Zevia Pop Review – Drinks Made With the Best Stevia

I do not know about you,but I loved soda pop for many years in all its forms (well almost all its forms) and I drank it with joy and wanting more all the time. Here lately, my stomach does not like it so much and he starts talking to me with indigestion. Then there is the trip to the dentist! He/she is telling me that cane sugar will give me cavities. If that’s not bad enough, there is all those artificial sweeteners which are not good for you either. What is a person to do if they want a sweet drink?

Well, one day I came across a lady drinking ZEVIA (Drinks Made With the best Stevia) a type of pop that is made with Stevia. What is stevia? It is an all natural sugar made from the leaves of plants and it is 200x the sweetness of sugar but has no caloric value nor does it raise your blood sugar levels. Zevia also makes other drinks from stevia which I will give you a good overview of them in the rest of this article and judge for yourself if you like these products.

Soda: Pick A Flavor, Any Flavor (the best drink)

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Like it says above, there are a lot of flavors to choose from – in fact, Zevia has 14 delicious flavors. For those that like cherry, like me, there is BLACK CHERRY with no artificial ingredients, just bursting with great black cherry flavor. If you’re worried about caffeine, you don’t need to be. It is caffeine-free.

Like grapefruit? Try this soda called Grapefruit Citrus with a ruby red grapefruit taste and a shot of lemon and lime. Give it a try and it might become your favorite drink.

For you strawberry lovers, there is STRAWBERRY Zevia. It has sweet, tangy and tart taste to it. A great beverage for everybody in your home to drink.

One of my favorite flavors is ginger. So try a can of Zevia GINGER ALE – an inviting taste with zero calories and no caffeine to give you a jittery feeling.

Ginger Root Beer is another type of flavor I like. It has a rich and creamy old-fashioned flavor that you would expect from a root beer, and its made better with a hint of ginger. Break out the ice cream and let’s make a root beer float!

Like the taste of grape? Try some Grape flavored soda. It will quench your thirst. No fake anything – just the great taste of grape which will bring back fond memories of years ago for you.

The rest of the flavors are: Caffeine free cola, Cherry cola, Cream soda, Dr Zevia, Lemon Lime twist, Mountain Zevia and Orange.

Sparkling Water

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There are 2 flavors of sparkling water. One is Blackberry. It has a flawlessly tart taste and is a little bit sweet.

The other is Cucumber Lemon with a great taste of cucumber and lemon in a carbonated water fizz to make your taste buds come alive from the first sip.

Energy Drinks

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Need some energy? Zevia has 4 energy drinks for you to try. The first is RASPBERRY LIME. It has a lot of flavor and caffeine to keep you going. There is no artificial ingredients – stuff that you do not need in you – just a great energy drink when you need it.

Next is Grapefruit, full of fruity melon flavor for you. This one has zero calories, and zero sugar, just lots of good stuff to start your day or give a lot of energy to do a task.

Take a sip from this one when you’re low on “go power,” with MANGO GINGER. This drink will give the energy for those long workouts like weight lifting. It has a great flavor of mango, plus just the right amount of ginger that makes it delicious to drink.

Finally, there is KOLA. Do you love drinking soda pop and enjoy the caffeine? This energy drink will give you that extra caffeine you crave. It is full of cola flavor with zero calories, zero sugar, and only good things that are good for you.

Organic Tea

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This drink category is right up my alley since I love tea to drink any chance I get. With 8 tasty tea flavors, I am sure there is one you like (unless you do not like tea?) All these teas are sweetened with stevia and no artificial anything – just natural flavors for you to enjoy.

Here is one that might quench your thirst. It is BLACK TEA RASPBERRY: Black Tea with ripe raspberry flavor

and sweetened with stevia.

This tea is just peachy for me or anyone else that loves peach flavor, and what is it called? Sweetened Black Tea Peach. It has a tart flavor of peach that will make you smile as you drink it.

For those people that like Earl Grey, this tea should make you jump for joy. It is called Earl Grey Blood Orange. With a delightful citrus flavor of orange steeped in this wonderful tea.

For those that want to keep it simple there is Sweetened Black Tea, full of flavor for you to enjoy anytime you crave it, be it in the morning or late at night.


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There are 3 flavors of mixers which are non-alcoholic. They are a tasty and simple compliment to any cocktail, mocktail or straight out of the can.

The first is LEMON LIME WITH BITTERS with zero calories and no sugar. Take a break and unwind from the day with its delicious lemon lime taste. It goes great with Whiskey Sour or Tom Collins cocktail.

How about some GINGER BEER with that daring taste of spicy ginger you crave? Have it with Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy.

Lastly, Zevia offers TONIC WATER with a citrus bite and natural quinine. Mix it with some Gin and relax after a hard day at work.

A Zevia End

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What a wonderful product this Zevia Pop is (Drinks Made With the best Stevia.) So many ways to enjoy it. From soda pop to organic tea to mixers and so on. I highly recommend buying some of this product. Your family, friends and everyone in between will thank you for it because of all the calories they won’t be gaining with all those fake and artificial flavors that are bad for you.

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