Norwex Review – Ways Be More Sustainable with the Best

Are you looking for products that are all natural or organic and are safer for the environment too? Not to forget, great for the family and your friends who have the same concerns as you have. Let me introduce you to NORWEX (Ways Be More Sustainable) which has a great or best lineup of products from microfiber towels to personal care to family products.

So I will share what I learn about these products and you decide if you like them for yourself or your family.

Microfiber (The Best)

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To start, what are microfibers? They are synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometres. With that explained, there are 4 different product lines/categories of microfiber and their uses, which I will go over and explain.

Let’s start with cleaning products – 33 in all to choose from. Here is the first one called “Little Red Cloth” that is microfiber combined with Norwex’s special antibacterial agent to create a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything. You can use it over and over again, plus get rid of multi cleaner sprays and reduce the use of paper towels.

Another microfibric product is Optic Cloth. (The Mrs could use this one because she is always cleaning her eyeglasses) Optic Cloth is for use on easily-scratched surfaces such as glasses or brushed stainless steel. Also, it will remove fingerprints, oil, dust, dirt and grime from eyeglasses, computers, mobile phones and tablet screens.

Norwex also offers microfiber SHEETS. This includes fitted sheets in king and queen sizes, as well as pillow cases.

Then there is the FLOOR category which has all types of mop accessories from mop heads to handles. There are 22 in all to choose from.

Body towels is the last item in this category with 14 different types of towels, hair wraps, and spa wraps. All soft, warm and comfortable for you.


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Everybody needs some sort of household stuff, be it soap or a towel. Norwex has a lot of products in this category so let’s see what they have.

BATH is the first area with 44 products to choose from. Need some body wash? Try Warm Vanilla Lysere Body Wash with ingredients like Bilberry Extract, Sea Buckthorn, Ligonberry and Black Oats, which hydrate and protect as they deeply nourish your skin. It has a naturally ample blend of plant-based minerals, vitamins, amino acids and proteins to keep your skin at its best.

For keeping your hair clean there is Lysere Daily Hair Shampoo.What does this shampoo have in it? Guar Bean and Pro-Vitamin B5 to soften and clean your hair, with a special blend of essential oils leaving it crisp-smelling. Natural extracts of Sugar Cane and Orange Fruit cleanse away daily buildup.

Laundry is next, with 13 products for those dirty clothes we wear. How about some Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster to knock out those stubborn stains and odors that are extremely hard to remove.

Need something for the drier? How about some Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls. They help clothes dry faster and stop static cling and wrinkles. They are made from wool and are naturally biodegradable.

We cannot forget the kitchen with 61 items to make kitchen work more pleasant for you. See if this one can help you in the kitchen called Norwex Water Filtration System. It keeps that drinking water at its best by maintaining the mineral balance and neutral pH for a clean, crisp taste.

After dinner time you need something to put those left-overs in. Try Norwex’s Silicone Food Storage Containers. They are better than plastic that leak harmful chemicals into your food. They are easy to store because they are collapsible and they stack flat. Plus, they are dishwasher and freezer safe.

What got burnt in the kitchen? Need something to help with that right? With 11 items available, this should keep the kitchen smelling great again.

Odor Eliminator, Fresh Rain should do the job, with its robust, enzyme-based deodorant. It is great for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garbage cans/bins, lockers, carpets and even your laundry!

We all know how stinky the toilet may get so try some Toilet Spray, citrus scent. It keeps odors under the seat and prevents them from smelling up the bathroom which makes things unpleasant, if you know what I mean. This spray has natural essential oils which create a fresh-smelling barrier that eliminates odors.

Personal Care

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We all need some personal care and most often it is an everyday thing for most people. Norwex has 44 BODY products to take of our needs I will review some of them.

Anybody need some polishing? Try this product called Lysere Body Polish. Gently exfoliate dead skin from your body while Bilberry Extract, Sea Buckthorn, Ligonberry, and Black Oats hydrate and protect as these deeply nourishing your skin.

Having a tension-filled day? Norwex has something that may help you called Timeless Rescue Gel. It has ingredients from

supplemental blend of naturally sourced and organic botanical extracts that work together to provide a mind-relaxing formula with a tingling sensation that encourages relaxation.

In the FACE section, there are 13 products to help you with your face issues. Here is one that will make you look and maybe feel ten years younger called Naturally Timeless Anti-Gravity Night Cream. This one permeates your skin with rejuvenating moisture as you sleep. Some of the ingredients are Shea Butter, plant peptides and Apple Stem Cells which help shrink the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The tranquil Sea Algae Extract renews skin overnight, shrinking the visible signs of gravity.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, try some Natural Sunscreen Lip Balm with an SPF 15 rating. It will keep your lips naturally soft and beautiful.

Last in this category is Body Towels with 15 shapes, colors, and uses available. A look at one is Graphite Body Pack, great for any skin type and ideal for removing excess oils as well as for daily hygiene and skin care.

Another is Hair Wrap. It will swiftly absorb almost 75% of the water from your hair. This is great for people on the go or people that do not like the use of a hair dryer (like me.)

The End

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Norwex (Ways Be More Sustainable) will not let you down on all theirs products that are

all natural or organic and are safer for the environment. They have so many types of the best products for you and the family that your eyes will glaze over from looking at them. So purchase some today and judge for yourself and I am sure you will like it.

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