Drive Medical Mobility Review – Driven To Help People get the Best

We all know someone who has a relative or friend – it does not matter how young or old – that needs help getting around the home or outside the home, right? My own mother does now days. She started out with a cane but now uses a walker because her balance is not as good as it used to be. I just came across this company recently called DRIVE MEDICAL that has a good supply of medical equipment products that would be great for people with relatives or friends that need such things in their home to know about. I will list all that they have to offer of the best products and you decide if this would be helpful to you .


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Hey, if you just need a little help around the house or just around town, a cane may be just the fit you need! There are forty cane products available from Drive Medical for those who need one. Some of the canes fold up and others have a built in seat while still others turn into an umbrella to keep the rain off you! They all seem to be adjustable for your height (is not that interesting!) So, if you’re in need of a cane, go check out this section. It just might meet your needs.


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We’ve probably all known someone – again, young or old – who needed crutches after a fall or maybe someone who had an accident and broke a leg or sprained an ankle. I know both my brother and daughter had to have a set of crutches for their injuries in the past. Drive Medical has eight different styles of crutches to choose from. Go ahead and check them out and see if they can help you or someone you know who’s looking for some crutches.


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Now and then, many people have a need for a wheelchair, either when at a hospital or at home. At least I know I did – how about you? Drive Medical carries thirty-nine types of wheelchairs in different shapes, sizes and models. They have narrow, standard, wide, lightweight, chairs with elevated leg rests and leg pads. They seem to have designs to fit each person’s needs.

Wheelchair Cushions

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For people who need to be in a wheelchair for a good part of the day or all day, they need to be comfortable while in the wheelchair, right? Drive Medical understands how important this is and has a variety of cushions that offer comfort and help prevent sores. They have eleven different types for you to check out that can fit the unique needs of each individual person.


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As I mentioned earlier, my mother now uses a walker on a regular basis because her balance is not what it once was and it helps her to keep her independence, as it allows her to walk without someone having to be with her. Drive Medical has twenty-eight styles of walkers available. Some are quite basic and others are more multi-purpose, for instance, the rollator walker, which I will describe next.

Rollator Walkers

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For those people who are free wheelers, Drive Medical might just have the rollator walker for you. There are thirty-five styles of this product to choose from, all with their particular uses and functions. Some you can fold up. Some you can store things in and almost all rollator walkers have what serves as an emergency seat if you run out of steam and just need to take a quick break. They also have hand brakes for a firm hold when you need to stop. You can choose the style that will work best for you.

Mobility Scooters

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For those people who still like to get behind the wheel, how about a scooter to get you where you’re going real quick. You will find seventeen great scooters to pick from here. Some are real basic but still do the job and others are more sophisticated with mirrors for when you get out on the sidewalk or even on the road. Then there are others that even have a basket on them to haul something you might pick up at the store or to carry a cell phone or drink.

Power Wheelchairs

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Now here is a wheelchair that has extra power. If you’re someone who is able to get around the house or outside the house and need a little more speed than your standard wheelchair can give you, try out one of these power wheelchairs. There are ten models to choose from at Drive Medical. Some are very simple and others are more complex to operate. You can choose the one that fits your needs.

Knee Walkers

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If you’re recovering from some surgery on your leg and require mobility while you recover or maybe you have a chronic problem with your leg and need some assistance to get around, the knee walker might be the answer to you needs. A knee walker is used somewhat like a scooter, but instead of having one foot on wheels, you have your injured knee and lower leg on a leg pad and you push off with your good leg/foot. Drive Medical has three styles of knee walkers. Two include a basket on them and one is all terrain for those adventurous types. Look them over and see what one fits your needs.

Mobility Accessories

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Wow, there is a whopping one hundred twenty-eight products for all your mobility needs which I will give you an overview on and you can take it from there. One is SPORT TIPS for your cane. This is for the person who likes to change tips on his/her cane to match the sporting season. Another is AIRGO CLAW STANDING CANE TIP to give you more stability with your cane as you walk around.

How about this one – NITRO O2 TANK HOLDER for those who are required to have oxygen all the time and like to get around the house or go out and about.

This one sounds really handy – called UNIVERSAL WALKER TRAY WITH CUP HOLDER. This is great for anyone who wants to take their meal and watch TV or sit out in the back porch outside to enjoy the day.

Need a little light? Try the LIGHT & GO MOBILITY LIGHT. You can put it on your walker or wheelchair to give you some light in those dark areas of your home.

The last accessory I will tell you about is one called WHEELCHAIR TRAY. This is for loved ones who are not able to make it to the table. This tray attaches to the wheelchair and makes it easier for them to eat their food with you. There are plenty more great accessories that I could write about, but if I got yours interest, you can see for yourself what is offered.

The End

If you or someone you know has a mobility issue, take a look at what Drive Medical has to offer. They just might be an answer to your prayers or someone else’s. For me, I learned a lot more in this area that I did not know before so share this with someone else who is in need. They may not know about all these great mobility products either.