Hey everybody, did you ever own one of those nonstick pans and after a while the teflon started peeling or flaking off – and you were told that this is a healthy way to cook? Then afterwards, you wondered if you consume some of that plastic while eating your food and thinking that this might cause a negative effect on you. This brings me to XTREMA ceramic cookware (Healthiest cookware material) with their ceramic pots, pans and more.

What’s nice about cooking with ceramic is that you do not need to crank up the heat, because ceramic heats evenly. Just use low or low medium heat for perfect cooked foods or hot drinks. Another benefit with using ceramic cookware is that there is no nasty chemicals that leak into your food. Whereas those other non-stick pots and pans may lead to health problems down the road for you. With that introduction, let us see what wonderful ceramic cookware Xtrema has for us.


Xtrema has 7 different types of skillets for your cooking needs. The 4.5-Inch, One Egger Traditions Skillet is great for fast breakfast bites, late afternoon snacks, and other midweek meals. Not to forget, it also makes the perfect egg for your early morning breakfast.

Next there is the 7-Inch Traditions Open Skillet, great for frying, searing and browning all of your favorite foods. You can use it for making large main dishes of food too.

Here is a wonderful skillet called 7-Inch Traditions Covered Skillet. It is an ideal cooking solution tool to make wonderful meals for one or to prepare ingredients for large main dishes. Also, with the cover, you can avoid all those hot splashes of oil or hot water.

Versa Skillet

A Versa Skillet is a cousin to your traditional skillet with its unique way of cooking your food. An 8-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

can make some mouth-watering dishes like sauteing vegetables for stir-fry or some fancy tasty dessert. I am sure there are many more foods that can be prepared with this skillet.

Then there is the 10-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid which can be used for even larger dishes. This could be used for large family gatherings, to help you make delicious foods in no time.


With 5 different sizes of pans, this set makes all types of sauces become much easier to do. The 16-Ounce Traditions Saucepan is great for warming up some bean soup or heating up leftovers. Remember, using ceramic is much more healthy than the traditional non-stick pots and pans. The ceramic products have no nasty chemicals leaking into your food and tainting the flavors.

Jumping to the biggest saucepan, Xtrema has a 2.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan. This pan is great for those big pans of spaghetti or any other food that requires a lot real fast.

Stock Pots & Dutch Ovens

With 9 of these bad boys, a lot of cooking can be done real quick. Let’s look at what this one can do for you – it is a 1-Quart Versa Pot. It is good for holding spaghetti sauce or hot soups.

How about this big boy? A 10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven. What can you make with it? Well, it is good for long-simmering soups, stews, or beans. It is excellent for heat distribution and retention so your meal stays hot and delicious for much longer.

Need something a little smaller? Well, try this 8-Quart Versa Pot so you can easily make soups, casseroles, and more with this size pot. Plus, it offers easy transfer from the cook top to the dining room table because it weighs under 10 pounds.


There are 3 items of bakeware to pick from. I will give an overview of them and you decide what you think of them. Starting with the 24-Ounce Oval Baking & Serving Dish: an excellent choice for a variety of foods from quiches to pasta to baked potatoes, and many more dishes that you may think of. Just a reminder – ceramic heats food evenly, which means less burning of food and since it is ceramic, there is no leaking of chemicals in your food. Cooking with ceramic keeps foods healthy.

Next is Versa Round 12-Inch Round Baking Pan. What are some of the foods that you can use this pan for? How about burgers, chicken, home made pizzas, and you may even want to cook a steak with it. This pan, like the others, is simple to clean, not to mention it can go from the oven to the dining room table to the refrigerator. What more can you ask for?

How about a Versa Round 7″ Roasting Rack & Bone Broth. Insert this in your pan to stop food from sticking. It is great for meat, seafood, and even vegetables.


With 3 sizes of woks, you can make those healthy dishes for yourself or the family. One is an 8-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid. It can whip up anything from lettuce wraps to stir-fry and other varieties of foods in between.

Next there is an 11-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid. This too can make all sorts of culinary foods to your hearts desire. With its all-natural pure ceramic, ensuring that cancer-causing materials will never leak into your food or ruin your foods taste.

Finally, there is your 11-Inch Traditions Open Wok. Get into making all sorts of dishes – say like frying up veggies, chicken and rice, sweet potato for the whole family.


Now after all that eating and making merry talk of the food that you just ate, there are 3 styles of teapots to make some delicious hot tea or whatever hot beverage you like. The styles are: a 2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle, a 2.5-Quart Retro Tea Kettle and the 2.5-Quart Asiana Tea Kettle.

Cooking Accessories

Of course we need accessories for doing the cooking and other things that help in the preparation of the food and afterwards storing the leftovers in the refrigerator. There are 16 of these accessories. Let’s see what they are.

A 3-Piece Small Nylon Kitchen Tool Set is a good start. You’ve got to have these in the kitchen, right? What is next? How about a 3-Piece Red Pot Holder Set for Versa Pots, for Large Skillets and Woks. Got to have these for all those hot pots and skillets. The last one I will describe, which is also very needed in the kitchen is Oven Mitts. Because you need protection from those hot pots and skillets. There are plenty more accessories. This is just a quick look at some of what is offered.

To Conclude

When preparing food for family, friends or large gatherings, you need to know that what your cooking with is healthy for all of you. So, I recommend Xtrema Ceramic Cookware ( Healthiest Cookware Material,) which is a lot better for you than those other non-stick products with all the nasty side effects it could give you. What do you have to lose? Purchase some of these products today. Your body will thank you.