Eyeeco Review – Naturally Good for the Best Eye Relief

Hello. Are you a person who suffers from eye problems brought on by dry, irritated or allergy-prone eyes? My mother is one. She used to be always complaining about her eyes watering and asking what can be done to help her. So I just recently came across a company that wants to help with their best all natural approach. The company is called Eyeeco. They have many products to fit most peoples’ eye problems and I will go over them below and let you decide if this kind of treatment is for you.

Moist-Heat Dry Eye Therapies/Cold Therapies

There are five product categories in this section, which I will give you a description of and explain what they have to offer you. First is TRANQUILEYES for moderate dry eye. They have three products to choose from. One is called Beads & Instants-510. This product has treatments made of sodium acetate, a non-toxic, food grade salt water. Its gel packs can be reused over 150 times for soothing moist heat with moist heat created ranges from 102-110°F/39-43°C and it lasts 15-18 minutes.

TRANQUILEYES XL is next. It is for severe dry eyes. There are three products to choose from. A description of one of them: Tranquileyes INSTANTS XL – contains 300 TREATMENTS FOR SEVERE DRY EYE RELIEF. This product has been proven to provide relieve severe dry eyes. It combines goggles, reusable gel packs and water to provide 20-25 minutes of optimum temperature and humidity. Tranquileyes XL with instants are made with sodium acetate. Inside the gel pack is a stainless steel disc which creates heat when bent back and forth. Once activated, the gel pack is put into a moistened pocket and placed in the back of the goggles. The gel packs for Tranquileyes L can also be used more than 150 times!

Then there is D.E.R.M or Dry Eye Relief Mask which comes in three different product types. An example is WELLNESS KIT that comes with a mask, one of three Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleansers and either a soothing Facial Hydrating Spray or Essential Nine Eyelid & Skin Therapy. Also, DERM can be used to create cold therapies for allergy and sinus pressure relief.

Another fine product is STYE KIT AND STYE KIT XL. There are eight products to choose from. They are to help with relief from styes and chalazia. An example STYE kit is one that comes with reusable gel packs and soft fabric pockets. Another STYE KIT XL includes reusable gel packs, soft fabric pockets and 2% Tea Tree Cleanser.

Finally, there is XL COLLECTIONS – there are two products in this section ADVANCED WITH RELAX FORMULA MIST and ADVANCED FORMULA 2% TEA TREE EYELID & FACIAL CLEANSER. Both are great for your eyes and your skin. They make your eyes feel refresh and are soothing for your skin.

Nighttime Dry Eye Relief

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For those that need relief during the night, Eyeeco has three different product lines which I will go over with you. To start there is ONYIX AND QUARTZ HYDRATING SLEEP MASKS. Onyix is a hydrating sleeping mask which creates a moisture rich environment, great for relieving dry eye while you rest or sleep.

Quartz Hydrating sleep mask is a kit that includes a mask and a soothing eye mist infused with Aloe and Allantoin to intensely hydrate. Next is EYESEALS AND EYESEALS 4.0. Both are masks that help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep.

To end this section there is TRANQUILEYE Mini and Travel and Sleep Kit, which helps to promote relaxing, restful sleep, making them perfect for long flights, power naps, and regular sleep patterns. They include goggles and a set of removable foam inserts which can be soaked in hot water prior to sleep. The pads can be frozen to create effective cold therapies, anytime you need them.

Daytime Dry Eye Relief

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These are more like sunglasses that come in small and large frames. They shield eyes from the environment, create a seal against dust and pollen, and add moisture to keep eyes hydrated. The featherweight frames utilize two removable cartridges that can be soaked in water and placed into the side of the frame. Body heat causes the water in the cartridges to evaporate, increasing the relative humidity around the eyes.

Eyelid & Facial Therapies

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In this section we have three product categories which I will explain to you on what they have to offer. The first is TEA TREE CLEANSERS. There are six products used to remove dirt and makeup made from chamomile and Shea butter.

Then there is E9 Eyelid & Skin Therapy. It is a type of lotion to hydrate the eyelid made from aloe, chamomile, and green tea. Finally, there is FACIAL HYDRATING SPRAYS with four products to choose from. I will give you a description of two of them. The first is Soothing Eye Mist Unscented used for hydrating and promoting skin healing and infused with Aloe and Allantoin which increases eyelid and skin moisture.

Last is Age Defense Formula Facial Mist which makes you look and feel youthful again with the antioxidants of Honeysuckle, Green Tea and Vitamin C to moisturize the eye area and help to protect skin. With just a few uses, you’ll see how powerful eyelid and skin hydration can be in reducing the signs of aging.


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In accessories there are six product areas. I will list what all they have in each area and give an overview of some of them. ACCESSORIES/ FOR TRANQUILEYES is the first with twelve products available, from skin foam to small mesh bags.

Next is ACCESSORIES/ FOR TRANQUILEYES XL. There are ten products here, ranging from cleansers to Eyeeco comfort cover. Following this is ACCESSORIES/FOR STYE KIT AND STYE KIT XL – only three products and one is a small mesh bag.

In ACCESSORIES/FOR EYESEALS AND EYESEALS 4.0 categories, there again are only two products. ACCESSORIES/FOR ONYIX AND QUARTZ section only has three products. Finally, there is ACCESSORIES/ FOR MOISTURE RELEASE EYEWEAR with two products to choose from.

To Conclude

If you find yourself with eye problems like my mother still does occasionally, try Eyeeco best products. They have many types of products to use on your eyes and see if this all natural approach will help you out. What do you have to lose besides the discomfort of sore eyes.


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