Sole Fitness Review – The Best Way to make Fitness Made Easy

Who does not want to stay fit these days? I know I want to stay fit and at my best. After all, as my mother always says, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, right? I came across this company called Sole Fitness the other day and saw all these pieces of home exercise equipment that seem to be affordable for most people. This equipment will help to keep you in prime condition for years to come. So let me share what they have to offer and see if this is the right stuff for you.


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Sole Fitness has eight different models to choose from. I will give a quick overview of them. The first is Sole F63. This model has a powerful motor and offers a quiet ride, a heavy-duty frame that will last a long time, and is easy to store in the home. It also has many more nice features. Another model is the Sole F80. It is made of high grade steel for a long-lasting life. It allows you to run hard while reducing wear and tear on your knees. The handles have easy-adjustment switches and it has a user-friendly console that tracks progress toward your goals, as well as additional features.

This next fine treadmill is Sole TT8. This one has a powerful motor, gives a smooth ride and offers effortless transition from different inclines and decline levels. In addition, the TT8 has a wide track for a wide stride and more functions too. Finally, there is the Sole S77. Its features are that it has the widest track on the market, it is great for all strides and it has a powerful motor for easy transitions and an even ride.

Exercise Bikes

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For those people who like biking and getting their exercise without the hassle of cars on the road or other bikers to dodge, Sole Fitness has the solution for you with their wonderful exercise bikes. Starting with the SB900 Bike, the features are a hybrid design – great for indoor or outdoor use, an integrated console that gives amazing real time information and more nice features too. The B94 Upright Bike is lightweight, allowing you to be able to move it anywhere in your home. This one has the most comfortable handlebars, seat and pedals and other great features as well.

Here’s one that physical therapists might like. It is the LCR Recumbent Bike. It is great for physical therapy gyms, fitness studios, and more. This one has preset workouts for all fitness levels. I’ll let you research the additional nice features. The last one I will give you a description of is the LCB Upright Bike. Here is what you get: 40 levels of resistance, a heavy-duty frame and a very smooth ride. I think I could probably ride this one all day.


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There are six different styles of ellipticals. Here is the first one, called E35 Elliptical, which has foot pedals designed by physical therapists. Then there’s the E25 which provides unbeaten workout function and no impact to your joints. This one has different workouts for all fitness levels. Next is the E55 Elliptical. This one is a smaller workout machine that proves big things come in small packages. This lightweight compact machine does everything ellipticals that are twice its size do. Another nice feature of the E55 is that it has pedals design to eliminate joint pain and aches.

The E95S is a great elliptical for runners. It gives the perfect stride, and with the E95S, the search is over. This elliptical offers stride length customization with all the comfort and durability of our best ellipticals. The description says it is the most user-friendly high-tech elliptical. One more description: the E98 Elliptical offers both quality and affordability. And the E98 is at the pinnacle for offering both quality and affordability. This light commercial grade elliptical is able to compete with machines well over its price range.


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People that like rowing are probably going to like this fitness machine, called SR500. The Rower mimics rowing a boat and it works several muscle groups. It is also wonderful for people who are recovering from an injury. Other benefits are that it helps with weight loss, is good for your heart and helps tone your muscles. Here are some of the features on the machine. One is that it has 16 levels of air and magnetic resistance. Another is that it has handlebars that are ergonomic and it offers you the ability to adjust the resistance.


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Anybody need a work out mat? Sole Fitness has one for you, called Fitness Equipment Mat. It is large enough to cover the contact points of all Sole’s machines and is made of thick rubber to keep your floors clean and protected.

Fitting End

Sole Fitness is a company that is concerned about keeping you healthy and fit today, tomorrow and in the future. So why not head over there right now and get yourself some very best exercise machines today. After all, as mother says, an ounce of prevention is still a pound of cure, right?


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