Maui Jim Review- Sunglasses That Make You Look Your Best

I do not know about you, but just about every time I go outside on a sunny day without my sunglasses, I sneeze! It’s because of the glare from the sun. Or if I go bike riding without my sunglasses, I get bugs in my eyes! Another reason why sunglasses are good to wear is because they help prevent certain diseases. I will list them: starting with skin cancer around your eyes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Pterygium and Macular Degeneration. (WOW – I think I will wear my sunglasses more often!) Now there are sunglasses made by a company called Maui Jim. They make all different styles and shapes of sunglasses to fit everyone’s preference and they are the best. So we do not have to squint when there is a bright sunny day going on. I will give you a run down on the sunglasses they carry.


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There are twenty-seven versions of Aviators. I will list a few: Shallow Asian Fit, Ebb & Flow, Beaches, Swinging Bridges and Kami. The price range on this style is $229 to $349. With all those choices, you should be able to find the one that makes you look great as you are protecting your eyes.


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Once again, there are a lot of different styles and shape of Classic sunglasses. I will run off some of them for you. The first style is a mongoose with its green lens. Another is called Northstar with an oblong lens. Then there is the Boardwalk that has a blue lens. The price range for these sunglasses are from $219 to $399, so take a look to see if you like any of these.


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Wraps come in twenty-one different styles. Lens colors are bronze, blue, grey, red and green. The frames are available in black, grey, white, blue, brown and green. With prices from $229 to $259 choose the ones that wraps around your style or consider them for a gift for someone else.


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Here is a style of sunglasses that I like a lot. They are so cool-looking to wear and they have twenty-five styles for men and twenty-three styles for women. The frames are made out of plastic and titanium and the lenses are made out of the following materials: Mauipure, Polycarbonate, Mauibrilliant and Maui Evolution. How much you pay for these sunglasses will range from $169 to $319. Check them out today, if you get the chance.

Golf Sunglasses

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Like the name says, these sunglasses are great for golfing, Whether you’re a pro or just like to play a game of putt putt golf, these sunglasses eliminate the sun’s harmful rays and also the glare so, in turn, you see everything better and play a better game. There are sixteen different styles to choose from and a price range from $189 to $329. Select the one that does the job for you out on the golf course.

Watersports Sunglasses

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For those of you who like water sports, have I got the sunglasses for you! These glasses eliminate glare from water surface and block 100% of UV rays, plus protect skin around your eyes. They come in twelve different styles of frames and lenses with a price range of $229 to $249. So take a look and choose the watersports sunglasses that fit the activity you like.

Hiking Sunglasses

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I really enjoy the outdoors and I spend many hours out there. You probably do too, since you are reading this. But sun glare can take away what you want to see in the great outdoors. Maui Jim has developed sunglasses that fit your outdoor needs. These glasses block 100% of glare, UV ray and manage 85% of HEV light. Price range is from $229 to $249 and they have eight styles to choose from.

Driving Sunglasses

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Here’s one we all need – some sunglasses that block glare off the wet road or snow glare on a bright sunny day. Or how about that blinding sun in the morning or in the late afternoon/evenings. Once again, Maui Jim has eight styles to choice from, with prices from $229 to $299.

Tennis Sunglasses

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“Tennis anyone?” These sunglasses are for people fast on the foot with quick reaction time as they play the game. Blocking harmful UV rays, they also eliminate glare and manage HEV light that helps you play a better game. They also come in eight different styles with pricing from $169 to $299 (so go and knock out a ball from the court in style.)

Running Sunglasses

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For those of us on the run, these sunglasses are made to fit snugly on our face with comfort in mind. They are as light as a feather! They also eliminate glare and manage high energy visible light plus blocking UV rays. With eight styles to choose from, the prices are $169 to $329, so get on the run for these sunglasses!

Fishing Sunglasses

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Ahoy mateys – let’s go fishing! These sunglasses eliminate glare, and offer broad spectrum protection against UV rays. They are waterproof and comfortable to wear. They come in twelve different styles with a price range of $219 to $299. Before casting off on that next fishing trip, pick up some of these very fine sunglasses.

Asian Fit Sunglasses

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If your someone who can not find a pair of sunglasses that fit right, you might consider these, as they are made to fit people with wider faces, high cheekbones, and lower nose bridges. They have a flatter and wider front, built up and stronger nose pads, lightweight lenses and frames and longer temples. These will help those that have glasses that tend to slip forward, pinch your temple and slide down you nose. There are four styles to pick from with prices of $279 to $349.

To “Sun” it all up

Maui Jim has a best selection of sunglasses and other items that go with your outdoor activities. So eyes and skin stay healthy. So the next time you’re out on a sunny day, just remember, you do not have to squint. Get some Maui Jim sunglasses, and if you’re like me, you will appreciate not having to sneeze the first few minutes the sun hits your eyes!