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Help Your Senior Loved Ones Exercise With These Tips

If you’re under the impression that exercise should only be a priority when you’re young—you couldn’t be more wrong.

Exercise is crucial for people of all ages, especially elderly folks. Seniors who don’t get enough exercise are more prone to health problems such as muscle stiffness, chronic pain, and injuries.

Older people who exercise regularly are both physically and mentally healthier than those who don’t work out. Exercise is also known to enhance flexibility, improve strength, reduce pain, boost heart health, and prevent cognitive decline.

If you have elderly loved ones, encourage them to get off their chairs and spend at least 45 minutes getting some form of exercise.

Use these tips to make the process easier:

1. Go Slow

It’s never easy for anyone to start exercising suddenly, but it’s that much harder for an elderly person. You need stamina and endurance, and if you don’t get enough physical activity during the day, you’ll struggle with any workout.

Help your elderly loved ones build stamina by taking them on walks. Daily walks can open up their lungs, loosen stiff muscles, and increase their heart rate. They’ll feel much better walking around the block after a few days of physical activity. Once they get the hand of long walks, take things up a notch and ask them to power-walk.

2. Look For Exercise Classes For Seniors

Elderly woman exercising on the beach.


There’s an exercise class for everyone out there, including older adults who want to stay fit. Elderly people do very well in exercise classes designed for seniors. They feel more comfortable and confident when surrounded by others who’re around the same age.

Find your loved ones exercise classes for older folks. Look for low-impact aerobic exercises, modified forms of exercise, yoga, swim aerobics, and other low-to-moderate intensity classes.

3. Incorporate Tasks That Require Physical Activity into their Schedule

If your loved ones are resistant to exercise class, that’s alright. You can find other ways to sneak physical activity into their routines.

You can ask them to walk the dog in the morning, work on your garden with you, or partake in activities like painting, sculpting, woodworking, etc. that engage multiple muscles.

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