I do not know about you, but I just love blenders that make smoothies (fruit and vegetable) or milkshakes. The list can go on as to what healthy foods and drinks a blender can make. Nutribullet (Healthy Blender Smoothies) is one of those companies that is glad to help us with all their different models of blenders. Let’s see what they have to offer you and me in their blender models.

Personal Blenders

They have 7 different types of personal blenders which I will give an overview on and you see which ones you like.

The NutriBullet is the original personal blender. It’s a compact and powerful blender. You choose what you want to make in it.

What makes it so good? Well, it comes with a 600 watt motor base, 24 oz tall cup with a comfort lip ring, extractor blade, and an 18 oz short cup with handled comfort lip ring.

Next is the NutriBullet PRO. This one has a 900 watt motor base, extractor blade, flip top to-go lid, 32 oz colossal cup with lip ring, and a 24 oz tall cup with handled lip ring. This is the next one up from the original blender and I’m sure it makes things like smoothies even more yummy.

These Nutribullet blenders even get nicer as I go through them. Try one called NutriBullet PRO 1000. And what does this one have to offer? It has new, ergonomically redesigned blades and cups and a powerful 1000-Watt motor. Making silky-smooth healthy beneficial smoothies has never been simpler. Plus, it comes with 32 oz cup, 24 oz cup, 2 to-go lids, and a recipe book.

What next you say? Look at this one called NutriBullet Select. It comes equipped with versatile controls, nutrient extraction, and NutriBullet’s redesigned easy-twist extractor blade. This one to comes with a 32 oz pitcher, 24 oz handled cup, to-go lid, pitcher lid with lid cap, tamper, and recipe book. Did I mention the pitcher can handle soups, sauces and hot stuff of all kinds.

Then there is the NutriBullet Balance. This one tracks calories, sets goals and customize blends in your smoothies right from your device. It comes with a 1200 watt motor base with smart nutrition sensor, extractor blade, 32 oz colossal cup, flip top to-go lid, mobile app, and comfort lip ring.

NutriBullet Rx is not just another blender with its unique features which are 1700 Watts of power, large-capacity attachments, a heating function, and hands-free operation. Other things that come with it are extractor blade with cleaning brush, 30oz short cup with comfort lip ring, SouperBlast Pitcher with vented lid, 45oz oversized cup with pitcher lid, Nature’s Prescription Book, and a stay fresh lid.

The last personal blender is Magic Bullet. This one has a 250 watt motor base, cross blade, tall cup, 2 resealable lids, short cup with comfort lip ring, flip top to-go lid, 10 second recipes book, and a party mug with comfort lip ring. The description says it is a counter top helper because it chops, blends, and mixes to make all sorts of tasty dishes for all to enjoy.

Full Size Blenders

If you do not care for the mini blenders, there are the full size ones that should meet your needs. There are 2 full size blenders. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

The first is NutriBullet Blender. It has the following functions: multiple speeds, a pulse function, extraction capabilities and a vented lid to accommodate hot ingredients. It has a 1200 watt motor base, plus, it comes with a 64 oz blender pitcher, recipe book, tamper, and a pitcher lid with a lid cap.

Another fine blender is NutriBullet Blender Combo. What does it have for the user? You can switch between single-serving cups and a large-capacity pitcher. Also, it has multiple speeds, a pulse function and extraction capabilities. It too has a 1200 watt motor base. Other things included are a recipe book, easy-twist extractor blade, 24 oz handled cup, 2 to-go lids, 32 oz cup, pitcher lid with lid cap, tamper, and 64 oz pitcher.


Oh baby, look at these little darling blenders. Just like the full size blenders, there are 2 of these.

The Baby Bullet has the ability to quickly puree and store fresh, healthy baby food for junior. It has the following things that come with it: a batch bowl, 6 date dial cups, tip proof tray, 1 short cup with handles, stay fresh resealable lid, blend blade, milling blade, spatula, pop batch tray with lid, and pocket nutritionist book.

Here is the Super Mommy Bundle – a blender which is mothers little helper when preparing good nutritious food for baby. It comes with a whole passel of stuff including 3 Easy-Pop Batch Freezer Trays, 12 Storage Cups with Date-Dial Lids, the Baby Turbo Steamer Sterilizer, a Handled Cup, a Spatula, the Blend Blade and Flat Blade, plus the User Guide and Healthy Baby Nutrition.


Last but not least is accessories which go with these wonderful blenders and there are many of them. There are 11 different sizes and shapes of cups to choose from. Find the one that meets your needs and uses. Here is a description of one of them called Magic Bullet Short Cup. It is a great size for chopping garlic and spices, or for making small portions of your favorite dips or what ever you want in it.

Next are lids. There are 7 different shapes and sizes of them too. How about this lid called Magic Bullet Shaker & Steamer Lid. What is it used for? A shaker lid for seasonings, and a twist-on vented cap for safe microwaving.

Lastly are blades. There are 12 of them to choose from for different applications of use. A description of one of them is Magic Bullet Flat Blade. It’s perfect for grinding coffee, herbs, spices, and more.

The End

So if you’re looking for a unique blender for making smoothies, cutting up food, mixing foods or grinding food, go no further. Run out and purchase a NutriBullet (Healthy Blender Smoothies) blender today. Then let your imagination go wild and see what things that you can blend up for yourself or your whole family.