps it clean, safe and simple. Put the precision-cut blade in, toss in your food, attach the lid, and pull on the string, and you’ve got flawless diced or mashed garnish for your dinnertime delight!

The Pros and Cons for the Gourmia GMS9280 Mini Slicer Pull String Manual Food Processor.


1. Professional Precision

2. It chops, shreds, and purees

3. Superb Safety Design

4. Multipurpose hand chopper (Excellent for Dicing, Mincing & Crushing Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Fruit, Nuts, Herbs, Vegetables)

5. Easy operation


1. “The chopper and blade parts don’t match up..”

2. “It broke after a couple times of use..”

12. BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper, Improved Assembly, Black, HC150B

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If you need a real small food processor, BLACK+DECKER is here to help! With their one-touch chopper, you are given the ability to design your favorite meal or dish, as it easily produces ingredients for sizable recipes. The one-touch pulse control works with the bi-level stainless steel blade to mince and chop with simplicity.
Also, all removable parts are dishwasher-safe for effortless and fast cleanup. The price to purchase it is $20.99 on Amazon.

The Pros and Cons for the BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper are listed below.


1. 70W Motor

2 1.5 Cup Capacity

3. Stainless Steel Blades – Bi-level stainless steel blades stay sharp, providing long-lasting performance

4. One-Touch Pulse Control

5. Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts

6. Improved Chopping Assembly and Lid

7. Compact Design


1. “This is a dangerous product. There is no mechanism to hold or lock the top in place and the top is so sensitive to touch that just the slightest pressure activates the blade action..”

2. “There are air holes all around the top. If you fill it even 1/3 of the way full, you wind up with liquid spitting out, or dry ingredients puffing out..”

13. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts)

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Why use NutriBullet food processors? It is quite plain to see, according to NutriBullet. They claim to have the best product available for purchase to make the best healthy, nutritious beverage that will help you prevent and fight disease, relieve joint pain, lose weight, retain youthful looking skin and it may even add lots of years to your life. What is the secret to NutriBullet? It uses unique technology that has use of a 600 watt motor and its patented extractor blades cause a cyclonic activity.

With this technology, it pulverizes and breaks down skins, stems and seeds where you find most of the essential nutrition, where the others blenders and juicers fall short. Just put your favorite vegetables, fruits (improve it with seeds,) nuts and herbs to the food processor, with some water to make the most tasty drink ever! What is the best part? NutriBlast takes only seconds to prepare, seconds to clean and couldn’t be more simple than that.

Here is the reason why you should extract food. Extracting food is good for everybody from the professional athlete to the person who likes to stay at his or her best. Extracted food is in effect predigested, so your body can easily absorb and make use of all the nutrition that food has to offer. As it happens, when we eat the healthiest foods, like fruits for example, it requires lot of work for the body to break that fruit down to get it all the nutrients for what your body needs. NutriBullet makes food at the best absorptive state so it requires less work for our stomach acids, digestive enzymes to break down the food. The food processor has it all done for us! This food processor will cost around $50.00 .

What are the Pros and Cons for the NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer.


1. The Nutribullet is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient-packed smoothies.

2. Powerful 600-watt motor and refined nutrient-extraction blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body – in seconds.

3. Included: (1) 600W motor base, (1) Extractor blade, (1) milling blade, (1) Handled cup, (1) 24 oz cup, (1) 18 oz cup, (1) cup ring, (1) cup ring with handle, (2) Stay-Fresh resealable lids and recipe book (1) Powerful stainless steel Extractor blades which use Cyclonic action to break down tough ingredients

4. Hassle-free cleaning – simply twist off the blade, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher.


1. “The rubber gasket leaks constantly and the cheap plastic part in the base broke..”

14. Wireless Portable Electric Food Processor, Kocbelle 200-Watt Small mini Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper 2.5 Cup

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Want to be able take your food processor with you, say – like on a picnic, and get rid of the plug-in cable? Here is a great kitchen food processor and chopper gadget that can allow you to do just that! Are you shopping for an electric food processor and chopper for day-to-day meal planning, picnics, making baby foods or even chopping up vegetables for a salad? You may want to try this wireless mini express chopper and food processor and see if it’s not ideal for you! Another great feature is its 20oz Capacity and 200-Watt, little-yes, but as useful and mighty as a kitchen appliance gets.

What makes this Kocbelle so unique? The small chopper gadget it contains has a built-in battery. Just charge it for 4 hours and you can enjoy all the benefits of the plug-in models. It has a 20 oz sturdy glass bowl to provide a secure handling experience and easy cleaning. It has a feather light-weight shape with only 1600 grams, suitable to take anywhere. The one button design makes for really simple operation. All you have to do is push to start and loosen to stop and you can easily prepare carrots, nut, onions, cheese and meats. Use your imagination to make fresh salads to enjoy. In addition, this processor works great for baby food prep. Another very comforting feature is that it is BPA free. So, you may just want to pitch out that heavy and noisy food processor and switch to this quiet little chopper with so many conveniences you can enjoy your time in the kitchen. How much is this battery powered food processor? Only $32.99 on Amazon.

Pros and Cons for the Wireless Portable Electric Food Processor, Kocbelle 200-Watt Small mini Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper 2.5 Cup.


1. Cordless food processor you can feel free to move anywhere in the kitchen, equipped 2.5 cup small bowl but handy for daily meal preparation.only 1.2 kg weight, size 11 inch * 56inch * 6 inch ideal for family meals and outdoor picnic.

2. Sturdy and Durable Glass Container. Washes up perfectly in your dishwasher, easy to clean and safer compared to plastic bowls.

3. No complicated procedures, simply switch on to deal with meats, nut, onions and so on. Ingredients are usually processed in 5-30 seconds.

4. Easy to assemble and clean. No difficult twisting or locking, just place the lid, blade and you are about to chop. Dismantle-able blade and glass bowl design make it super easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

5. Powerful low noise 250 Watt motor.

6. Double blade design, main and secondary knife blade to deal with all kinds of materials – Overheating protection.


No cons listed for this product.

15. Toastmaster TM-61MC 1.5 Cup One-Touch Mini Food Chopper, Black

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Toastmaster One Touch Mini Food Chopper with its 1.5 cup capacity is great for chopping and blending nuts, dips, salsas dressings and a lot more. This tiny but tough chopper has characteristic that make other choppers look weak. It has stainless blades for long-term toughness. It has a locking lid, and to assure your safety, the chopper will not work if the lid is not positioned correctly. Along with this, its one touch operation permits the operator to have total control in making the right texture for their foods. It carries a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product cost $18.08 on Amazon.

Now for the Pros and Cons for the Toastmaster TM-61MC 1.5 Cup One-Touch Mini Food Chopper.


1. Safe locking lid; lid must be locked to operate

2. Easy-to-use, one-touch pulse operation

3 1.5 cup capacity, mini food chopper/processor

4. Durable, stainless steel blades


1. “It’s hard to get replacement parts for it..”

2. “I’m constantly having to stop and push chunks in to the blades because the blades are small and don’t reach wide enough to get everything chopped..”

16. La Reveuse Electric Mini Food Chopper, Vegetable Fruit Cutter, Meat Grinder Mincer, Small Food Processor with 1.3-Cup Prep Bowl, Silver

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Looking for a small food chopper for those special occasion needs that pop up? This small gadget performs wonderfully and takes very little room to store. The La Reveuse mini food chopper is created to be your best kitchen assistant for those smaller amounts of food production. With its accurate one-touch pulse control button, it utilizes the hardness stainless steel blade to puree and chop effortlessly. It empowers you to puree baby food, plus, easily make your favorite meals and produce ingredients for sizable recipes, as well as small, with less difficulty.

And now for the Pros and Cons for the La Reveuse Electric Mini Food Chopper, Vegetable Fruit Cutter, Meat Grinder Mincer, Small Food Processor.

1. Compact Design, Space Saving – 1.3 Cup chopping bowl, single serving. Great for making baby food.

2. Safe To Use – This small size food chopper is UL certified. Safety protection with safe-locking lid and anti-slip feet

3. Stay-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade – It chops food quickly like onions, vegetables, herbs, chili, fruits, nuts, meat etc with long-lasting performance.

4. Easy To Clean – Fully disassembled structure, easy to assemble and clean up. NOTE: DO NOT immerse the motor base in water.

5. One-Touch Pulse Control – One-touch pulse control button makes chopping simple and precise.


1. “Not good at grinding foods..” (This customer said the blades are too low and close to the bottom of the machine.)

17. AmazonBasics 4-Cup Food Processor, Red

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The AmazonBasics 4-cup food processor is a convenient and versatile food processor that you will be pleased to have in your home. This appliance can be a very good friend to have when it comes to preparing foods. This is because of all the variety of tasks it can do like cutting, blending ingredients, and chopping. It is small enough to be easily hidden away between uses or just left on the kitchen counter for convenience. You can make delicious dips, doughs, salsas or whatever requires a food processor.

With the multiple cutting attachments you can switch from chopping to shredding with this food processor – it has you covered! Other things that you can do with the AmazonBasics is make dips, pulse dough to perfection and chop herbs with an assortment of cutting discs and blades. What else comes with it? A removable bowl, an inter-locking lid and simple-to-use digital controls.

This processor is big enough to prepare suitable amounts, up to 4 cups, but still a perfect size for viable home use and cleaning, the food processor is both vigorous and strong. With Its 450 watt of power, you’ll undergo fast, successful outcomes every time. Finally, it has interchangeable and removable parts that are dishwasher safe. The price for this food processor is $34.50 .

What are the Pros and Cons for the AmazonBasics 4-Cup Food Processor.


1. Chop herbs, make sauces, dips, doughs, fillings, and many other culinary creations

2. Includes interlocking bowl and lid, plus interchangeable blade accessories; dishwasher safe

3. 4-cup capacity food processor appliance for chopping, shredding, blending, and more

4. Corded base with digital button controls; 450 watts

5. Multiple functions and interchangeable blades and discs for different jobs


1. “I tried to shred some swiss cheese and it bogged down, I ended up using the slicing blade to make small slices instead of shreds. It was less work to use a manual grater than this food processor..”

18. ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor – Vegetable Slicer and Dicer – Hand Held

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Need a food processor that you can take with you? Try the Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor. It is the utmost small food processor and chopper. This multitasking food processor is great for blending, chopping and pureeing ingredients. With its patented Swiss shape blade, it can cut through even the most resistant foods like turnips and other tough foods. The booster arm helps with smooth chopping of small and large quantities. The Zyliss comes with a large 25-ounce bowl. Now you can make the best salads in just seconds! Zyliss targets on performance, strength, layout, spotlessness and safety, and has been doing this for 60 years. This company is world renowned for pioneering the design of more than 200 kitchen necessities with engineering and quality that cannot be copied. What would you expect to pay for such a food processor? Get it for $25.97 on Amazon.

The Pros and Cons for the ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor – Vegetable Slicer and Dicer – Hand Held.


1. 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee, 25-Ounce bowl capacity is top rack dishwasher safe

2. Multi-blade designed food chopper blends ingredients in seconds

3. Use for chopping, preparing, blending and pureeing ingredients; makes great salsa

4. Hand powered pull design is great for travel, small kitchens, RVs and camping

5. Booster arms on the top and bottom of the bowl keep food from sticking


1. One customer states: “This evil thing needs to come with some instructions on how to remove the blade guard. I cut my finger open in 2 places and had to get stitches. By the way the white bottom part that fits into the plastic bowl comes off and you can remove the guard by pulling it off the rest of the blade..”

19. Electric Food Chopper, 8-Cup Food Processor by Homeleader

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Do you want an 8-cup food chopper that saves you energy and time in your kitchen? Try a Homeleader – it is great for meat mincing, smoothie pureeing and vegetable chopping. It will help you delight your family with enhancing the food dishes you serve. With this food processor, enjoy what the 4 S-shape lower and upper blades can do like purees sauces flawlessly, mince garlic and herbs swiftly and chop meat evenly.

Cooking with this food processor will be much easier. So get ready to make your family a banquet of food that they will enjoy with the Homeleader food chopper! You can get the Electric Food Chopper, 8-Cup Food Processor by Homeleader on Amazon for $31.99 .

The Pros and Cons for the Electric Food Chopper, 8-Cup Food Processor by Homeleader are.


1.(Save time) chop onions, slice salad ingredients, meats, mix sauces or puree soups, etc just in seconds. Choose different speed for fine, normal and coarse grinding to meet your need- fast speed for meats, nuts, carrots; slow speed for eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc

2.(Powerful) 4 detachable stainless steel blades allows the upper and lower blades to chop food evenly.

3. (Home needs) 8 cup big capacity satisfies your home need. Make milkshakes, mashed potatoes. Great food processor is easy to operate for chopping and mincing. Pressing the head to start any chopping task.

4.(Great design) 2L Glass bowls for easy cleanup; non-slip rubber ring for stable operation; rubber sealing ring – free from splashing; two easy and comfortable grips for portable movements; higher power but lower noise-less than 40db; it won’t take up space in your kitchen.


1. “This food chopper does not have a spout at the top to pour in oil or any other ingredients. You always have to take the motor and cover off to keep adding things..”


If you want to WOW people with the best food processor on the market today, then see each one’s PROS and CONS. Read through this review and decide for yourself what is the best mini food processor for your needs. Next, go out and purchase one and happy cooking for you!

Vitamix Review – Best Kitchen Blenders

Have you ever wanted to make the tastiest, healthiest drink with your blender, but your blender was not quite up to it – It could not do the job you wanted it to do and had limited functions? Well, let me introduce VITAMIX (Best Kitchen Blenders.) This blender and its different models will be sure to turn you on, and you will spend a lot of time after you purchase one finding out what all it can help you with in the kitchen. With that said, let us see what a wonderful blender can do for you.

Why Purchase a Vitamix

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To start, Vitamix has simple control functions whether you want it to make you a smoothie or hot soups. Just press the function key and that is all you need to do. Another function is built-in timers that help you monitor the length of your blends to avoid over-processing.

Get a load of this – it’ll self-clean! Blend some warm water and a drop of dish soap at your machine’s highest speed, and watch it self-clean in 60 seconds or less-no disassembly required.

Just one more thing it does – its continuous processing is designed to efficiently process the thickest, most stubborn blends, say like nuts that do not blend well.


Here are the reasons Vitamix Blenders are so good. They are made of Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades that can handle the toughest ingredients from start to finish. Plus, they have a Cool-Running Motor that always delivers the power you need to process any ingredient.

The Vitamix Blender has a Metal Drive System that joins the container to the motor base-allowing better blends and a longer life of the blender.

With its Tidy Blends, food gets blended and creates a vortex so food is folded back to the blades to give a smoother blend.

What You Can Make With This Blender

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Wow! There are 11 different types of food which this blender can prepare for you. Let’s see what they are.

To start, if you live in an area that is cold a lot of the year, you’ll be happy to know that this blender can make soups. Just put in the ingredients, turn it on and the friction of the blades can make steaming-hot soup in under 10 minutes! And it is very healthy for you, as there are no additives or preservatives.

If you’re someone that likes parties or likes snacks put the Vitamix Blender on Variable 1

mode and make some Dips & Spreads. Once again, just add the ingredients put it on variable 1 and slowly raise the speed. Then use the tamper to press down the food and before you know it, you’ll have a healthy dip or spread.

Here is another thing you can make with the Vitamix Blender – baby food. An example would be strawberries and bananas. Just put them into the blender for one minute and out comes a delicious, healthy, all natural baby food puree. Or try your own ideas and see what you can me for your baby.

Types of Blender Models

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There are 3 different models of Vitamix Blenders. They are Smart System Blenders, Classic Blenders and Space Saving Blenders.

Let’s start with the Smart System Blender it has a SELF-DETECT. What does that mean? It can detect what type of ingredients are in the blender and adjust for the speed. This is a high tech. blender that does a lot of different things. There are 5 types to choose from so check them out and see which one fits your needs.

Second is the Classic Blender. There are 6 of these blenders to choose from. Each one has it own particular function ending in a delicious healthy snack, drink or meal for you and the family.

The Space Saving Blenders makes it easy to create single and double servings of anything from smoothies, peanut butter or almost anything. Also, they are good for use in recipes that require a small amount of food.


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Vitamix knows we need accessories for specials foods we need prepared with our blenders. There are 37 different accessories from containers to tampers and even cookbooks.

Here are a few things that they have to offer you. One is an Under-Blade Scraper that permits you to get the most out of every recipe by reaching hard to access points in your container, like under the blade.

Another is a 48-ounce Container for those big amounts to blend. It fits on full-size Classic C- or G-Series Vitamix blenders.

This next one is Reconditioned Perfect Blend Smart Scale. It helps in measuring out just the right amount of ingredients for that perfect meal.


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Do you like to cook and use your blender in the cooking process? Well, do I have some recipes for you!

There are 12 categories of recipes; anything from cookie recipes to side dishes to bread. You decide what you need. With that said I will go over some of the recipe categories just to let you know how much there is to choose from.

In the SMOOTHIES category there are 81 different types of smoothies – anything from Cucumber Melon Smoothie

to Oatmeal Smoothie. I never realized what all you can use to make healthy tasty smoothies for you or the family.

Another category is SOUPS with 72 recipes of hot and delicious soups. Here is one called Harvest Cheddar Soup. That one sounds good to me on a cold winter day.

In the BREADS AND DOUGH, there are 24 of all of these yummy recipes. Here is this one to spice things up a bit called Rosca de Reyes. It is a traditional Mexican bread full of things like dried figs, dried cherries and lemon peel.

Then there are SIDE DISHES with 50 recipes for you. For those that like cabbage, there is Savory Cabbage Coleslaw. This one would go great for any occasion.

Are you a mother that does not like the high price of baby food or just wants baby food the all natural way? Well look at the BABY FOOD category. There are 31 recipes for your baby’s good health.

Try this one out, called Apple Pear Sauce. This recipe helps baby get plenty of good vitamins and minerals in his/her diet. And I am sure they will want seconds of it.

This is just a sampling of recipes, for there are plenty more of them to make your mouth water for.

The End

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So if you’re in the market for a the best and reliable blender, I highly recommend Vitamix (Best Kitchen Blenders.) It is so versatile in doing things for you, you will never buy another brand. Go purchase one for yourself and start blending away! One last thing – your family will thank you for making them good healthy foods.

NutriBullet Review – Healthy Blender the best Smoothies

I do not know about you, but I just love blenders that make smoothies (fruit and vegetable) or milkshakes. The list can go on as to what is the best  healthy foods and drinks a blender can make. Nutribullet (Healthy Blender Smoothies) is one of those companies that is glad to help us with all their different models of blenders. Let’s see what they have to offer you and me in their blender models.

Personal Blenders

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They have 7 different types of personal blenders which I will give an overview on and you see which ones you like.

The NutriBullet is the original personal blender. It’s a compact and powerful blender. You choose what you want to make in it.

What makes it so good? Well, it comes with a 600 watt motor base, 24 oz tall cup with a comfort lip ring, extractor blade, and an 18 oz short cup with handled comfort lip ring.

Next is the NutriBullet PRO. This one has a 900 watt motor base, extractor blade, flip top to-go lid, 32 oz colossal cup with lip ring, and a 24 oz tall cup with handled lip ring. This is the next one up from the original blender and I’m sure it makes things like smoothies even more yummy.

These Nutribullet blenders even get nicer as I go through them. Try one called NutriBullet PRO 1000. And what does this one have to offer? It has new, ergonomically redesigned blades and cups and a powerful 1000-Watt motor. Making silky-smooth healthy beneficial smoothies has never been simpler. Plus, it comes with 32 oz cup, 24 oz cup, 2 to-go lids, and a recipe book.

What next you say? Look at this one called NutriBullet Select. It comes equipped with versatile controls, nutrient extraction, and NutriBullet’s redesigned easy-twist extractor blade. This one to comes with a 32 oz pitcher, 24 oz handled cup, to-go lid, pitcher lid with lid cap, tamper, and recipe book. Did I mention the pitcher can handle soups, sauces and hot stuff of all kinds.

Then there is the NutriBullet Balance. This one tracks calories, sets goals and customize blends in your smoothies right from your device. It comes with a 1200 watt motor base with smart nutrition sensor, extractor blade, 32 oz colossal cup, flip top to-go lid, mobile app, and comfort lip ring.

NutriBullet Rx is not just another blender with its unique features which are 1700 Watts of power, large-capacity attachments, a heating function, and hands-free operation. Other things that come with it are extractor blade with cleaning brush, 30oz short cup with comfort lip ring, SouperBlast Pitcher with vented lid, 45oz oversized cup with pitcher lid, Nature’s Prescription Book, and a stay fresh lid.

The last personal blender is Magic Bullet. This one has a 250 watt motor base, cross blade, tall cup, 2 resealable lids, short cup with comfort lip ring, flip top to-go lid, 10 second recipes book, and a party mug with comfort lip ring. The description says it is a counter top helper because it chops, blends, and mixes to make all sorts of tasty dishes for all to enjoy.

Full Size Blenders

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If you do not care for the mini blenders, there are the full size ones that should meet your needs. There are 2 full size blenders. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

The first is NutriBullet Blender. It has the following functions: multiple speeds, a pulse function, extraction capabilities and a vented lid to accommodate hot ingredients. It has a 1200 watt motor base, plus, it comes with a 64 oz blender pitcher, recipe book, tamper, and a pitcher lid with a lid cap.

Another fine blender is NutriBullet Blender Combo. What does it have for the user? You can switch between single-serving cups and a large-capacity pitcher. Also, it has multiple speeds, a pulse function and extraction capabilities. It too has a 1200 watt motor base. Other things included are a recipe book, easy-twist extractor blade, 24 oz handled cup, 2 to-go lids, 32 oz cup, pitcher lid with lid cap, tamper, and 64 oz pitcher.


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Oh baby, look at these little darling blenders. Just like the full size blenders, there are 2 of these.

The Baby Bullet has the ability to quickly puree and store fresh, healthy baby food for junior. It has the following things that come with it: a batch bowl, 6 date dial cups, tip proof tray, 1 short cup with handles, stay fresh resealable lid, blend blade, milling blade, spatula, pop batch tray with lid, and pocket nutritionist book.

Here is the Super Mommy Bundle – a blender which is mothers little helper when preparing good nutritious food for baby. It comes with a whole passel of stuff including 3 Easy-Pop Batch Freezer Trays, 12 Storage Cups with Date-Dial Lids, the Baby Turbo Steamer Sterilizer, a Handled Cup, a Spatula, the Blend Blade and Flat Blade, plus the User Guide and Healthy Baby Nutrition.


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Last but not least is accessories which go with these wonderful blenders and there are many of them. There are 11 different sizes and shapes of cups to choose from. Find the one that meets your needs and uses. Here is a description of one of them called Magic Bullet Short Cup. It is a great size for chopping garlic and spices, or for making small portions of your favorite dips or what ever you want in it.

Next are lids. There are 7 different shapes and sizes of them too. How about this lid called Magic Bullet Shaker & Steamer Lid. What is it used for? A shaker lid for seasonings, and a twist-on vented cap for safe microwaving.

Lastly are blades. There are 12 of them to choose from for different applications of use. A description of one of them is Magic Bullet Flat Blade. It’s perfect for grinding coffee, herbs, spices, and more.

The End

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So if you’re looking for a unique blender for the best making smoothies, cutting up food, mixing foods or grinding food, go no further. Run out and purchase a NutriBullet (Healthy Blender Smoothies) blender today. Then let your imagination go wild and see what things that you can blend up for yourself or your whole family.

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Review – Best Healthiest Cookware Material

Hey everybody, did you ever own one of those nonstick pans and after a while the teflon started peeling or flaking off – and you were told that this is a healthy way to cook? Then afterwards, you wondered if you consume some of that plastic while eating your food and thinking that this might cause a negative effect on you. This brings me to XTREMA ceramic cookware (Healthiest cookware material) with their best ceramic pots, pans and more.

What’s nice about cooking with ceramic is that you do not need to crank up the heat, because ceramic heats evenly. Just use low or low medium heat for perfect cooked foods or hot drinks. Another benefit with using ceramic cookware is that there is no nasty chemicals that leak into your food. Whereas those other non-stick pots and pans may lead to health problems down the road for you. With that introduction, let us see what wonderful ceramic cookware Xtrema has for us.


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Xtrema has 7 different types of skillets for your cooking needs. The 4.5-Inch, One Egger Traditions Skillet is great for fast breakfast bites, late afternoon snacks, and other midweek meals. Not to forget, it also makes the perfect egg for your early morning breakfast.

Next there is the 7-Inch Traditions Open Skillet, great for frying, searing and browning all of your favorite foods. You can use it for making large main dishes of food too.

Here is a wonderful skillet called 7-Inch Traditions Covered Skillet. It is an ideal cooking solution tool to make wonderful meals for one or to prepare ingredients for large main dishes. Also, with the cover, you can avoid all those hot splashes of oil or hot water.

Versa Skillet

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A Versa Skillet is a cousin to your traditional skillet with its unique way of cooking your food. An 8-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

can make some mouth-watering dishes like sauteing vegetables for stir-fry or some fancy tasty dessert. I am sure there are many more foods that can be prepared with this skillet.

Then there is the 10-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid which can be used for even larger dishes. This could be used for large family gatherings, to help you make delicious foods in no time.


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With 5 different sizes of pans, this set makes all types of sauces become much easier to do. The 16-Ounce Traditions Saucepan is great for warming up some bean soup or heating up leftovers. Remember, using ceramic is much more healthy than the traditional non-stick pots and pans. The ceramic products have no nasty chemicals leaking into your food and tainting the flavors.

Jumping to the biggest saucepan, Xtrema has a 2.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan. This pan is great for those big pans of spaghetti or any other food that requires a lot real fast.

Stock Pots & Dutch Ovens

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With 9 of these bad boys, a lot of cooking can be done real quick. Let’s look at what this one can do for you – it is a 1-Quart Versa Pot. It is good for holding spaghetti sauce or hot soups.

How about this big boy? A 10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven. What can you make with it? Well, it is good for long-simmering soups, stews, or beans. It is excellent for heat distribution and retention so your meal stays hot and delicious for much longer.

Need something a little smaller? Well, try this 8-Quart Versa Pot so you can easily make soups, casseroles, and more with this size pot. Plus, it offers easy transfer from the cook top to the dining room table because it weighs under 10 pounds.


There are 3 items of bakeware to pick from. I will give an overview of them and you decide what you think of them. Starting with the 24-Ounce Oval Baking & Serving Dish: an excellent choice for a variety of foods from quiches to pasta to baked potatoes, and many more dishes that you may think of. Just a reminder – ceramic heats food evenly, which means less burning of food and since it is ceramic, there is no leaking of chemicals in your food. Cooking with ceramic keeps foods healthy.

Next is Versa Round 12-Inch Round Baking Pan. What are some of the foods that you can use this pan for? How about burgers, chicken, home made pizzas, and you may even want to cook a steak with it. This pan, like the others, is simple to clean, not to mention it can go from the oven to the dining room table to the refrigerator. What more can you ask for?

How about a Versa Round 7″ Roasting Rack & Bone Broth. Insert this in your pan to stop food from sticking. It is great for meat, seafood, and even vegetables.


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With 3 sizes of woks, you can make those healthy dishes for yourself or the family. One is an 8-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid. It can whip up anything from lettuce wraps to stir-fry and other varieties of foods in between.

Next there is an 11-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid. This too can make all sorts of culinary foods to your hearts desire. With its all-natural pure ceramic, ensuring that cancer-causing materials will never leak into your food or ruin your foods taste.

Finally, there is your 11-Inch Traditions Open Wok. Get into making all sorts of dishes – say like frying up veggies, chicken and rice, sweet potato for the whole family.


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Now after all that eating and making merry talk of the food that you just ate, there are 3 styles of teapots to make some delicious hot tea or whatever hot beverage you like. The styles are: a 2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle, a 2.5-Quart Retro Tea Kettle and the 2.5-Quart Asiana Tea Kettle.

Cooking Accessories

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Of course we need accessories for doing the cooking and other things that help in the preparation of the food and afterwards storing the leftovers in the refrigerator. There are 16 of these accessories. Let’s see what they are.

A 3-Piece Small Nylon Kitchen Tool Set is a good start. You’ve got to have these in the kitchen, right? What is next? How about a 3-Piece Red Pot Holder Set for Versa Pots, for Large Skillets and Woks. Got to have these for all those hot pots and skillets. The last one I will describe, which is also very needed in the kitchen is Oven Mitts. Because you need protection from those hot pots and skillets. There are plenty more accessories. This is just a quick look at some of what is offered.

To Conclude

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When preparing food for family, friends or large gatherings, you need to know that what your cooking with is healthy for all of you. So, I recommend Xtrema Ceramic Cookware ( Healthiest Cookware Material,) which is a lot better for you than those other non-stick products with all the nasty side effects it could give you. What do you have to lose? Purchase some of the best products today. Your body will thank you.