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Asutra Review – Go Organic / Natural

Hey folks – on my quest to find more organic and natural products to buy for myself, family and friends, I came across a company that offers just that. It’s called Asutra and it makes over 50 organic and natural products from skin care products, body scrubs and soaks, aromatherapy, to pain
Personal Health

Eyeeco Review – Naturally Good

Hello. Are you a person who suffers from eye problems brought on by dry, irritated or allergy-prone eyes? My mother is one. She used to be always complaining about her eyes watering and asking what can be done to help her. So I just recently came across a company that wants to
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Fitbit Review – Stay Fit & Healthy

Staying fit and healthy has always been a top priority of mine since I was not fortunate enough to be born healthy, due to birth defects, which were corrected during my childhood. The doctors told my folks to “treat him just like a normal child now.” Oh, in the last few years,