Melaleuca Products Review – The Best all Natural Way to live

I am sure we are all looking for ways to stay healthy and looking for best products that help us do just that. Well, I found a company called Melaleuca that sell products that are good for both you and me AND the environment. So I have been buying their products for a while and have been happy with the results so far. They have so many products for personal use and for around the home, I decide to list them for you.


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Their nutrition section consist of vitamins and supplements. This section is broken down by specialty areas for your body. Another section is food and weight loss. That includes everything from sports nutrition, healthy snacks, breakfast foods, zero calorie drinks, natural and organic products, special dietary items and even gums and mints.

Cleaning Products

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I think most people will appreciate Melaleuca’s cleaning products because they are plant-derived, meaning there are no harsh harmful chemicals. The products have biodegradable ingredients and they use time tested formulations that work better. Some of the products are dish soap, laundry soap, toilet cleaner and many many more. There are a lot to choose from. Another interesting thing Melaleuca did is a 20-year independent study that showed that many national brands can cause lung damage to you because of the harsh chemicals used.

Body and Bath

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The body and bath area I find to be great as well, I just love Melaleuca’s shampoo and lotions. I am normally a bit of a skeptic on stuff, but these two products have gained my approval! Some of the many products they make are: skin care, makeup, hair care, and cologne/perfumes. You choose what is right for you.

Healthy Snacks

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If you are somebody watching what you eat, you may want to go to Melaleuca’s snacks section to see what they carry. I myself like their chewy snack bars.

Sports Nutrition

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Those people on the athletic side might want to check out Melaleuca’s Sports Nutrition items. A few of their products in this section are: sport drinks, exercise bars and shakes, energy shots and many more.

Pet Care

In addition to all the products for us humans, Melaleuca provides some products for our cat and dog friends too. They have pet shampoo and a variety of treats, which may come in handy before or after the shampoo session!

Pure Essential Oils

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I hear people talking more and more about essential oils. Well, Melaleuca carries diffusers, a blends booklet, a wide variety of oils that come in singles, 3 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs – you name it! They also carry accessories, including carry cases, cap stickers and more.

Tea, Coffee and Specialty Drinks

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For those of you who enjoy your hot beverages every morning, (and feel you can’t start your day without at least one cup) you may want to look into Melaleuca’s assortment of teas, coffees and specialty drinks. Some of the teas include mint green tea, earl grey, and english breakfast, just to name a few. Coffee blends include organic signature blend, organic rain forest blend and kona blend. Specialty drinks include vanilla cappuccino, caramel apple cider, and double chocolate hot cocoa. Check it out! There are a lot more options.

Medicine Cabinet

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Melaleuca has a full cabinet of all kinds of helpful medications and various aids for everyday aches and pains and beyond. From allergies, to cough drops, to antacids. From first aid and anti-fungal cream to natural insect repellents, from acne treatment and pain relief to sleep aids and much more.

Dental Care

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In the dental department, you can choose from mouth washes, tooth brushes, breath fresheners, tooth polishes, and dental picks/flossers. You can choose what works for you.

Wax warmers and Air Fresheners

If you are the type of person who likes coming home and smelling a fresh-scented house, you may want to check out Melaleuca’s wax warmers and air fresheners. Plug-in warmers provide an instant fragrance to any room and fit into any three-pronged outlet in your home. You can choose your bundle preference, with or without an oil warmer. Several popular fragrances are available.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Melaleuca offers a wealth of healthy options in foods and snacks, as well as cleaning products, pets products and even products that will just make life a little sweeter and more relaxed. As for me, I plan to keep on buying from Melaleuca and trying out more best new products. It’s good to know all of Melaleuca’s products are not only healthy for me, but for the environment that I live in.

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