NYR Organic Review: Best Organic Bath Products

Are you like me – looking for the best organic natural products that you’d use in your bathroom? Instead, you have those stinking shampoos and soaps that dry out your skin and your scalp? Another thing that bothers me besides the dry skin and dry scalp is the long-term effect these bathroom products have on us. Find the best organic bath product reviews right here on my website.

In my research for best products to use, I came across NYR Organic (Natural Organic Bath Body Products) which have a whole passel-load of organic and natural products for just about every need a person may have.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best organic bath products to add to your bath and shower products list.

5 Best Organic Bath Products

1. Best Organic Bath Product for Face

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In this category there are 9 different types of products for the face, which I will give an overview on some of them. Cleansers is one that is broken down in products for different types of uses on the face. There are 9 different cleansers to choose from.

One is Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash which carefully cleanses, leaving skin fresh and shining. Along with rejuvenating frankincense it also contains nourishing oils of apricot and jojoba to gently cleanse without drying your skin out. Another added benefit is that it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

This one is Organic Facial Wipes that brush away impurities and make-up. With soothing aloe vera and lavender, they’re gentle enough to use every day.

For the ladies, there is Organic Eye Make Up Remover that delicately removes even water-proof make-up. It has nurturing damask rose, antioxidant white tea, soothing aloe vera and a smoothing tri-peptide that’s great for your skin.

The eyes have it in the EYE category with 6 products to check out and I will give an overview on some of them .

The first product is Frankincense Intense Lift Eye Cream which selects skin that’s starting to show a lack of firmness, elasticity and definition, including deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which shows signs of aging. It has green tea caffeine, turmeric and organic green coffee seed oil to restore the eye area.

Here is something for the lips and eyes called Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum. It is an everyday treatment to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, with renewing frankincense moisturizing, elasticity-boosting baobab oil; firming nutrient-rich marine algae and smoothing tripeptides.

Face Mask is another section broken down more into specialized face mask products and there are 4 of them. To start there is Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask that it is for normal and dehydrated skin. Other things it does is deep cleansing and revitalizing and helps firm and tone your skin.

Another one is Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask. This one is great for unblocking pores and reducing blemishes and is deep cleansing the skin while oil balancing.

2. Best Organic Bath Product for Body

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Let’s not forget the body with all its needs. There are 5 different products to choose from. In the Body Powder area, there are 2 different types: Lavender & Tea Tree Body Powder and Baby Powder.

Hands & Feet is next with 18 products to choose from. With Bee Lovely Hand Wash made with organic honey from Mexico with organic orange and mandarin essential oils, it is sure to leave your hands clean and fresh.

Got dry hands? Try this Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Lotion. It is an organic lotion with the good, green scent of freshly picked garden mint and zesty Sicilian bergamot, improved with nourishing shea nut butter, jojoba and evening primrose oils.

3. Best Organic Bath Product for Bath and Shower

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Looking for something healthy and organic to use when you take a shower or bath? Well there are 6 products that may fit your needs when it comes to keeping yourself clean. Under the shower category, there are 9 different scents of soaps to clean your body.

The first is English Lavender Bath & Shower Gel, which leaves you cleaned and relaxed. It is superb for sensitive skin due to the extracts of lavender, chamomile and oat.

If Baths are more to your liking, try one of these 10 bath scents in your next bath. One is called Rose & Pomegranate Foam Bath for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath after a hard day of work or for whatever occasion.

How about Aromatic Bath Salts for a calming mix of organic marjoram, lavender and geranium essential oils – and mineral-rich, purifying sea salt. It will melt away all your cares of the day and get you ready for a good night sleep.

4. Best Organic Bath Product for Hair Care

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In this category we have shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Let’s see what they have for you.

In the shampoo selection, there are 4 different scents of shampoo for you to choose from. Nurturing Rose Shampoo

has mild cleanser combined with vitamin-rich rosehip, seabuckthorn and passion flower oils to nurture dry, damaged or colored hair.

Another is Revitalizing Orange Flower Shampoo (I like the smell of orange scent.) It is for people with normal hair and its purpose is to restore shine in your hair. It is nutrient-rich with a blend of moringa, camelia and passion flower to enrich hair, combined with revitalizing orange flower.

With conditioners there are 4 to pick from. One is Invigorating Seaweed Conditioner. It is for all hair types and is nourishing, detangling and smoothing to your hair.

This conditioner is called Nourishing Lavender and what does it do for you? It is especially for fine hair to enrich it and give it volume, and enhance the shine. It also helps smooth flyaway and curly hair.

The last area is Treatments. There are 2 of them. The first one is Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment. It is a deep conditioner that stimulates the scalp and revitalizes lacklustre hair. The other is Organic Argan Oil. This one intensely soothes and nourishes hair, skin and nails.

5. Best Organic After-Bath Hydrating Cream

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If you’re looking for organic products for you and your family, NYR Organic (Natural 0rganic Bath Body Products) is the place to go and find such things. Unless you do not mine those products that are not good for you in the long run or you do not mind dried out skin or scalp. So purchase some of the best organic products and see if you find them great for you and your family. What do you have to lose but bad products!

Origins Review – What is the Best Natural Way to Take Care of Your Skin

Are you looking for the best all-natural skin products? I know I am. Also, you do not have to worry about the side effects ofthis skincare product after use or what it is made out of. Also, this skincare product is reusable and helps the environment so future generations can enjoy our beautiful world for years to come. Origins is the best way to take care of your skin. It’s also all-natural and organic. Their mission statement promises the best skincare products that are friendly on you and the environment too. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to take care of your skin, choose Origins.

Best All-Natural Skin Care Products by Origins

Best Gel Moisturizer for Dry Skin

best gel moisturizer for skin care

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Suffering from dry skin? I know I do every winter and I look for something to relieve my dry skin so I will stop scratching. Origins has a whole bunch of products for just about every skin condition you may have. I will go over some of them and see if they sound like something that will help you.

The first is GINZING Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer. And what does it do? It is a energy-uplifting gel moisturizer formulated to reactivate dull, tired & lackluster skin with long-lasting hydration. It’s both oil-free & silicone-free.

How about this product called MAKE A DIFFERENCE NIGHT Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream – a night cream that’s made of Rose of Jericho plus Lychee, Watermelon and Rhodocrosite to help create a reservoir to help recharge lost surface moisture. Also, it helps lock in surface moisture and support skin’s natural nighttime self-repair ability.

Another is PLANTSCRIPTION Powerful Lifting Cream – and what does it help with? It is an age-correcting moisturizer that helps clearly redefine sagging contours, soften marionette lines around the mouth & restore youthful firmness and volume. So if you have this issue, this might be what you need.


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Do you need to clean up your act? Well Origins may have the thing to clean your face with a bunch of products to do it for you.

Try this one called ZERO OIL Deep Pore Cleanser With Saw Palmetto & Mint. This product uses skin-clearing Saw Palmetto, cooling Mint and pore-minimizing Salicylic Acid to help clear pores, eliminate excess oil and decrease shine on your face.

Hey folks, I found a new use for charcoal. Besides cooking food, it’s great for cleaning your skin. So here it is called CLEAR IMPROVEMENT Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder To Clear Pores. How does it help your skin? Its ultra-absorbent bamboo charcoal clears pores of deep-dwelling dirt, debris and toxins for pure skin! Plus, exfoliating formula clears away dull, dead cells leaving your skin fresh and new.

Trouble getting the make up off some days, ladies? Try this ORIGINAL SKIN Cleansing Makeup-Removing Jelly With Willowherb.

Just watch makeup disappear with this gentle, deep cleansing jelly. Its feathery gel formula changes into a milky cleanser and rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft, looking for all day glow.

Another fine exfoliate of dead skin is PURE CREAM Rinseable Cleanser that you can also tissue off. It’s made with glycerin and carrot oil that tenderly creams away makeup, dirt and moisture-stealing debris without parching skin.

Eye Care

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Want to make your eyes shine to their fullness? Origins may have what you need with 11 products for your eyes.

One is GINZING Refreshing Eye Cream To Brighten And Depuff. It assists with brightening, visibly diminishing the look of dark circles and depuffing for a stunning awake look.

Want to make your eyes look younger? Then try PLANTSCRIPTION Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream. That should do the job for you. With a bunch of extracts like Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Leaf Extract or Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract that help reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles.

Here’s another one for you called A PERFECT WORLD FOR EYES Firming Moisture Treatment With White Tea. It helps with preventing the appearance of new creases and crinkles. The White Tea that is antioxidant-rich to help defend against oxidation.

Got puffy eyes? Origins Has the stuff for ya to eliminate that problem called NO PUFFERY Cooling Roll-On For Puffy Eyes. How does it work? It has Hoelen Mushroom Extract that instantly hydrates parched skin around eyes as its cooling metal tip helps de-pouf puffiness.

Uneven Skin Tone and Dark Spots

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Having issues with dark spots or uneven skin tones? Origin is here to help you with that with 9 products for these very issues.

To begin with, there is DR. ANDREW WEIL FOR ORIGINS Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask. Just apply before bedtime and its all natural ingredients do its work and skin awakens radiant and refreshed.

This will diminish the appearance of dark spots while you sleep.

Out in the sun a lot? Try some DR. ANDREW WEIL FOR ORIGINS Mega-Bright SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer. It is an oil-free moisturizer that assists to visibly even skin tone while protecting skin from the sun or future damage. Plus it has SPF 30 which protects skin from UVA/UVVB sun damage.

Skin Care Tools

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With all those fine products to use, you will need some tools to finish the job so you look your best. With 5 tools to pick from choose the one that does the job for you.

How about an ORIGINS SKINCARE TOOLS Facial Mask Brush used to

spread your favorite mask formula around more easily.

Then there is ORIGINS SKINCARE TOOLS Charcoal Infused Facial Sponge, which successfully removes dirt, debris and makeup from your face.

Here is another skincare tool that helps you with your daily needs called ORIGINS SKINCARE TOOLS Green Tea Infused Facial Sponge. That’s right. It is infused with green tea that helps remove face makeup, dirt and debris to leave you with clean and renewed skin. Rinse it out after use and let it dry to use over and over again.

To Conclude

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So if you’re into natural products that are safe to use, try Origins (What is the Best way to take care or your skin) and also safe for the environment too. Purchase some today and tell others if you find that these products really work for your skin. Then tell your family members about it to so they can experience these products and feel good knowing that the products are not only good for them, but for the environment too.

Amway Personal Care Review – Simple Best Ways Improve Health

Personal care is something we always do – every day, be it brushing our teeth or some soap product we use or what we do to clean and care for our hair. Amway Personal Care (Simple Best Ways Improve Health) has some really great stuff for you to checkout. Either for yourself or someone in your family or even a good friend. Anyway, let’s see what they have to offer in good personal care products.

Oral Care

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When it comes to brushing our teeth, Amway has its Glister toothpaste. It is called Glister Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste. Here is what it will do for your teeth: fight cavities, freshen breath, whiten teeth and remove stains. Plus, it removes plaque, promotes remineralization – that – with daily brushing, aids to repair early cavities, and assists in preventing demineralization, which may lead to tooth decay. It comes in regular size and travel size tubes.

After a good brushing of the teeth, we need to rinse, right? Amway carries a Multi-Action Oral Rinse that kills the bacteria which gives you bad breath. Plus, it reduces plaque too.

What’s next you say? Try Amway’s Refresher Spray. This spray makes your mouth feel cleansed and your breath feel cool anytime or anywhere. It has a misty taste that is sugar-free and calorie-free.

Hair Care

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We all want to take care of our hair, correct? Amway has 3 products that should take care of the job for us. The first is Satinique Anti-Hairfall Shampoo that works to minimize hair loss from breakage, while invigorating fragile, fine, or thinning hair. Satinique Anti-Hairfall has a blend of mulberry leaf and ginseng extracts that makes your hair look fuller.

Got a scratchy head? Then try Satinique Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to take care of that. The active ingredients are Pyrithione Zinc 0.95%. It is also infused with a blend of vitamin E and avocado to keep your scalp moist so you can stop that scratching.

The last hair care product I’d like to tell you about is Satinique Anti-Hairfall Conditioner. It helps to reduce hair loss from breakage, while revitalizing fragile, fine, or thinning hair. Plus, it exfoliates and stimulates circulation to your scalp.

Body Care & Bath

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We all love to take baths (actually, I prefer a shower) and we love our body care products that help us get clean. Amway has just the stuff for you to use in their Nourish category. To start there is G&H Nourish+ Body Wash. It cleans, nourishes and hydrates your skin too. It is great for dry skin and leaves skin moisturized. What do you have to lose – besides dry skin, which is what you want to lose!

Do you suffer with dry hands, especially in the winter like I do? Try some G&H Nourish+ Hand Cream. It has a formula that is made to keep your hands moisturized for 24 hours even after hand washing. Plus it has a lot more benefits for you too.

We all love a good bar of soap to wash our body or our hands. G&H Nourish+ Complexion Bar should do the job. It has a non-drying formula with skin-softening moisturizers and a creamy lather. It rinses clean without leaving residue on the skin. And it’s great for all types of skin, even extra sensitive.

In the Refresh category there are 2 products to check out. G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is a lotion that absorbs instantly and leaves skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. It spreads easily and absorbs instantly into the skin. So you do not have to spend a lot of time rubbing it on your skin.

The last product is G&H Refresh+ Body Wash – Gel. It leaves your skin refreshed, clean and soothed. This soap-free formula does not disrupt skin’s moisture barrier; so will not dry skin.

Finally, the last category is Protect with 3 products that may help you. First is G&H Protect+ Bar Soap that deodorizes and cleanses your skin. It is made with a combination of white tea, natural minerals and bilberry extract. Another benefit is that this bar makes a foamy lather which leaves skin looking healthy and feeling conditioned.

What’s next you say? How about G&H Protect+ Concentrated Hand Soap. It removes impurities and deep cleans your hands. It is made of the same great stuff as the bar soap, just in a concentrated form to do the job for you.

The last item in Amway’s Protect Category is G&H Protect+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Roll-on. This product will last up to 48 hours for wetness and odor protection. It rolls on clear and is fast-drying. It does not leave white marks on the skin or clothes. This Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant is great for men and women to use every day. And it’s made with a blend of white tea, natural minerals and bilberry extract. Buy some and try it out. See what you think of it for yourself.

To Conclude

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Amway Personal Care (Simple Best Ways Improve Health) really wants to help you with your personal body care. They offer a plethora of great products to buy. So if you trust Amway’s other products, what do you have to lose in buying their personal care products, beside a stinky dirty body and mouth! So, go ahead and purchase some for yourself, a friend or family member. I have a feeling they will be thanking you for it. And so will their skin, hair, and mouth!


Bend Soap Review – Goats Milk Soap Best Benefits

Are you one who suffers from dry skin and scratches like a dog with fleas? Maybe you’re one who suffer with eczema or psoriasis like I do and hates the furnace on all winter blowing out dry air that drys your skin out. How do we resolve this problem of dry skin? Goat soap may be the cure. I have tried some myself and found it to be really nice on the skin and it lathers up real nice and when you wash it off, your skin feels soft and moist. This brings me to BEND SOAP (Goats Milk Soap Benefits) a company that knows it’s soap. NO KIDDING! Bend has a wonderful selection of the best products that are all natural which I am happy to go over with you.

Goat Milk Soap

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Let’s start with Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap made with best fresh goat’s milk, red palm oil, oats, saponified coconut oil and honey. It

is loaded with rich moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals that your skin needs. Pleasant hints of honey mix with natural grains of oats to complete this extra gentle exfoliating bar. Plus, it helps defend against dry skin and irritation with natural ingredients.

There are some people who just do not like scented soap. No problem. Bend Soap has one called Unscented Goat Milk Soap. It is made of fresh goat’s milk, saponified coconut oil, olive oil, and red palm oil. This soap is packed with the best vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers and leaves your skin clean and soft.

Then there are people on the opposite side of smell that like Essential Oil Soaps. There are a whole lot of them to choose from.
How about this scent – All Shield Goat Milk Soap, that has the following Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Wow! That should spice things up for ya!

Would you believe this one called Citrus Mint Goat Milk Soap with Grapefruit, Lime, and Spearmint essential oils. If you like citrus and spearmint this will make cleaning up fun for you.

If you like a bit of jolly old England, try this one called English Garden Goat Milk Soap. It has Lavender, Rosemary, and Geranium essential oils. It says in the description it will refresh your mind, calm your nerves, and banish your cares.

Mmmm, this one I think I would like to try. It is called Eucalyptus Spearmint Goat Milk Soap. Because I like spearmint and and eucalyptus because they feel and smell so good on your body.

Well, there are many more of these wonderful essential oils goat soaps, but I think you got the idea how good they are for you to use, right?

Goat Milk Bath

If you like goat soap, I know you will like this too and there are 15 different types of goat milk bath to choose from .

First is Oatmeal & Honey Milk Bath. This should sweeten the bath for you. It’s loaded with rich moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals that your skin hungers for. It is made with Goat’s Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Red Palm Oil, Oats, and Honey.

For people with sensitive feel, there is Unscented Milk Bath. This too has vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers and leaves your skin clean and so soft. This one is great for people with dry skin too.

Maybe your one who likes essential oils in their bath which will make you feel clean and fresh all day. Try this one out called Vienna Rose Milk Bath made with Geranium Rose Essential Oil. It gives you a scent of rose fragrance.

If you like lavender you will like this one called Hint of Lavender Milk Bath. It contains calming lavender essential oil and you feel like you can take on the world by being refreshed and re-energized.

Goat Milk Lotion

Now if you’re like me, I suffer with dry skin in the winter time and a bottle of lotion is my best friend until spring arrives. Until then, I suffer in silence – sometimes – and other times I tell my wife how dry my skin is. Going from that, BEND SOAP is here to rescue me and you with their goat milk lotion with their 5 different scents.

Starting with Almond Delight Goat Milk Lotion

that has the following ingredients: Water, Goat’s Milk, Shea Butter, Rice Bran oil, Vegetable Sourced Natural Emulsifying Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Organic Almond Scent, Citric Acid and a pleasing almond scent to delight your senses. It’s soothing, nourishing, and healing.

Next there is Island Coconut Goat Milk Lotion with a nice coconut scent that is a moisturizer working from the inside out by deeply nourishing the skin to support optimal skin health.

How about this lotion called Unscented Goat Milk Lotion for those people who do not like smelling like something. Just no scent is fine for them. It will help you with eczema or any other skin condition you might have.

Lip Butter

If you are someone with dry chapped skin, check this out with 4 lip butter flavors. One is Sweet Orange Lip Butter made with the following ingredients: Mango butter, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Red Palm Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Honey, Essential Oils (Grapefruit, Lemon, and Orange), and Natural and Organic Scent (Strawberry and Vanilla.) That’s one sweet butter lip balm!

This one should feel real great on your lips it is called Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Butter

made with some of the same ingredients as the one above but it has eucalyptus and spearmint instead of the sweetness of the other one.

Sugar Scrubs

What is sugar scrubs? They clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin

leaving you

soft, smooth, and hydrated all day long.

There are 4 to choose from. The first is English Garden Sugar Scrub, a great exfoliant for body and face! The grains of sugar softly scrub away dead skin cells, giving the nourishing blend of oils access to the layers of skin beneath.

Another choice is Honey Grapefruit Sugar Scrub the same great stuff as the one above making your skin hydrated that looks and feels its best!

The End

To sum it up, like I said at the beginning, dry skin is no fun to have unless you like to scratch all the time. Bend Soap (Goats Milk Soap Benefits) is bent on making your skin soft and moisturizers

and is chock-full of the best stuff your skin is craving, like minerals and vitamins. So go and purchase some for yourself and see how wonderful goat soap is. You will never go back to that store bought stuff again!

GNC Nutrition Review – Best Health Nutrition

If you are like most people, you are looking for ways to stay healthy. I know I am. I have been taking vitamins and supplements to stay healthy for the most part for many years and it has been working for me. But GNC Nutrition(Best Health Nutrition) has a great way to stay healthy with all the nutritional products they carry. I did not realize that they had so many to pick from until now. So make yourself comfortable and let’s see if GNC can benefit you with the vitamins and supplements they have to offer.

Energy Support

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If you’re lacking energy from day to day events, GNC has 96 products to help jump start your body so that you have all the energy you need. I will give an overview of some of the products and you can choose the one(s) that meet your needs.

Here is one that might be a big help for lagging energy. It is called XTEND ENERGY and is loaded with time-released caffeine to keep you moving for the long haul, plus it contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to aid recovery for whatever you are doing, say like, working out at the gym. It also has electrolytes to help you stay hydrated.

This next one is called BANG PROTEIN COFFEE. It quickly soars mental and physical energy, super-charging your day while feeding your muscles protein that they need. It comes in a tasty Hazelnut flavor for you to enjoy.

Then there is 5% Nutrition KILL IT, which is a pre-workout drink. KILL IT was designed to elevate your ability to train harder and stay strong longer. There are many more great products here to help you keep up your energy for either play or sports.

Mental Focus

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Mental focus is an area we all can use some help with every so often, because some days we just get mentally run- down. With a nice selection of products, 47 in all, I am sure there are some products that will benefit you. The first I’d like to tell you about is GINKGO BILOBA. It has been shown to support mental sharpness so you can focus on things and get the job done.

This next one is called Prevage. It has shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging. So if you know anyone in your family or even a coworker that needs a memory boost, they may want to try this.

If you’re someone who needs a memory kick-start, try NEUTEIN for MEMORY SUPPORT. It will help in the following areas: better sustained focus, supporting short term memory and improving working memory.

Another is FORCE FACTOR FOREBRAIN, which helps with your cognitive capacity. It doesn’t matter if you are a grandparent, a student, or a hardworking professional – if your goal is to think more clearly, learn more quickly, or operate more consistently at a task, this can help give you your best brain.

The last product in this category is one called SOURCE NATURALS PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE MATRIX (wow, that’s a mouthful!) Its main area is to help as a nerve cell building block. It labors in concert with omega-3 and other fatty acids to support healthy cognitive function including memory, learning, comprehension, and word recall.

Bone Support

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If you need your bones in top condition – say like your real active in running or jogging – this category might be for you. There are 105 products designed to keep your bones at their best by maintaining them with the nutrients they need.

INSTAFLEX ADVANCED FEATURING UC-II COLLAGEN is a product design to lessen joint stiffness and discomfort. It helps improve flexibility and joint relief in 7 days.

For those who are into running or jogging, you may want to consider this product, called GNC TRIFLEX SPORT. This one is designed for flexibility & mobility and it has clinical-strength doses of glucosamine & chondroitin.

Need something for your joints? Try this: TAMAFLEX FAST ACTING. It helps with joint health and comfort. This product has been proven to help you feel better and deliver results in just five days! It’s made from turmeric and tamarind seed.

For the ladies who wish to maintain their bones and teeth, there is WOMEN’S ULTRA MEGA, which has 100% daily value of 14 vitamins & minerals, and is packed with vitamin C for immune support & vitamin D-3 for healthy teeth & bones. Plus, it has essential B vitamins for metabolism support & energy.

There are quite a few more products for the bones and joints. This is just a sample of what GNC has to offer you.

Immune Support

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So, if you are somebody who tries to stay healthy and tries to avoid extra trips to the doctors’ office, GNC has the products for you – there are over 129 products to look through.

Let us start with GNC VITAMIN C SOFT CHEWS 500MG – ORANGE. They are full of antioxidants and help shield the body against the damaging effects of harmful free radicals. Plus, they contain vitamin C, which is good for iron absorption, healthy bones, teeth, blood vessels and collagen and supporting natural resistance.

This sounds really great for everyone – it is called ALGAE BASED OMEGA-3 EPA + DHA. It is better than fish omega-3. This is the stuff fish eat so it is better for you. What does it help with: Heart Health, Cognition Health & Joint Health and it Supports Immune System Response.

If you need a little help in the weight department, try PROBIOGEN WEIGHT MANAGMENT PROBIOTIC. What it does is helps with our poor diet, pollutants and antibiotics, which can all wreak havoc in our gut. It does this by restoring the balance of good bacteria for better health.


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Need to keep that heart performing at its peak rate? Well, once again, GNC is there for you with 91 products at your finger tips.

Here is one that sounds great for anyone that has cholesterol problems. It’s called TRADITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS RED YEAST RICE. It maintains healthy cholesterol levels. What do you have to lose, but bad cholesterol!

Garlic has been know for years for its good benefits, so GNC has a product called ODORLESS SUPER GARLIC 1000 MG. One of its benefits is that it supports cardiovascular health.

If you’re suffering from poor health, try some TERRA ORIGIN ORGANIC TURMERIC BLEND – CHAI. It may aid in supporting a healthy immune, digestive and cardiovascular system function and combat nausea.

Do you need some magnesium in your diet? GNC has LIQUID MAGNESIUM 400 MG that helps with proper heart rhythm, nervous system function, and assists in promoting and maintaining regular bowel movement.

The End

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GNC  best health nutrition has a plethora of products offering great ways to stay healthy. There are so many ways to maintain a good healthy lifestyle with their products, you cannot go wrong. So join millions of people today and purchase some of these very good products for your body and/or mind. They will thank you for it.

Aveeno Review -The Best Way to Keeping Your Body Happy

Have you been looking for a product for your skin that’s all natural with no nasty chemicals that may come back to haunt you years later? If yes, I would like to recommend a company for you called AVEENO, that wants to keep your body happy and you might find it is great for the rest of the family too. With that said, let us see what Aveeno has to offer for you in their best products they carry.


Image result for amazon buy button
Aveeno has six different body products to choose from. Let’s start with Lotions & Creams. There are 33 products in this category. An example of one is CRACKED SKIN RELIEF CICA BALM. This is a moisture-rich Triple Oat Complex. This moisturizing balm can help protect your skin from old man winter’s drying effects.

Another product is DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION. It has Colloidal Oatmeal and rich emollients and it helps prevent and protect dry skin for a full 24 hours. Plus, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking and is mild enough to be used every day.

Have itching problems at night? Try SKIN RELIEFOVERNIGHT CREAM. It is made with Triple Oat Complex and Natural Shea butter. This nighttime body cream alleviates itchy, extra-dry skin. Also, it has dimethicone skin protectant that helps protect your skin from dry conditions like winter.

Body Wash is next under the Body category and there are 13 products to choose from. An example is Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, with Vanilla Scent and Oats that has nutrient-rich yogurt, soothing oat and the sweet scent of vanilla. This body wash gently cleanses and revitalizes dry skin, leaving it cottony soft and healthy looking.

How about this one – called STRESS RELIEF BODY WASH. It cleans you all the while relaxing you from a day of stressful events. For those people that have dry skin, there is Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, with Apricot Scent and Honey. Its sweet scent of apricot and honey merges nutrient-rich yogurt and soothing oat to revitalize & relieve dry skin.

Still in the body section, but specifically for your hands is a product called HAND MASK. HAND MASK revitalizes your hands and there are three products offered. One is REPAIRING CICA HAND MASK for extra-dry skin so your hands look smoother and feel softer.

Then there is RADIANCE BOOSTING HAND MASK, another one for dry skin. Its moisturizing skin tone targets on dullness, texture, brown spots and blotchiness to make your hand’s naturally radiant.

Moving on to feet, Foot Mask has 1 product called REPAIRING CICA FOOT MASK, which targets dry tired feet with shea butter and prebiotic oat that are impregnated into foot mask slippers.

Last in the Body category is SHAVE with 2 products available. One is called POSITIVELY SMOOTH Shave Gel for sensitive skin with vitamin E and Aloe. The other is Therapeutic Shave Gel. This one helps moisturize skin giving a close, smooth shave without cuts and nicks.


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In this category, there are 6 different categories of product types to treat your face. The first category is MOISTURIZERS with 4 products to choose from. Here is an example of one of them called ABSOLUTELY AGELESS RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM that is wealthy with antioxidant from blackberry. It also has vitamin C and E to improve elasticity and firmness to your face.

Do you need TREATMENT? How about this category: there are 5 products here. An example of one is ABSOLUTELY AGELESS LEAVE-ON DAY MASK LOTION SPF 30 helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and is made from green tea and blackberry complex .

This one is called POSITIVELY RADIANT TARGETED TONE CORRECTOR helps with reducing the look of stubborn dark spots, discolorations, and uneven tone to improve skin’s luster.

NIGHT CREAM is for those people that have parts of their face that are dry and just need some moisturizer to help out. AVEENO has 3 products that might help you with your dry face. One example is POSITIVELY RADIANT INTENSIVE NIGHT CREAM WITH VITAMIN B3 that evens skin tone and texture with vitamin B3 and 100% pure Total Soy Complex.

The next section is CLEANSER with 3 great products to help cleanse your face. Here is one that might help you. It is called ABSOLUTELY AGELESS NOURISHING CLEANSER with antioxidant-rich formula that removes 99% of skin-aging impurities like dirt, oil and makeup.

SCRUB is next with two products. One is POSITIVELY RADIANT SKIN BRIGHTENING DAILY SCRUB. It gently exfoliates, cleanses and clarifies your skin.

MAKEUP REMOVERS offers 4 products. One is called ULTRA-CALMING MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES. Its mild wipes remove oil, dirt and makeup leaving skin feeling balanced and soothed.

HAIR has 4 products making up this category. The first is SHAMPOO with 11 different types. For people that want a shampoo that is two in one you might try FRESH GREENS BLEND 2-IN-1 SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER that combines rosemary, cucumber and peppermint for thickness and body.

For sensitive scalps, there is ROSE WATER AND CHAMOMILE BLEND with its soothing and softening properties. It is great for daily use and perfect for fragile or fine hair.

Next, is CONDITIONER with 9 different types available from Aveeno. For daily moisture, try this one called OAT MILK BLEND CONDITIONER with almond milk for gently nourished, soft strands.

Then there is BLACKBERRY QUINOA PROTEIN BLEND that protects hair color against heat styling and the protein helps maintain hair color .

Aveeno has a product called a HAIR MASK. It is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to heal damaged hair. With 2 products to pick from, and they are OAT MILK BLENDOVERNIGHT OATS HAIR MASK and ALMOND OIL BLENDHAIR MASK.

TREATMENT: 3 products here for you to choose from. For instance APPLE CIDER VINEGARIN-SHOWER HAIR RINSE. It tenderly cleanses your scalp by removing excess oil and build-up while supporting shine.

The last category of Aveeno products is STYLER with 5 product styles for your choosing. One is OAT MILK BLEND LEAVE-IN MILK HAIR TREATMENT. It is used as a leave-in hair treatment that gives lightweight nourishment while relieving your hair for daily rebalance and hydration. It is great for all hair types.


To Conclude

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Aveeno – keeping your body happy. With so many of their best products to choose from, they are really a wonderful company that aims to give you great all-natural product for you to use, and your family too. So next time you need something for your body or face, please give Aveeno a try, and if you like it, spread the word to other people you know.

























Karma Organic Nail Polish & More Review – The Best Way to Treat Your Body

If you’re somebody who likes “going organic” to live healthier, which I like to do, there is a company called Karma Organic which can help us do just that. It is geared more towards the ladies. My wife might like what they have to offer with their best nail polish and nail polish removers. So let us explore what they have available and see if there’s anything that if of interest to you.


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The ingredients that go into Karma’s polishes are all organic. I will list a few of them for you: Iron Oxides, used for coloring, Tin Oxides for a polishing agent, and Butyl Acetate, which is an organic compound used as a solvent in the production of lacquers. Now, let’s see how many colors of nail polish Karma has to offer.

Believe it or not, there are 181 nail polish products! I will list and describe some of them. One is called Texas Red. This one is sure to get people’s attention with that beautiful color of red. Maybe red is not for you -then how about French White? It’s sure to match any outfit that you wear to work or play.

If you are looking for something a little more unique than red or white, you may want to check out a polish called Skyline View. It is a nice shade of blue which will bring out the beauty of your hands. Then there is Midnight in Times Square. This one claims to bring out the darker, sexier side of you. There are many more to choose from. This is just a sampling of them.


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Now that we have the nail polish on you might want to change colors and try something else. Karma Organic has six nail polish removers which use all natural ingredients. Four of them are for adults and they are: Soybean Oil and Lavender Nail Polish Remover, Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil Remover, Unscented Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E Oil and Nail Polish Remover Wipes with Soybean Oil and Lavender.

For the younger crowd, there are two choices of nail polish remover. They are called Karma Kids Nail Polish Remover, Cherry Scented and Karma Kids Nail Polish Remover, Bubblegum Scented.

Cuticle and Nail Oils

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Now we have to take care of our nails and cuticles the all-natural way, right? Karma Organic has one product for that called Cuticle Oil with Tea Tree Oil, Almond & Ginseng. Their cuticle and nail oils will have your nails feeling stronger and your cuticles softer in no time.

Nail Files

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Now, you’ll want to keep those nails looking great for everyone to see correct? Try this nail file, called Karma Naturals. It comes in a Set of 2 Glass Nail Files and you can choose between a Blue or Pink Velvet Pouch to keep them in. You will be the talk of the town on how great looking your nails are.

Nail Treatment

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Hey ladies, in addition to having our nails look good, you also want to keep them nice and healthy, right? Karma Organic has three products to do just that. One is called Triple 5 Base Coat. It is a hydrating and revitalizing treatment, which can stimulate nail growth while keeping them hard and strong.

7 In 1 Elixir is a remarkable mixture of oils, vitamins and minerals, all working together to make nails strong and hard, smooth and shiny, healthy and hydrated.

Finally there is Avocado Cuticle Oil with Lavender. It actually is a great moisturizer for your whole body, as well as your cuticles. The main ingredients are cottonseed oil, lavender fragrance and avocado oil.

Halal Nail Polishes

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For people who are Muslims and anyone who admires the end results of these polishes, Karma Organic has not forgotten you. They offer twenty-eight nail polish products. Here are a few examples for you.

Aabidah comes in red and is a Water-Permeable Nail Polish that allows molecules of water and oxygen to slip through the polish and down to the nail.

Aziza, which comes in blue, has the same great qualities as Aabidah for great and beautiful nails. Another choice is Jamila with its beautiful off-white look. That’s just a sampling of the wonderful nail polishes Karma has to offer.

Essential Oils

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In addition to nail polish, Karma Organic has eighteen great essential oils that help with things like cleaning toxins out of your body, acne problems, lowering stress, treating skin problems, soothing pain and many more. I will give you a run down on what products they have.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has the following properties: it is antiseptic, medicinal, deodorizing and insect repelling. It also has a lovely refreshing fragrance.

Lavender Essential Oil has many benefits. It can relax your body and mind to help you sleep, alleviate symptoms from hay fever or allergies, repel moths and insects in your linen closet, relieve pain from burns and many more things.

Another oil that is very helpful is Peppermint Essential Oil. Let’s see what it does. Well, for one it can relieve headaches. It can also improve concentration, curb your appetite and prevent bad breath, as well as relieve heartburn and nausea and once again it has a whole passel of wonderful things to help us with.

The last oil I will mention is Ginger Root Essential Oil. It helps as an anti-inflammatory, digestive, expectorant, antiseptic, plus it can help relieve and treat coughs, flu, asthma, breathlessness, and bronchitis. It also has many more properties that I will let you check out for yourself.


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Karma Organic would like to help you in this area too with eleven excellent products for our skin. To start with is Karma Essence Orange Lotion. This one is great on your hands and feet. It is loaded with ingredients that help make your skin smooth and gentle.

Karma Sweet and Sour Lemon Scrub helps remove dead skin cells, has an antiseptic property, and is a great moisturizer. Also, it is perfect for manicures and pedicures.

Karma Rosemary Mint Lotion also offers a lot of beneficial properties for us. It is an excellent skin cleanser for those with oily skin. It is also perfect for use after a pedicure and/or manicure to make your skin smooth and soft. It gives a soothing effect to the hands and feet.

To End With

If organic items are your thing, please check out Karma Organic. They are more than willing to help you out. A healthier lifestyle for you and your family is just waiting for you, so pick up some Karma Organic the best products today.

Asutra Review – The Best Organic / Natural Products

Hey folks – on my quest to find more organic and natural products to buy for myself, family and friends, I came across a company that offers just that. It’s called Asutra and it makes over 50 of the best organic and natural products from skin care products, body scrubs and soaks, aromatherapy, to pain relief and probably a lot more. So let us see what they have and you can be the judge of their products.

Shop Featured

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In Asutra’s Shop Featured section, there are nine categories of products. I will give you an overview of some of them and see if there is something you can use. To start with are pain creams. There are three different types. One is called Natural Pain Relief Cream. It is known for its deeply penetrating and soothing qualities. Some of the main ingredients are Menthol 4%, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract (BiAloe), Arnica Montana, and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract.

Next is Magnesium Body Butter that melts away pain with a plentiful cream with a light lemongrass scent that leaves you with soft skin and renews your magnesium levels for overall good health.

The last one is Chill Pain Away Magnesium CBD Cream. This is the ideal cream to help relieve sore muscles in your neck, back, shoulders, feet, or anywhere else. This unscented lotion helps relax soreness and strain with pure CBD, leaving you feeling great. The Magnesium also helps relieve muscle cramps.

Another category is Sleep, with sixteen products to select from. Let us see what they have. The first is Sleep Tight Kit It

contains Asutra’s new Dream the Night Away melatonin lotion with magnesium, their best-selling silk eye pillow set, and Pure Soothing Comfort aromatherapy mist, so you can get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning.

How about soaking your way to sleep with Natural Sleep Therapy Bath Salts. This product is full of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts, organic essential oils, and nutrients that are sure to relax you to sleep.

Maybe all you need to help get a good sleep is a Silk Eye Pillow. It comes in black and silver and can be use for many other things besides sleep, like for meditation or shavasana during yoga, or to relieve migraines and other headaches.

Another category is called Venus Williams Collection. It has twelve products in all. One product in this category is Rose Body Oil. It contains coconut oil, rose essential oil, rosebuds, and rose petals to nourish and moisturize your skin. It has a light rose smell which elevates our feelings of relaxation and happiness.

Look at this one – called vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum or Renew Your Skin. It decreases signs of aging and helps lessen fading sun spots and hyper pigmentation. It also reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles.

Magnesium Oil Spray is another fine product for people that overdo a workout or for whenever aches and pain strike. It is also great to relieve muscle cramps, knee and elbow pain, headaches, and menstrual cramps.

Shop Collections

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This one also has nine categories of products for me to give you information on. Under Anti-Aging Serums, there are four products. The first one is Retinol 2.5% Anti-Aging Serum. It has 2.5% Rovisome retinol, a highly stable, pure, and potent form of Vitamin A that infiltrates deeply to boost collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and create a healthy, youthful shine.

Here is one to make us look younger. It is called Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Serum this serum is a radical hydrating activating collagen production for a newer, firmer complexion while enhancing skin texture and brightness.

Shifting gears, let us look at the Bar Soaps with six types of soap to pick from. Need a little help to get rid of dead dry skin? Well, try this soap bar called Ultimate Exfoliator Bar Soap. It is used for exfoliating dry, dead skin and removing dirt and toxins. It also deeply nourishes your skin, leaving it amazingly soft and smooth.

Another Asutra bar soap is called Immune Defense Bar Soap. It claims to be the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral botanicals found in nature, leaving your skin smooth, soft and deeply nourished.

Shop by Benefit

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This section has eight categories of products to help make your life more pleasant. Let us look at some of the products and see what they have to offer. In the FOCUS area, there is a product called Ready Set Focus Aromatherapy Mist . It is used to sharpen your mind with its light, clean mist infused with peppermint and rosemary essential oils.

Then there is Purifying Peppermint Body Scrub. This one is chock-full of ingredients like organic peppermint and rosemary essential oils, while fine grains of Dead Sea salt are used to remove dead skin. Plus, it has jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oils to nourish and moisturize your skin.

Having a bad day? Try Asutra’s Stress Relief products. There are sixteen of these and one of them may just do the trick for you. Lavender & Tea Tree Foot Soak will help with stress as it reduces swelling and inflammation, relieves itching and burning, and fights bacteria and foot odor—all while creating smoother, softer skin.

Instant Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mist sounds like a good one for stress too. With its patchouli and bergamot essential oils. Just mist your stress and tension away.

Shop by Scent

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The last area to check out is Shop by Scent with nine categories of products. Let’s start with Coconut, which contains seven products like Pure Energy Bar Soap that’s 100% natural and will clean your body and skin with refreshing peppermint.

Or how about this Skin Detox Bar Soap . It cleans your face and body, all while purifying your priceless skin from pollution. There are a lot more great scents for you to check out. This is just a sampling of some of them.

To Close

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Austra sure does have a lot of the best all natural and organic products to help relief all of our aches and pains, stress or whatever else makes your life more difficult. So, if these descriptions sound like they would benefit you, do not hesitate to purchase a product or two today. It may just be the thing you need for you or your family.


Crest Toothpaste Review – Keep on Smiling with the Best

If you’re like me, you brush your teeth and floss on a regular basis so you do not get a cavity or something worse and have to make that dreaded visit to the dentist, right? Since I was a boy, my mother made sure we brushed our teeth and the brand of toothpaste that we used nine times out of ten was CREST Toothpaste. She thought it was the best toothpaste for us and I think she was right! I never had many problems with my teeth or gums. Well Crest has a very good line up of products for our teeth and mouth in general. Let’s see what they offer.

Gum Health

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Gum Health is the first area I will address. Crest has six products that target your gums. One is called CREST GUM DETOXIFY EXTRA FRESH TOOTHPASTE. It has been formulated to target the millions of plaque bacteria around the gum line.

Another is CREST GUM & ENAMEL REPAIR TOOTHPASTE INTENSIVE CLEAN. It produces healthier gums and helps repair weakened enamel.

There’s also a product called CREST GUM AND SENSITIVITY ALL DAY PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE. They state that most sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source with the toothpaste that covers your teeth in sensitivity protection that lasts all day.


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Crest has thirty Whitening products to pick from. I will give an overview on a few. I’ll begin with CREST COMPLETE WHITENING PLUS CINNAMON EXPRESSIONS TOOTHPASTE. Enjoy a blast of cinnamon flavor while you whiten for an exciting flavor experience

If cinnamon is not your flavor, try this one called CREST BAKING SODA & PEROXIDE WHITENING TOOTHPASTE WITH TARTAR PROTECTION. It will leave a clean feeling while bringing out the natural whiteness of your teeth.

This one sound different – called CREST 3D WHITE WHITENING THERAPY TOOTHPASTE – CHARCOAL. This is a toothpaste with charcoal that gently whitens teeth by removing surface stains and giving you a clean, fresh feeling with its refreshing mint flavor.

This will be my last one in this section since there are so many to pick from. It’s called CREST 3D WHITE WHITENING THERAPY TOOTHPASTE – COCONUT OIL. It sustains teeth to strengthen enamel and beautifully whitens, stimulating your breath with a vanilla mint flavor. This remineralizing toothpaste contains fluoride to fight cavities and strengthen enamel.


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For the younger crowd, there are fourteen varieties of toothpaste. One is BUBBLEGUM RUSH TOOTHPASTE. It has a delicious-tasting bubblegum flavor that will keep your child brushing for effective cavity protection.

Here is another tasty toothpaste flavor for the young ones. STRAWBERRY RUSH will make brushing fun while providing the cavity protection and fresh breath you expect. So have your child try some. It may become their favorite.

How about turning your child’s teeth brushing into a fun experience with SPARKLE FUN FLAVOR TOOTHPASTE? These fun sparkles make brushing so enjoyable that your kids will actually look forward to brushing their teeth!

All-Around Protection

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If you need good protection, CREST has twelve products for you. Let’s see what they have. CREST PRO-HEALTH TOOTHPASTE WITH A TOUCH OF SCOPE removes plaque, strengthening your enamel, and polishing away surface stains for healthier teeth and gums.

Another is CREST SENSITIVITY COMPLETE PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE – a toothpaste that zeros in on blocking out sensitivity.

How about CREST PRO-HEALTH CLEAN MINT TOOTHPASTE for minty fresh breath. It protects the teeth that dentists check most.

This one sounds really good. It’s called CREST PRO-HEALTH SENSITIVE & ENAMEL SHIELD TOOTHPASTE. It helps protect against plaque and gingivitis, sensitivity and cavities.

I’ll tell you about one more. It is called CREST PRO-HEALTH SMOOTH PEPPERMINT TOOTHPASTE. It has a nice peppermint flavor and benefits multiple areas that your dentist checks on like tooth acid erosion and plaque.


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For those people whose teeth are sensitive to heat and cold, Crest carries seven toothpastes to help. The first is called CREST GUM AND SENSITIVITY ALL DAY PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE It keeps your teeth protected from sensitivity by treating it at the source. Its specialized formula neutralizes harmful plaque bacteria at the gum line and provides immediate sensitivity relief within days.

Then there is CREST SENSITIVITY COMPLETE PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE. It protects your teeth with ingredients you can trust to reduce your tooth sensitivity, as well as helping prevent plaque, tartar, and gingivitis.

This one looks to be a winner in the battle of sensitive teeth. It’s called CREST 3D WHITE WHITENING THERAPY SENSITIVITY CARE TOOTHPASTE. It whitens your teeth plus remineralizes your weakened teeth, and relieves sensitivity pain.


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If you are someone who may have enamel problems, Crest has four products to help with that and other teeth problems. I will list all four types and you can check them out yourself to decide which one best serves your needs. They are: CREST GUM & ENAMEL REPAIR INTENSIVE CLEAN TOOTHPASTE, CREST GUM & ENAMEL REPAIR ADVANCED WHITENING TOOTHPASTE, CREST 3D WHITE WHITENING THERAPY ENAMEL CARE TOOTHPASTE and CREST PRO-HEALTH SENSITIVE & ENAMEL SHIELD TOOTHPASTE.

Clean + Freshen

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The products in this section will give you a clean mouth without bad breath – in fact, they will add zing to your breath! Crest has eight products to clean and freshen and I will give an overview of some of them. To start with is CREST COMPLETE WHITENING PLUS SCOPE DUAL BLAST TOOTHPASTE. This paste gets rid of bad breath germs and eliminates strong aftertastes from foods like garlic and onions.

This one I have tried and like it – is called CREST COMPLETE WHITENING PLUS HERBAL MINT EXPRESSIONS TOOTHPASTE. It gives our mouth an explosion of mint with natural herbal extracts while it whitens your teeth.

Another fine product is CREST FRESH AND WHITE PEPPERMINT GLEEM PASTE TOOTHPASTE. It fight cavities by strengthening weak spots, plus it whitens teeth and has a great peppermint taste.

Here is one more for you to think about when choosing your toothpaste. It is called CREST COMPLETE WHITENING + INTENSE FRESHNESS. This one will keep your teeth cleaner much longer and has a stronger flavor for you to enjoy.

The End

My mother was right in picking Crest Toothpaste for me and the rest of the family. I never had many problems with cavities, enamel or sensitivity because Crest toothpaste did the job for me. So I highly recommend Crest toothpaste with all of their rainbow of the best products for you and your whole family to choose from. I do not think you will regret it. I know I do not.



Eyeeco Review – Naturally Good for the Best Eye Relief

Hello. Are you a person who suffers from eye problems brought on by dry, irritated or allergy-prone eyes? My mother is one. She used to be always complaining about her eyes watering and asking what can be done to help her. So I just recently came across a company that wants to help with their best all natural approach. The company is called Eyeeco. They have many products to fit most peoples’ eye problems and I will go over them below and let you decide if this kind of treatment is for you.

Moist-Heat Dry Eye Therapies/Cold Therapies

There are five product categories in this section, which I will give you a description of and explain what they have to offer you. First is TRANQUILEYES for moderate dry eye. They have three products to choose from. One is called Beads & Instants-510. This product has treatments made of sodium acetate, a non-toxic, food grade salt water. Its gel packs can be reused over 150 times for soothing moist heat with moist heat created ranges from 102-110°F/39-43°C and it lasts 15-18 minutes.

TRANQUILEYES XL is next. It is for severe dry eyes. There are three products to choose from. A description of one of them: Tranquileyes INSTANTS XL – contains 300 TREATMENTS FOR SEVERE DRY EYE RELIEF. This product has been proven to provide relieve severe dry eyes. It combines goggles, reusable gel packs and water to provide 20-25 minutes of optimum temperature and humidity. Tranquileyes XL with instants are made with sodium acetate. Inside the gel pack is a stainless steel disc which creates heat when bent back and forth. Once activated, the gel pack is put into a moistened pocket and placed in the back of the goggles. The gel packs for Tranquileyes L can also be used more than 150 times!

Then there is D.E.R.M or Dry Eye Relief Mask which comes in three different product types. An example is WELLNESS KIT that comes with a mask, one of three Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleansers and either a soothing Facial Hydrating Spray or Essential Nine Eyelid & Skin Therapy. Also, DERM can be used to create cold therapies for allergy and sinus pressure relief.

Another fine product is STYE KIT AND STYE KIT XL. There are eight products to choose from. They are to help with relief from styes and chalazia. An example STYE kit is one that comes with reusable gel packs and soft fabric pockets. Another STYE KIT XL includes reusable gel packs, soft fabric pockets and 2% Tea Tree Cleanser.

Finally, there is XL COLLECTIONS – there are two products in this section ADVANCED WITH RELAX FORMULA MIST and ADVANCED FORMULA 2% TEA TREE EYELID & FACIAL CLEANSER. Both are great for your eyes and your skin. They make your eyes feel refresh and are soothing for your skin.

Nighttime Dry Eye Relief

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For those that need relief during the night, Eyeeco has three different product lines which I will go over with you. To start there is ONYIX AND QUARTZ HYDRATING SLEEP MASKS. Onyix is a hydrating sleeping mask which creates a moisture rich environment, great for relieving dry eye while you rest or sleep.

Quartz Hydrating sleep mask is a kit that includes a mask and a soothing eye mist infused with Aloe and Allantoin to intensely hydrate. Next is EYESEALS AND EYESEALS 4.0. Both are masks that help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep.

To end this section there is TRANQUILEYE Mini and Travel and Sleep Kit, which helps to promote relaxing, restful sleep, making them perfect for long flights, power naps, and regular sleep patterns. They include goggles and a set of removable foam inserts which can be soaked in hot water prior to sleep. The pads can be frozen to create effective cold therapies, anytime you need them.

Daytime Dry Eye Relief

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These are more like sunglasses that come in small and large frames. They shield eyes from the environment, create a seal against dust and pollen, and add moisture to keep eyes hydrated. The featherweight frames utilize two removable cartridges that can be soaked in water and placed into the side of the frame. Body heat causes the water in the cartridges to evaporate, increasing the relative humidity around the eyes.

Eyelid & Facial Therapies

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In this section we have three product categories which I will explain to you on what they have to offer. The first is TEA TREE CLEANSERS. There are six products used to remove dirt and makeup made from chamomile and Shea butter.

Then there is E9 Eyelid & Skin Therapy. It is a type of lotion to hydrate the eyelid made from aloe, chamomile, and green tea. Finally, there is FACIAL HYDRATING SPRAYS with four products to choose from. I will give you a description of two of them. The first is Soothing Eye Mist Unscented used for hydrating and promoting skin healing and infused with Aloe and Allantoin which increases eyelid and skin moisture.

Last is Age Defense Formula Facial Mist which makes you look and feel youthful again with the antioxidants of Honeysuckle, Green Tea and Vitamin C to moisturize the eye area and help to protect skin. With just a few uses, you’ll see how powerful eyelid and skin hydration can be in reducing the signs of aging.


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In accessories there are six product areas. I will list what all they have in each area and give an overview of some of them. ACCESSORIES/ FOR TRANQUILEYES is the first with twelve products available, from skin foam to small mesh bags.

Next is ACCESSORIES/ FOR TRANQUILEYES XL. There are ten products here, ranging from cleansers to Eyeeco comfort cover. Following this is ACCESSORIES/FOR STYE KIT AND STYE KIT XL – only three products and one is a small mesh bag.

In ACCESSORIES/FOR EYESEALS AND EYESEALS 4.0 categories, there again are only two products. ACCESSORIES/FOR ONYIX AND QUARTZ section only has three products. Finally, there is ACCESSORIES/ FOR MOISTURE RELEASE EYEWEAR with two products to choose from.

To Conclude

If you find yourself with eye problems like my mother still does occasionally, try Eyeeco best products. They have many types of products to use on your eyes and see if this all natural approach will help you out. What do you have to lose besides the discomfort of sore eyes.